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Denmark Lifestyle and Culture

Danish people have been named one of the happiest people on earth and the country has been dubbed the least corrupt country in the world. All of these qualities are replicated in every single one of its citizens as there is the general atmosphere of social awareness, the liberty of choice and the culture of magnanimity.

Denmark is also a model of equality and social welfare, the government is known for equitable distribution of income promoting a high standard of living. This is exemplified in the popular Danish word ‘Hyggelig’ which means something between comfortable and cozy and describes the homes, food, and general environment of Denmark.

Danish food might be considered bland by some standards, but it is also hale and hearty and filling like nothing else. The open sandwich called ‘Smørrebrød’ in Danish is a traditional food that consists of buttered rye bread with cold cuts or fish on top other than that traditional foods consists of foods like roasted meat, boiled potatoes, and other things similar to Scandinavian cuisine more generally.

Danish blue cheese is a world favorite with a pungent and creamy taste, there are also homemade chocolate, marzipan and more.

One popular breakfast option for students is ‘Wiernebrød’ a local Danish food that has pastry and custard in the filling. There is also influence from Asian, American and Italian cuisine in the country but their traditional foods outrank those in terms of popularity.

Students are advised to immerse themselves in the beautiful foods to better experience the Danish culture.

Danish people are known for their love of biking, Denmark being one of the most developed countries when it comes to cycling culture.

Copenhagen the capital was named in 2017 the world’s most livable city and the best city for cyclists, which is no surprise as the city and many others in the country are havens for cyclist lovers and environmentalists with over 390 km of bike lanes, the cycling culture is so strong that kids are learning to ride at a very young age.

There are many events and festivals that attract thousands of tourists and participants every year into the country. One of such events is the Ribe International Viking Market, which is a Viking reenactment event that brings together different people from the Scandinavian region to come and present the lifestyle and the fashion of Vikings that lived over a hundred years ago.

Another festival is the Aalborg Carnival which has been titled the biggest carnival in the northern part of Europe with more than 70,000 visitors, this beautiful carnival is one experience that heralds Danish culture.

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