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Cuban scholarships are one of the hardest to find. There are only a few selected scholarship providers who are allowed into the island. The main goal of these programs is to put students in areas that many other students do not get the chance to do.

In view of this, the Cuban governments, universities, and institutions provide Cuba scholarships for international students, national students, and students who are citizens of Cuba mostly.

Here we have 2020 scholarships designed to encourage and support students financially in pursuing their academic goals.

Cuba fully funded scholarships

  • Students will attend the University of Havana, which is the capital city of Cuba. Cuban government offers both merit-based scholarships and a diversity scholarship for both Cuban college and qualifying international students. This scholarship comes in opportunities, contests, fully-funded scholarships, tuition waivers, grants, fellowships, and internships.
  • Rwanda Education Board Scholarships for indigenous Students, 2020
  • KOP NFP Fellowship for Developing Countries Students in Netherlands, 2020
  • Ruth Dobson’s Annual Master in Diplomacy Scholarship in Australia
  • ILMA Essay Scholarship for North American Students

Most of these scholarships premier their recruitment periods online, be sure to checkout constantly to get precise dates for applications and other relevant information or simply send us an email and we will assist you navigate the scholarships.


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