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Advanced Business College (ABC)

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Offered Programs

In cooperation with Advanced Business School, RocApply is ready to help applicants from all over the world find a place in their preferred program. All our services are completely reliable and easy without any hassle, but the best part is that they are provided for free. Take advantage of our user-friendly application system and study at a prestigious university.

The admission process is very simple and straightforward.

WASSCE / SSCE applicants

Pass at least six (6) subjects that meet the following criteria

  •      i.            Three (3) core subjects including English and Mathematics
  •      ii.            Three (3) elective subjects

General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced

  •     i.            Pass three (3) subjects, and at least one (1) level to achieve D or above.
  •     ii.            Pass credits (level 6 or higher) in five (5) GCE O'Level subjects (including English and Mathematics)
  •     iii.            If the applicant is a science student, it can be counted towards the credits of the science course
  •     iv.            If the applicant is not a science student, credit scores are allowed.

Advanced Business Certificate Exam (ABCE)

  •     i.            Pass three (3) subjects and have at least one (1) level to achieve D level or higher.
  •     ii.            Credit pass (level 6 or higher) in five (5) subjects of the General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE), including English, Mathematics, and Comprehensive Science/Social Studies

Higher National Diploma (HND) and Diploma holders (recharge)

  • HND holders applying for the same subject area will be accepted as level 300
  • Similarly, obtaining a diploma certificate from a university or equivalent institution can grant a 300-level certificate

Mature/Advanced Applicants

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible to become a mature person:

  • At least 25 years old at the time of application
  • Must pass the entrance exam for adult students, which is a test of English and math ability conducted by ABC

Minimum requirements

All applicants should obtain credit passes in core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, and Social Studies.

Professional certificate holder

Applicants with professional certificates will enter the 100-300 level according to the requirements of the certificate. The application must be submitted together with the National Accreditation Board (NAB) certificate evaluation report.

International Students

In addition to meeting the above requirements, foreign applicants must provide a certificate of English proficiency issued by the University of Ghana, the University of Legon, or the French Union (French applicant). The applicant must also attach the evaluation report of the certificate obtained from the National Accreditation Board (NAB).

1.      Bachelor Studies:

Develop ideas to solve management and organizational issues in a complex global environment. Students study the basic theories and foundations of modern management and relate these theories and principles to current practice in business and the public sector.

2.      Diploma Studies (HND):

To meet the global demand for professional and skilled human resources, Advanced Business Schools provide an Extended National Diploma (HND) as part of their core curriculum. This three-year course aims to develop students' decision-making and problem-solving skills.

3.      Professional Studies:

The college offers courses suitable for students and professionals seeking self-improvement. Our ABMA, ABCE, IPED, ICM, and ICAG programs provide skills training that usually leads to professional advancement. These courses allow for one-to-one professional development, during which students can gain key skills to upgrade their professional careers or continue their degree. Their courses are also very timetable-friendly and can fit with busy work schedules.

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Tuition and Scholarships at Advanced Business College (ABC)

The college was formally established in September 2005. It is an educational institution in Ghana and recruits students to study for certificates, diplomas, and degree courses. The university offers novel certificate programs in business, management, technology and ICT, and Media. 

The college, although private is one of the most affordable in the region offering very high standards of education. Students, both local and international, pay very cost-effective fees in tuition per semester, and the university seeks to grow and include 

scholarships and tuition waivers for its students in the future. The academic quality and the top-notch facilities available in the college ranks them amongst the best in Ghana.

The current tuition breakdown at Advanced Business College is as follows;

Bachelor Degree                                                         Tuition (per semester)

Fee                                                                  Ghanaian Applicants               GHS 2,000

International Applicants         $500

Diploma & Professional Courses                                Tuition (per course)

Fee                                                                  Ghanaian Applicants               GHS 1,500

International Applicants         $300

The tuition fee can be paid by bank transfer to the account information that will be provided as your application proceeds. Please contact us for your up-to-date information regarding the cost of education at the Advanced Business College.


Scholarships available through third parties

About Advanced Business College (ABC)

Founded in 2006 Research and Application Center: 1 Student population: 500+
Type: Private Undergraduate programs: 4
International Representation: Students from over 5+ countries
Campus: Sub-urban Teaching Staff : 20 Language(s) of Instruction:  English.
Location: Accra, Ghana Scholarships available via 3rd parties 2020 Rankings: 74 (country rank)
Faculties: 2 Teaching staff: 100+ 1001+ (The Higher Education Ranking)

Advanced Business College, established in 2006 has provided quality education for more than a decade. The college is situated in Accra Ghana, and it is a private institution of learning.

Advanced Business College is committed to becoming an academic center for teaching and research with an international reputation.

The college continues to provide higher education and training in academic and professional subjects, conduct research, disseminate knowledge, and build relationships in Ghana and other regions.

