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Like many people, you might have scheduled your Cuban getaway to escape from the colder months of your home country to the warmer “Cube”.

If you are not used to the heat of Cuba, you might have found the heat of the sun to be somewhat daunting, and you quickly learned why the locals walk around in clothing made from breathable wear.

Cuba really is not a good place for polyester. Whether they are going out for dinner or for an extended night on the town, Cubans really are an elegant bunch.

Sure, you can emulate their style, and you probably should (when in Rome remember), but you are at a distinct disadvantage. You can look the part, but do you actually know where to go?

Is that bar outside an authentic slice of nightlife in Cuba, or is it a tourist trap, confused? There is not exactly a shortage of bars and nightlife venues in the country, so if anything, the choice can be a little overwhelming here.

Not to worry we have got you covered with some of the best destinations for a night on the island, don't hesitate to contact RocApply for any queries.

At night, Cuba comes alive with the sounds of mojito glasses clinking, salsa music, and Afro-Cuban jazz that will buzz your head. Whether you are a foodie, cocktail connoisseur, or music lover, get ready to party it up in Cuba.

The city that always grooves, Havana, the capital has no lack of nightlife options. Festivity is what city place is all about. From traditional venues playing bolero and salsa in Habana Vieja to outdoor dance clubs and sleek contemporary nightspots in Miramar, Cuba's capital is incessantly swaying to the music.

There is always a party or reason to party on any given night, so get out and boogie or witness the sizzling spectacles on the dance floor in Cuban clubs.

And as for cocktails, be it passionfruit mojitos or guava daiquiris, this is Caribbean mixology at its very best and you dot want to keep it in imagination forever once you are here.

The best Cuban salsa clubs host world-class Cuban bands on a nightly basis. The energy is contagious and dancing, spectacular.

Having come to Cuba, you must witness a top salsa/timba band. Discos cover a multiplicity of scenes, from the glitzy tourist venue to a smoky, hectic real Cuban locale is all there is here.

The music often varies from night to night depending on the Cuban mood. In recent years, a thriving nouveau trendy Cuban party scene has erupted, giving you a glimpse of a possible future Havana.

Held at different locales, this is the place to be if you want to be seen by and mix with the Cuban cool set. There is also a blooming alternative scene where brilliant Cuban musicians improvise to a very local beat that raids everyone ones’ feet onto the dance floor.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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