Central University

Number of students
1117€ - 3410€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
June 10, June 10
Application Deadline
20 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

The admission requirements at the school differ from the program, and new admission cycles are advertised months before a new semester begins. The University is convinced that the admissions requirements will comply with the standards set by the National Accreditation Board and the rules and regulations set by various experts. Applicants can apply online on RocApply and upload or email us the supporting documents that are required of them.

RocApply cooperates with Central University to provide students from all over the world with applications and other important factors of college education for freshmen. Our main responsibility is to help you browse important tasks to find the right program and compile what you need, document, and submit your application to the university. Our service is free, timely, and has a high success rate. CU is an international university, so foreign students are welcome to apply for any of its courses.

Applicants will be requested to upload two passport-sized photos, certificates/transcripts

All online applicants must present their original documents to the admissions office before allowing semester registration.

Applicants are advised to carefully check all the details entered before submitting the online application.

You can only view the submitted form once, but you cannot edit it.

The general requirements for acceptance into a degree program at CU include;

  • New students under the high school education category
    • Candidates who have completed senior secondary education and high school leaving exams (WASSCE, SSCE, GCE, and IB) exercise, are eligible to apply to any of CU’s faculties.
    • Applicants should fill the application form available on our platform (

All candidates must meet the department’s basic prerequisite of five (5) credit scores in pertinent subjects including English Language and Mathematics at GCE O' Level/SSCE, WASSCE, GCE, or any relevant Baccalaureate qualifications at just two sittings and none more. In any case, for Medicine and Health Sciences (MBBS), the five credits (which include Mathematics and English) must be gotten at one sitting in particular.

  • Candidates awaiting their results from any of the aforementioned examinations can also apply
  • All applicants are subject to the university’s entrance test at a date that the student will be informed about before an offer of acceptance is presented.

Applicants holding foreign certificates.

Foreign applicants must have the same qualifications as above to be admitted. Their results must also be translated into English, and they should be able to read and write in English. In addition, all foreign certificates are recognized by the National Accreditation Board. Applicants may also need to pass an entrance exam/interview.

In addition to general admission requirements, schools, colleges, and departments may have special admission requirements. The academic catalogs of schools and colleges must be consulted for the latest information.

For postgraduate applications,

Use RocApply's online application tool to apply.

Fill in all required fields and prepare to upload the following documents:

  • CV/Resume
  • Recommendation letter
  • Undergraduate certificate
  • The qualifications to enter the study plan (university transcripts, including transcripts!)
  • Proof of English level C1
  • Copy of international passport
  • Passport photo
  • Two recommendation letters (from academic institutions)
  • At least 3 years of professional experience (for MBA applicants)

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

Select your field of study for Bachelors


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Central University in Rankings

  • Top 13 universities in Ghana
  • The largest private university in Ghana

Tuition and Scholarships at Central University

Central University is a private university in the capital city of Accra in Ghana, the university over the last decade has grown to become the largest private institution in Ghana and one of the biggest religious educational establishments in West Africa.

Students at the university pay tuition and academic fees on a semester basis. The academic quality and the top-notch facilities available in the university ranks them amongst the best in Ghana. 

The tuition breakdown at Central University for local and international students are as follows;

Founded in 1998School: 7Student population: 8 400+Type: Private/ReligiousUndergraduate programs: 16

International Representation: Students from over 20+ countries
Faculty Tuition Fees
  International Local (GHC)
Central Business School $1515 $2400  -  2630
Faculty of Arts and Science $1360 - $1460 $1925 - 2742
Faculty of Law $3071 $5001 

School of Phamarcy $4,044  4,683 – 5,500
School of Architecture and Design $2,370 - $2,624 3,520 – 4,200
School of Medicine and Health Sciences  $1,700 - $1,151  2,500 – 5,076
School of Engineering and Technology $1,515 - $2,700 2,840 – 4,325
School of Graduate studies  $1,620 - $2,000 3,696 – 5,000

Commissions can be paid in cash or banknotes in any branch of Ecobank.

Other payments less than 35 GHC can be paid in cash at the financial office.

All new students are expected to pay all semester fees prior to the first day of class.