The college’s core values include;

  • Academic excellence
  • Moral integrity
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Teamwork and partnership development
  • Practical thinking and independent thinking
  • Serve the community and the nation

Studies are divided into the bachelor, professional, and diploma levels at Advanced Business College, the programs offered under each level include;

Bachelor programs:

  • B.Sc. Management Studies
  • B.Sc. Human Resource Management
  • B.Sc. Graphic Design

Professional courses:

  • Business Management
  • Journalism and Media Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Project Management
  • Business Administration and Strategy Management

Diploma programs:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Secretary and Office Management

Also, since 2008 the college has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana. The degree awarded by its member partner, the Winneba University of Education is the certificate.

British diplomas and certificates from ABMA, ICM, and IPED, as well as professional certificates from ICAGH. These memberships and affiliations provide an international outlook that sets the institution apart especially in West Africa.


Advanced Business College has received many applications from international students who wish to join on an academic journey. They welcome candidates from all over the world and ensure their convenience and proper integration with the university and the Ghanaian community.

The college provides international students with all the support they need to apply and apply the knowledge they have learned.

Although international research is supervised by the Ministry of the Interior, the college continues to redouble its efforts to ensure their health, safety, and comfort during their stay. The college encourages all international students to participate in university activities to promote the assimilation process.

At the beginning of each semester, there are specially organized social activities, such as field trips and open days. International students from all colleges can come to our dormitory to participate in social activities.

We do our best to ensure the health of students, but no one knows that you have had a similar experience. The annual event takes place simultaneously internally.

The student-centered international curriculum provides students with all the knowledge they need to work in Advanced Business College and Ghana.

The college welcomes all applicants from all over the world and promises not only to provide an amazing and supportive learning environment but also to provide them with sufficient opportunities for growth and successful careers.

Why Study at Advanced Business College (ABC)

World-Class Education

High-level business schools should provide a world-class education to dedicated innovators who must consistently do their jobs and educate all walks of life and Advanced Business College embodies this truth, the various interest areas students choose, be it public, discreet, selfless, and profitable, the college ensures quality training is received.

Academic Staff

The college’s professional lecturers are positioned to offer the best tuition and training which are relevant and transferrable and they are also available for all kinds of learning support. These people are not academicians but also professionals and industry experts in Ghana and around the world.

College of Choice

Advanced Business College has become the university college of choice for international students pursuing professional careers, particularly business and graphic design, from many Ghanaian high school graduates and sister countries in Africa.

Career Learning and Opportunities

Also, because computers play the most important role in current management work, the course work requires students to actively use computing resources. In the information age, due to a lack of basic computing skills, graduates should not be restricted. Considering that Ghana is an English-speaking country whose mother tongue is French, we provide students with training in two languages to encourage effective domestic and international exchanges. Therefore, for those who are not proficient, they must use any/two language courses in the first year of education

About Accra

Accra has been the capital of Ghana since its foundation in the 17th century. Accra has grown into a vibrant capital known for its rich western architecture and friendly people.

This colossal city stretches for about 25 kilometers east, and its modern urban area is characterized by tree-lined houses, gourmet restaurants, crowded sidewalks, and stylish nightlife.

The result is one of the most interesting cities in West Africa. The capital city of Ghana is Accra, one of the most interesting cities in West Africa.

Ghana is located in West Africa and is considered one of the largest countries on the African continent. In fact, the country has a strong power in the African Union, which unites 54 African countries.

Its largest city and capital are Accra, a vibrant city, one of the safest cities on the African continent, and the country's administrative, communications, and economic center. The city is constantly expanding and constantly exhibiting various high-rise modern buildings, barns, and street markets.

Its population stands out among the many ethnic groups living in the capital and is one of the most diverse cities on the African continent. Therefore Accra is still a multilingual city. The main language is English.

Twi is also a universal language. From a very young age, children can speak three languages, while seniors can easily speak, read, and write in four languages.

The most common means of transport in cities are three minivans, urban public transport and much cheaper than taxis. They are very active in chaotic city traffic.

In terms of food, people will find many places worth seeing in Accra. Many traditional restaurants in the city serve some of the country's most popular dishes, such as waakye (hot rice and bean mix), roasted banana, sweet potato or cassava, goat meat, and canned (fermented corn). Plate) with grilled okra or tilapia. Wash down with a beer at one of the many foreign bars in the city.

In the evening, go to the beach and relax on the beach lined with palm trees under the star-filled sky. There, people at the party enjoyed the local beer and fried bananas with pepper, salt, and ginger, while the reggae music played intertwined with the sound of DJ Atlantik.

The atmosphere truly represents the ideals of the quiet life in Ghana, and friendly locals almost always welcome tourists.

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