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Secondary education in japan encompasses 2 levels. These include junior secondary education which lasts 3 years (which is also a part of basic education) and 3 years of senior high school education. Students in high school take a variety of core subjects and elective subjects.

To complete basic education, students will sit for an end-of-level examination in the 9th grade, this will determine their continuation to senior secondary education. Successful students will progress to senior secondary education where they will study for three more years from the 10th to the 12th grade. To complete the stage they will also sit for a national examination or the international baccalaureate programs, depending on the school.

Secondary education

  • Ages                            : 3-6 years
  • Duration: 6 years (3 years junior and 3 years senior secondary school)        
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term: throughout the year

Lower secondary education- Lower secondary education, the final stage of compulsory education, last three years, comprising grades 6 to 9. Public junior high schools follow a standard national curriculum which comprises the subjects previously taught at the elementary level. In addition to compulsory subjects, students will choose from a wide range of electives and extracurricular activities in the fields including fine arts, foreign languages, physical health and education, and music.

After 9 years of compulsory education, students can enroll in senior high schools (koto-gakko). Admission to senior high school is typically determined by an entrance examination, an interview, and junior high school grades, among other things. Senior high school lasts for three years and comprises grades 10 to 12. The curriculum includes core subject areas like mathematics, social studies, Japanese, science, and English. Students will also be allowed to choose elective subjects including physical education, music, art, and moral studies courses, to mention but a few.

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