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Ghana is a place full of vibe and so full of love and life. The variety of night scenes can take all the tiredness and exhaustion away. Let’s have a brief look at some of the tops spots in Ghana that you can visit to feel the lively Ghanaian welcome.

Firefly Lounge and Bar

This is a classy bar located in Osu in Accra. It opens at 5 pm and closes at 5 am the next morning, giving revelers enough time to dance the night away. You can enjoy a variety of drinks with friends and a colourful menu of delicacies to tickle your taste buds.

+233- If you are a music lover then this is the perfect place for you. This is a jazz Bar and Grill located in Accra. You can listen to beautiful music and at the same time savor some food at the restaurant that is available in-house. The place plays host to many local artists and even international acts. There is enough live music to keep the night young and active.

Skybar 25-this is a classy luxurious restaurant located on the rooftop on Alto tower in has a beautiful ambiance that provides a perfect setting for a romantic date of a lifetime. You can enjoy local and foreign cuisines. You can also visit the place with friends and close ones for an intimate night out.

Carbon Night Club-This is one of the best nightclubs in Ghana and it opens at 11 pm and closes at 5 am the next day. You can get to dance the night away with other foreigners who love to frequent this club. It is a good place to unwind after a long day of study and work.

Republic Bar and Grill-this is just the right place for music lovers and revelers. The bar plays host to various artists and musicians with different styles for every audience. The bar opens at 12 and closes at 4 am. Enjoy various genres of music as you sip the various drinks served at the venue with friends and loved ones.

Afrikiko-this is an interactive place where you enjoy the music and dance instruction. Enjoy exotic dances like samba and salsa and if you cannot dance then that is not a problem as they sometimes offer dance lessons, a very interactive place indeed. If you are not sure about your drinks, the waiters are on hand to advise on their best drinks that can be suitable for you. The place offers great entertainment and great food to top it up.


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