Returning students must pay half of the total semester before the first day of class. The remaining fees must be paid within 4 weeks after the start of the semester. Failure to pay before this deadline will result in a fine. Please contact the finance department for more information on penalties.

International students paying for tuition in their home country can transfer to the Ecobank account provided by the university through bank transfer.


Scholarships are available to 200 and 300 CBS, STM, and FASS students with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.0. Students who have completed their first year of studies can apply for a scholarship. Central University provides you with various scholarships and financial aid opportunities to pay for your tuition.

Excellent but financially-handicapped students can apply for the Central Aid Scholarship by downloading the form here.

ICGC members and their families are eligible for discounts.

Central University graduates are eligible for tuition discounts for graduate programs


Cost of living at Central University

50 - 125 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
75 Euro / month
25 Euro / month

About Central University

Founded in 1998 School: 7 Student population: 8 400+
Type: Private/Religious Undergraduate programs: 16
International Representation: Students from over 20+ countries
Campus: Sub-urban Master programs: 10+ Language(s) of Instruction:  English.
Location: Accra, Ghana Scholarship: Available Top 13 University in Ghana
Faculties: 2 Teaching staff: 200+ The largest private university in Ghana

Founded in 1997, Central University is a non-profit private higher education institution located on the outskirts of Tema City (population range of 50,000-249,999 residents) in Greater Accra.

The institution also has its campuses located in the following locations: Miotso, Mataheko, Kumasi, and the Christ Temple Graduate School campus. Central University (CU) is officially recognized by the National Accreditation Council of Ghana (Ghana National Accreditation Council).

It is a medium-sized coeducational institution of higher education in Ghana and is officially affiliated to the Christian evangelical religious group.

The Central University (CU) provides lectures and courses to promote the development of higher education in various fields, including bachelors and master's degrees. For more detailed information, see the degree levels in the matrix study area below.

The Ghanaian higher education institution with a 23-year history has established designated admission standards based on students' academic performance and past performance.

International students are eligible to apply for admission. CU also provides students with a range of schools and colleges, including state-of-the-art facilities such as libraries, housing, sports, financial aid and/or education, study abroad and exchange programs, online tutoring and distance learning opportunities, as well as employment coaching.

Central University is a curriculum of the International Central Evangelical Church (ICGC). It was a short-lived parish school established by the ICGC in October 1988. It was later established as Central Bible College in June 1991. In 1993, the name was changed to Central Christian College.

The university promoted its curriculum with a bachelor's degree and expanded its curriculum to include the Central Business School, which is a private business school operating in line with national aspirations.

 The university changed its name to Central University College in 1998 to further reiterate its position as a college for liberal arts and sciences. Since then, it has been endorsed by the National Accreditation Board as a university. Students work together, work together.

Central University has eight colleges/colleges, namely Central Business School (CBS), School of Architecture and Design (SADe), Research Institute (SGS), School of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), and Law (FOL). Hospital. (SOP), School of Engineering and Technology (SET) and School of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SMHS)

In January 2016, the University received the "Charter of the President" as an independent university.

Why Study at Central University


Central University strives to provide higher education for all those who are active and able to pursue higher education. CU offers a variety of learning programs and additional programs to support all students, whether you are still a high school graduate or a university graduate looking to further your studies. We encourage anyone considering pursuing a higher degree to find out CU’s programs and find the right one for you.

Comprehensive Education

The university has put a lot of effort into achieving one of its goals, which is universal education. Graduates at CU not only graduate with their diplomas, but they are also learning skills and full-time lives that will ensure that they are good people who can work in society.

Excellent Academic Staff

Teachers are professors at CU with open rules for all students where they are allowed to explore and think outside the box. RU academic staff are open and dedicated to the full growth of the student, as well as a “follow-up” process where students in research and development have shown that they are a good tool for better assimilation.

