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Life in a foreign land offers a diversity of culture and activities. Students get to partake, learn, and teach others their way of life. This encourages cohesion and unity among students and this makes it easy for students to transition well to life at University in a foreign land.

  • Social & Cultural Integration- students can infiltrate the community and learn a lot of things about the locals. This will give them a better knowledge of the communities that they live in.
  • Trips- Study abroad students in Ghana can visit the various reserves and national parks around Ghana. They get time to learn about wildlife and heritage and the rich history of Ghana. They get to explore places like the Kakum National park, The Tafi Atome monkey Sanctuary, Cape Coast slave sanctuary, and the castles in Ghana.
  • Night clubs and movies-these provide quite the excursion and help students to know the city better. Students usually visit different bars and d nightclubs on weekends to unwind and to meet new people. They also get to interact with other international students at such clubs. They also get a taste of local music and local cuisines.
  • Sporting clubs-Most students join sporting clubs in and out of campus. These keep them occupied and fit at the same time and allows them to travel and play other teams around the community or country.

Students for example at Webster University, a private institution, create and manage clubs based on their interests and passion and are supported by the student’s affairs office.

Such activities include obstacle courses, games, movie nights, student BBQ, networking cocktails, fitness classes, and dance workshops to mention but a few. Students are well accommodated regardless of their likes and interests.



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