Flights to Ghana

Several airlines ply the Ghana route that you can choose from, depending on your location. Students can fly direct or can connect flights depending on where they are traveling from.                                      

British Airways                                                TAP Air Portugal flights

Royal Air Maroc.                                              American Airlines flights

JetBlue flights                                                 Air Arabia Maroc flights

Air France flights                                            Turkish Airlines flights          

Ethiopian flights                                             ASKY Airlines flights           

Egypt Air flights                                             united flights  

Air Cote D’Ivoire flights                                

Airports in Ghana

Ghana has 5 main airports namely the Kotoka International Airport, Kumasi Airport, Sunyani Airport, Takoradi Airport, and the Wa Airport.

Kotoka International Airport – is a public airport located in Accra and is operated by the Ghana Airports company. It is one of the busiest airports in Ghana and can hold large aircraft and traffic. You can find a quick airport shuttle service right at the airport. It is a hub for both African and worldwide airlines.

Kumasi International Airport-it is an international aviation hub located in Kumasi and is operated by theGovernment. It offers both domestic and international flights and is one of the busiest Airports in Ghana. The airport has seen quite an increase in the number of passengers in recent years. Its features include retail and commercial spaces, parking spaces, airport shuttle services, and security checkpoints which are closely monitored.

Sunyani Airport-it is an airport serving the town of Sunyani and surrounding areas. It is about 4km from the CBD. It is operated by the Ghana Airports Company Limited. Its runways are a bit shorter and small and hence are not used for international flights.

Takoradi Airport-this is owned and operated by the military through the Ghana Air force.

Wa Airport-it is an airport serving Wa in the upper region of Ghana, it has been developed and upgraded recently. It is operated by the Ghana Airports Company Limited. The airport is mainly used by the Africa World Airlines which plies local routes.



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