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There are several accommodating options available for students in Ghana. The various universities also offer accommodation to their students on their campuses around Ghana. While some students opt for off-campus hostels or homestays or simply rent their places,

Residence Halls- Universities like the University of Ghana offer student accommodation at their various halls of residence which have been described as a home away from home. These halls of residence are provided for both post and undergraduate students.

Some of the halls of residence at the University of Ghana specifically, include the Commonwealth Hall, the Legon hall, Mensah Sabbath Hall, Volta Hall, Akuafo Hall, Jubilee Hall, Alexander Kampong Hall, Jean Nelson Akah Hall, Hilla Limann Hall, African Union Hall to name but a few. These halls were built by the government and some built by individuals and corporate businesses.

All universities in Ghana offer these halls of residence to accommodate their students. Students do not have to buy furniture as lockers are already fitted in these hostels or dorms. Some of the residences have shared bathrooms and lounge or common room.

Shared rooms-Students can opt for shared rooms to minimize the costs of accommodation. Two students or friends can share a room that has a bunk bed for 2, a desk and chair where they can write and study, a wardrobe or closet, fan, shared bathroom, and Wi-Fi internet access.

The price for these share rooms in Ghana can range at about $1000 for the whole year but this does not include energy consumption.

Single rooms (private apartments) - Some students may opt to stay in single rooms to protect their privacy or if they require their personal space. These are a bit costly, however. These have a single bed, a desk, and a chair, a wardrobe or closet, Wi-Fi access, and a bathroom. These can cost up to 2500 per academic year.

Homestays- Homestays are relatively cheaper and preferred by students who need to have a family-like experience. Host families can either host students for a fee or free depending on the family. Some families do it voluntarily as a humane gesture.

However, some use this as a way to get money. Homestays can offer meals, airport pickup, outdoor activities, and a hoard of hospitable service to make students feel welcome.


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