Innovation and Technology

Technology is one of the driving forces of CU. All aspects of the educational experience are guided by modern technology principles, and modern technology principles are the foundation of today's society. CU has updated the curriculum that provides technology and ICT as a new format that is easy to learn. Similarly, higher education is the most important thing in universities, and students can be provided with quality education no matter where they are. The e-learning program CU is one of the most preventable and advanced forms in the country and has proven useful in the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Modern University

Central University has a state-of-the-art campus with state-of-the-art facilities and facilities that create a unique learning environment for students and staff. As a state-of-the-art center for study in science and technology, where its research is active, as well as a library with a large collection of physical books, e-books, as well as access to thousands of educational resources to cater to children the book. Obtain a score of information as well as use quality content for useful services. Sports and recreational facilities are also available on campus.

Accommodation Central University

On Campus Accomodation at Central University

Central University has secure university accommodation for its students and offers university residence accommodation to students who come to study at the University. As places are limited, we also offer other accommodation options on request.

Presently, the university offers two female dormitories and one male dormitory on its Miotso campus. Central University is committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment and emphasizes friendship and academic achievement in accommodation.

Non-Ghanaian students as well as current and prospective students in Ghana may be accommodated in a variety of lodgings and dorms.


4 occupants per room

$ 650 per semester per student / $ 1300.00 per year per student

• Minimum payment before obtaining housing: $ 900

(Which means in the second semester you will only pay $ 400)

All these rooms are equipped with the following facilities: bed, mattress, wardrobe, toilet, and bathroom in each room. There is also a kitchen and a study room.

Off Campus Accomodation at Central University

There are many student dormitories all over Accra, which can meet the housing needs of various students from different universities. There are also different private apartments and dormitories close to the main campus of CU, which can accommodate male and female students. The cost of renting an apartment or room is about 150 GHC to 550 GHC per month. Some private dormitories (Round Hostel, Blue Hostel, White Hostel, and Guest House) in Accra and its environs cost about US$1,000 per semester, which includes maintenance fees and other bills. Part of the city where most students live is relatively safe and convenient.

Sports at Central University

There are currently many sports facilities on campus available for football, basketball, table tennis, rugby, and swimming. Students can participate in many state and national competitions throughout the year.

Central University has a unique environment that promotes social and extracurricular activities. Sports and athletics have become excellent routes for those who want to learn new skills training and have the ability to practice and develop their skills.

Sports can enable students to interact physically and also help them gain social teamwork, coordination, and patience.

About Accra

Accra has been the capital of Ghana since its founding in the 17th century. Accra has developed into a vibrant capital, known for its rich Western architecture and friendly people.

This huge city stretches nearly 25 kilometers to the east and its modern urban space is characterized by tree-lined houses, gourmet restaurants, crowded sidewalks, and a trendy nightlife.

The result is one of the most interesting cities in West Africa. The capital of Ghana is Accra, one of the most interesting cities in West Africa.

Ghana is located in West Africa and is considered one of the largest countries on the African continent. In fact, the country has a strong power in the African Union, which unites 54 African countries.

Its largest city and capital are Accra, a dynamic city, one of the safest cities on the continent, and the country's administrative, communications, and economic center. The city is constantly expanding and constantly showcasing a mix of tall modern buildings, shacks, and street markets.

Its population stands out among the many ethnic groups living in the capital and it is one of the most diverse cities on the African continent. As such, Accra remains a multilingual city. The main language is English. Twi is also a common language.

From an early age, children can speak three languages, and the elderly can easily speak, read, and write in four languages.

The most common means of transportation in the city are three minivans, which serve as public transport in the city and are much cheaper than taxis. In chaotic city traffic, they are very maneuverable.

When it comes to food, people will also find many places in Accra that are worth visiting.

The city has a variety of traditional restaurants serving some of the country's most popular dishes, including waakye (a mixture of hot rice and beans), roast plantain, sweet potato or cassava, and goat meat, and a can (fermented corn). Plate) Served with grilled okra or tilapia.

Wash it down with a beer in one of the city's many foreign bars.

In the evening, head to the beach and relax on the palm-lined sand under sparkling starry skies. There, DJs play reggae music intertwined with the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, and people at the party indulge in the local beer and deep-fried banana with pepper, salt, and ginger.

The atmosphere truly represents the ideals of a quiet life in Ghana, with friendly locals almost always welcoming tourists.

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