Jobs for Students in Ghana

An estimated 70% of students prefer to work part-time while they study. Though it can be a quite daunting task, it brings some extra allowance and also helps students with their tuition and unforeseen expenses.

International students can find part-time employment to ease the burden of other costs like transport, rentals, and food expenses or any costs that may suddenly arise. We have compiled a list of Jobs that students may consider in Ghana.

  • Foodservice worker-this This is one of the most common jobs the world over. Students can work in a café or restaurant as a server, bartender, or waiting on tables. Employers can offer flexible hours such that the students can get a shift after lectures or on weekends and that will allow them to study. Students in this case can make extra cash through tips from appreciative customers.
  • Lab assistants-students can get a part-time e job as a lab assistant on-campus or off-campus. Pharmaceutical companies and private laboratories can hire students as interns and they get to learn and earn while they work. This is mostly suitable for sciences and medical field students.
  • Nurse Aides-Students can take up jobs as nurse aides or home health workers. They provide home-based support for patients who cannot be able to go to hospitals. They can also assist by bringing food and medication to patients at the hospital.
  • Front desk receptionist- Students in Ghana can take up jobs like front desk operators or receptionists. These offer plenty of study time for students especially on days which are not too busy. This job usually needs people who are multi-lingual and students have to sharpen their language skills and at least learn a few basics of local languages just in case they need them.
  • Salespersons-this is another very popular job. Students can work in retail, clothing, or insurance companies to promote the brands and to increase the number of customers.
  • English tutors- not all people are very fluent in English and this presents an opportunity for international students who are fluent to make extra money. They can conduct classes to teach the locals how to best communicate in English. They can also assist in Kindergarten schools by teaching children how to communicate in English.
  • Shop assistants-students will be helping by packing up customer’s goods or by making sure the place is clean and at the same time interacting with customers to make them feel welcome and encourage them to buy their products.

Note: Always research the rules and regulations regarding employment in Ghana and note that this list is inexhaustible and is not limited to the jobs mentioned above.

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