Student Life in Estonia


Student Life in Estonia

If you want to get lost into the most satisfying student life that will probably last for a lifetime you better seriously start considering Estonia as your first destination choice as you will enjoy every minute of your academic experience. In Estonia you will live in a highly connected society, with free wireless Wi-Fi almost everywhere readily accessible. Everyday activities are made easier with various IT solutions, these may include registering a company with as little as 15 minutes, buy a cinema ticket using your mobile phone applications, park a car with phone, register courses online etc. Entrepreneurship and innovative solutions are extremely welcome in Baltic Republic, which has a strong start-up community and has also become known as the new Silicon Valley of Europe as such the student will be faced with a pool of opportunities in Estonia to unearth his/her full entrepreneurial potential and skills.

Higher education in Baltic Republic comes at a decent worth, with relatively low tuition fee programmes, living costs and various scholarships for international students. As a student in Estonia you can take advantage of various discounts and special offers generated especially for full time students. This has seen many saving in bulk whilst studying which is but the best solution students can ever be face with at tertiary level since we all want to have a few pennies to spend on weekend outings which is a norm in Estonia.

Student life in Estonia is full of interesting activities and fun-packed events. There are varied organisations and events that facilitate foreign students to settle into Estonian life and make a social network within the country. A huge type of events for international students, such as excursions, company visits, trips and social gatherings, photo competitions, visiting the ballet, bike trips, quiz tournaments are organized periodically with some as early as on the arrival week. Beyond this, universities also have different student clubs and interesting groups, that help to foster student`s unique identities and develop their special skills.

At the beginning of each academic year universities usually organize a special clinics for all new international students in order to provide practical information about studying and living in Estonia as first-timers. You will get to know their fellow students, tutors, faculty, staff, university buildings and the city and their whereabouts with minimal effort after this. After studying, students relish opportunities to wander the medieval streets of Estonian recent cities, attend concerts, participate within the spirited night-life of recent clubs and bars, or escape into the riches of preserved nature endless forests, picturesque lakes, and white beaches amongst other glamours of this technological state.

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