Jobs for Students in Denmark

Jobs for Students in Denmark

Students also seek out part-time jobs to better sustain or to cover some of their living expenses in Denmark. EU/EEA or Swiss citizens can be able to seek out jobs freely without any restrictions or limitations.

Foreign students also have the liberty to work alongside their studies for only 20 hours a week in a semester and longer in the summer or during the holidays.

In both instances, there is a need for a work permit issued by Danish Immigration before your arrival or while you are already a resident in the country.

It is not necessary to know how to speak the Danish language to be employable, English is generally spoken across the country. But as a helpful tip, even beginner level knowledge of the language sets you apart and presents more opportunities amongst the locals and employers.

The minimum salary per working hour is not fully declared in Denmark, but students rake in between 75 – 90 DKK an hour. Having a part-time job in Denmark is extremely rewarding as you can support yourself and pay for a large part if not all of your living costs for a month.

Also, with the way salaries are set up in Denmark, students can also save money from their part-time jobs and more from their full-time jobs in the summer as well.

Some of the part-time jobs that students pick up are jobs in bars, hotels, and restaurants. Kitchen staff, cooks, and waiters are in high demand in big cities in Denmark.

Housekeeping and newspaper delivery are two jobs that are very easily accessible for students. The job scope for students in Denmark is certainly not limited to these options.

There are also student internships that are in conjunction with the student program. Internships are like degree requirements and some of them are facilitated by the university.

However, students can begin early and reach out to some major names in their fields for internship opportunities.

Masters and graduate students can gain white-collar employment with their qualifications while still studying for their advanced diplomas or degrees.

Also, many students who wish to pick up permanent residency in Denmark after their graduate program find the translation not too tedious.

Certain subjects in STEM (science, technology, engineering, medicine) are highly sought out for when it comes to solid employment in Denmark.

Some key tips for finding a part-time job as a student in a very good time

  • Learn Danish
  • Start early
  • Connect and socialize
  • Stay updated (Facebook, Linkedin, many job search engines and websites)

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