Night Life in Indonesia


Nightlife in Indonesia

Nightlife in Jakarta exemplifies Indonesia at its best: diverse, swarming and intense. From small pool bars to swanky and hip nightclubs with queues of hopeful partygoers lining up for hours outside, Jakarta offers expats whatever kind of diversion they desire. When compared to the nightlife scene in Europe, Australia or elsewhere, Jakarta keeps up with all of them in the quality and quantity of its nightspots. However, the biggest difference is that the traffic situation compels the clientele to stay put in the nightclub they have chosen for the night instead of bar-hopping between the different venues available.

Snazzy nightclubs in Jakarta can be compared to any trendy hotspot in New York City or Berlin. Current music and famous DJs make their way to Jakarta, and live music is often heard booming through the speakers. Expats are usually allowed in soon after arriving at the gates of these clubs as long as they are all well dressed and not wearing tennis shoes or jeans. Several neighborhoods are popular among expats due to their exuberant party scene. Jazz concerts and comedy shows are also a common entertainment option among expats.

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