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Lifestyle and Culture in Japan

Japan continues to be one of the most unique countries in the world, the Japanese people, culture and the role they play in the world cannot be ignored. Japanese people have a very high life expectancy and the country is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet.

Planning to study in Japan? Then there are a few things you must know about the country, the people and the culture of Japan.

One thing that easy to notice is the efficiency with which everything works in Japan. It is amazing to see how beautiful, effective and cohesive how different facets of the country move at a very efficient rate.

From buses, trains, and airports to public service outlets, everything works in Japan like a well-oiled engine that is ascribed to the country’s passion for work and commitment to details.

Japan is the birthplace of the famous Sushi and you only get to eat the real deal in Japan. There are many variations of the dish that are accessible only in Japan and it takes around 10 to 12 years for a Japanese chef to master the art of the preparation of the dish.

Japan has a very hospitable culture that is spread across the country, Japanese people are very warm, friendly, courteous and immensely thoughtful.

The people show respect towards visitors so as a foreign student it is important to reciprocate this respect and show humility.

The country is extremely safe and cities like Tokyo and Kyoto have been named some of the safest places in the world with very low crime rates.  

Regardless of where you travel to in Japan, you will find that Japanese people obey the law and they mind their manners.

The streets of many cities in Japan are extremely clean and Japanese people are very hygienic. It is commonplace to find Japanese people from all works of life taking to the streets and cleaning their environment every day. This habit catches on quite easily and foreigners become part of the strong hygienic culture in their respective locations.

The “ Sakura ” cherry blossoms are very symbolic and widespread in Japan such that it has become the national flower. It symbolizes the beginning of spring and it is very special to Japanese people. It is also very cultural for the people to hold picnics under the tree every year.

Japanese people are extremely punctual, and this resonates with every part of the system in the country. The transport system in Japan is world-famous for always being on time down to the minute.

Japanese people dislike tardiness and would not waste anyone’s time so they expect the same in return. This is one of the first habits we encourage students to quickly pick up to survive the very fast-paced and mobile atmosphere in the country.

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world,  they have a wide array of mouth-watering meals like Ramen, Tempura, Curry Rice, Okonomiyaki,  Sukiyaki, Miso Soup, or if your palette is advanced then please try dishes like Yakitori, Udon, Sashimi which is a dish of raw fish, and Nikujaga.

Japanese people take privacy very seriously, and people are expected to exhibit proper decorum in public spaces.

One very comical aspect of Japan is that vending machines are literally everywhere and they sell everything, from drinks to snacks and even food.

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