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Student Life in Denmark

Student life in Denmark is surprisingly very interesting as a typical day involves studies and free-time activities. Study life can also be intense but incredibly fun; be ready to be creative and flexible because staying open to these activities is the first step to enjoying them.

A lot of the universities in Denmark have many social activities that revolve around the program of study, at the start of the semester, students form groups that serve as think-tanks and an avenue to learn and exchange information and ideas.

There are also group projects and presentations that you have to coordinate and collaborate with members of your group.

Classes are arranged in a very realistic manner with less emphasis on classroom work and more on-field learning and group exercises. Typically, students have classes three to four times a week and 4-6 hours a day.

Even in small cities, your free time can be really useful and even fun because the infrastructures and facilities are very good; there are many clubs, associations, and societies that are tailored to suit your social interests.

Universities also organize workshops and events that are centered on student development and their future after they graduate. There are entrepreneurship workshops that promote self-sufficiency and independent thinking.

Also, there are events organized by the department to help students showcase or present their research papers and posters to industry giants or other key researchers in their field.

Students also enjoy an array of sporting activities like football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and many others for free. Schools have these facilities to better foster a wholesome student experience.

Some schools even hold competition and aid students who want to pursue sports full time after their studies.

Since Danish people are health-conscious, there are many gyms and fitness centers within and outside the university that are very subsidized for students with some of them even being free at certain times.

The weather in Denmark is cold but not at cold as you’d think, but it is very rainy and windy in the Fall semester and you will need waterproof shoes and jackets this period.

Since it is not quite often that there are sunny days, students make the best use of the sun when it comes out, many danish people alike come out to soak in the warm sun at any given opportunity.

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