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What would studying abroad be like without amazing nightlife? A question that has the most obvious answer across the globe. When you step into Iran all your uncertainties are clarified in just one experience; the Iranian nightlife!

When you stay a little late in Iran you will experience the gleam of a new paradise arise in the streets and secluded spots that offer no less than what an international visitor would imagine best! If Arabic nightlife is in your list of priorities, Iran will certainly catch all your attention.

When it comes to nightlife, many people think of pubs, cabarets, and casinos! If they are questioned what you perceive of nightlife in a religious Islamic country like Iran, they may think you are dragging their legs!

They barely think Iran as any other country experiences great lively nights full of bright flickering glow, of course in harmony with its nightlife culture. Nightlife in here is inextricably intertwined with delectable great Iranian food and family life. Let’s see what happens in some major cities at night!

Tehran is the capital of Iran great lively enjoyable nights contrary to the hefty traffic during the day. There are numerous places to explore and enjoy at night in the capital as the city of museums, palaces, and parks.

In some parks, different nightly arcades are held introducing handicrafts and local or home-made foods. Numerous concerts and plays are performed in concert or theater halls such as Vahdat Hall, Roudaki Hall, or Milad Tower during nights.

Cinemas also show late-night movies in summer and in Ramadan. Many shopping malls in summer or on holidays are open until late night too. It is a great opportunity for those who prefer shopping at night. Many eating outlets and coffee shops also serve food and other relevant services such as shisha and live music until late at night.

Moreover, there are some Tehran city tours delivered at night to make people familiar with both local texture and modern parts of the city. As the streets are less populated at nights, it gives people the best view of the city architecture.

Bam as one of the passages to Tochal peak, is a great place for a full magnificent view of the town at night. It is usually open 24/7. The mild slope walking road is suitable for different ages.

While a strictly enforced law compels other shopkeepers to close by midnight, some stay open through late hours, monopolizing late-night refreshment sales.

While many Iranians take alcohol inside their homes, they rarely do so in the presence of travelers. Society abides by the old Persian adage that “Whatever goes on between four walls, stays between the walls,” and spaces like Super Jordan offer an uncommon confrontation with reality.

While condemned activities like extramarital sex, drinking, prostitution and drug consumption are commonplace, rarely are they dragged into the public sphere; hence the discomfort of some late-night patrons.


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