Flights to Cuba for Students

Situated in the northern Caribbean where the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean all meet, the country of Cuba is also comprised of the main island of Cuba as well as several biologically diverse archipelagos.

Culturally, this beautiful country to the south reflects its Spanish colonization history, as well as Soviet Union communist-party influences. With an ever-increasing tourism sector, Cuba is an ideal budget-friendly destination for all travelers.

Best Time To Book Flights to Cuba

Sunny days and warm sunshine saturate Cuba virtually year-round, making every corner of this country an enticing destination at any time annually. The typical dry season from November through to May offers toasty temperatures and dryer climate across most of Cuba, yet the wet season across the traditional Summer months do not dampen tourism much.

Keep in mind the Canadian craze to book vacations over school holidays and to escape Winter-blues, which will be the busiest and most expensive times to book your next trip to Cuba, thus keep up with your study plan by constantly following through your applications on RocApply against opening seasons for other activities.

Cuba is an easily accessible country by air and with its ever-growing tourism. With newly opened doors to the United States of America, Cuba's tourism, and thus exposure to the English language, is exploding; exploring this beautiful country has never been easier.

What to do in Cuba with miles of world-renowned ocean-hugging beaches, culture-rich city centers, and booming medical tourism opportunities, Cuba offers a plethora of tourist attractions for every type of tourist.

Attractions in Cuba:

  • Varadero Beach's world-renowned beauty offers powder-soft white sand
  • City tours provide a peek into Cuban culture, classic cars, and traditional cuisine
  • Old Havana
  • Island-hopping tours
  • Sierra Maestro Mountain horseback riding
  • Sea turtle hatcheries and dolphinarium

Which airlines fly to Cuba?

Flights to Cuba from the United States were once hard to come by due to severe travel restrictions, so European and regional airlines tend to dominate the traffic here. These include Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Copa Airlines and Martinair.

On the contrary, the U.S. relaxed many of those restrictions in 2016, so direct flights from U.S. airlines have become more common. These include flights from carriers such as American Airlines and United Airlines.

Finding Flights from Cuba

Most international travelers arrive in Havana, which is located at the west end of the island. As a result, Cuba has a thriving domestic air travel industry, much handled by Cubana de Aviacion.

If you are planning a trip to Santiago or other eastern sites, taking a domestic flight may be more enjoyable than the 16-hour bus ride.

Cuba’s central Caribbean location also makes it smooth to visit other popular vacation destinations. Numerous airlines provide frequent flights and Cheapflights can help find some great deals.

To find out more about your flight further information and routes kindly follow this link.



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