Application Requirements for Estonia Universities


Application Requirements in Estonia

Universities in Estonia accept cross-border online applications via RocApply platform. Here are the guidelines for applicants:

  • Read about Estonia, education system, programs offered in English and other relevant information here on our website

Make your program choice and find out additional information about the program (requirements, documents, research opportunities, program’s specifications, internship possibilities etc.) on our RocApply website

  • Prepare relevant documents
  • Fill in the application in RocApply online application system
  • After this upload he needed documents and specify desired program and university (ies)

All applicants to Estonian universities' degree programs are required to have a qualification giving access to university studies in their home country. Applicants also need to show proof of proficiency in English as most university offering programmes to International students use English as a medium of instruction. All internationally recognized language proficiency tests are accepted, though some institutions may run individual language tests of course this is not an obligation but done upon necessity. Depending on the institution and program, there might be additional entrance tests such as an interview, written essay, portfolio amongst others.

Additionally, there might be a request to provide other information and if any documents are required, RocApply will contact you after reviewing your application. RocApply gives an extra hand in the admission process with high priority on deserving students across the universities. All you need to do is start applying NOW! And remember everything we do for you is at zero cost!

Note: there may be an option to transfer credits or incoming students, however, this is specific to the situation being applied to and if they recognize the accreditation board(s) under which your previous university was enlisted to.

Once all documents have been submitted, the application vetting process is completed and successful students are notified usually within a period of not more than 2-3 weeks and a formal acceptance letter is issued after a down payment towards tuition. Thereafter students are able to register and enlist to a study of choice and choose courses for their desired start semester.

Even if you currently do not have enough documents just get started with the process and one of RocApply  members will guide you until you finish the process and also wait for you to secure or obtain the missing documents. As s prospective student you may simply notify RocApply  members when you will be able to secure your qualifications or certificates and we will remind you.

Once you upload copies of the application documents on to the RocApply  platform please remember to take the originals with you to the university after receiving acceptance.

After documents submission, the student’s records are thoroughly evaluated and I need be as in the case of graduate programs interviews and exams may be arranged to further examine an individual’s suitability or the proposed course of study.

Once all that is settled and the university is satisfied with the students’ ability and records a letter of admission is awarded and thereafter applicants are eligible to select and register or coming semesters and the respective university.

RocApply helps students apply to any university. If you have questions about the application process or the university itself please do not hesitate to contact us any anytime at [email protected] or through our phone, Whatsapp or Viber: +49 1516 3104567


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