Estonia Visa Requirements


Estonia Visa Requirements

As student visas are not issued in Estonia, citizens from the EU will have to acquire a right of temporary residence given they may likely visit the country for more than three months. To do this, they must register their place of residence with the Local Government of whichever location they are currently staying in. We will help you figure out how to go about the whole process as RocApply.  The application must be made within the three-month period before any extensions at most. Once the student has the right of temporary residence they are guaranteed of a stay up to 5 years in Estonia which automatically extends for another after expiration without having to undergo renewal applications. It must be noted with caution that you are supposed to register for an Estonian ID within the first month of acquiring the right of residence which serves as a certification for your right of residence.

For Non-EU Citizens

Citizens from countries outside the EU will need to check if a visa is needed for them to enter Estonia as some none-EU nations have a visa-free agreement with the country and if you face any challenges kindly send an email to us  or simply contact us via our website we will assist you with this. This consultation service is all for free. If a visa is needed, you can apply for either a short-term stay (type C – less than 90 days) or long-stay visa (type D – 3 to 12 months) to be allowed entry into Estonia. Should the duration of study exceed more than 12 months, an Estonian temporary residence permit (TRP) is also needed to pursue a study in Estonia. It is advisable to apply for the TRP prior to the student’s arrival to Estonia, as the process will take up to two months or even longer, depending on the season. If by any chance you face a challenge on acquiring the TRP kindly keep in touch with RocApplyas we will help secure it. The application for the visa and the TRP can be submitted at the same time. The temporary residence permit (TRP) for study is issued for the entire period of study (3 years for Bachelor’s; 2 years for Master’s) Extension of the TRP should be applied 2 months prior to its expiry. Within a month of arrival in the country (if they already have a permit) or after the acquisition of their residence permit, Non-EU students are required to register their place of residence at the local government registers office viz RocApply.

The requirements for Temporary Residence Permit are:

  • A printed and filled out application form for TRP
  • Sufficient funding or income
  • A valid health insurance contract
  • Enrollment/Invitation letter from the chosen academic institution
  • Data concerning close relatives and family members
  • Receipt of payment of the state fee
  • Documents proving your identity
  • A 40x50 mm colored photo


Please contact your institution for visa information upon admission. Individual institutions will help non-local students apply for their visas or entry permits, or even complete the process for them.

If you take up studies in a full-time locally-accredited local or non-local post-secondary programme, you will normally be granted a length of stay in line with the normal duration of your study programme, subject to a maximum period of six years upon entry and the validity of the travel document held, whereas for those studying other courses, they will normally be granted permission of stay for 12 months upon entry or in accordance with the duration of their studies, whichever is shorter. Your parents would probably be unhappy if you got removed for having overstayed, so please renew your visa within four weeks before your old one expires! For more information don’t hesitate to contact us on RocApply official website.



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