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University life is one big bag of choices. The freedom to choose between 'repping' various university teams, partying until the break of dawn on a Friday or opting to live solely on Tesco value products in order to save your cash for more important things, is what gives the university its exciting flavor.

Some decisions are considerably more significant and have greater implications for the near future. As a student, you will have compulsory parts of the degree. However, the usual route for most language students is to Erasmus it down to Spain, either teaching or studying abroad for two semesters particularly the Spanish language.

The opportunities on offer at universities can blow the mind during freshers' week, after which many are happy to go with the flow and settle for the freedom that they have of simply living away from home and having a great time with friends.

However, university years speed past quickly and it is important to try and take advantage of as many of the options available while you are studying, whether it is going to Canada with your French degree, going to Rio for Portuguese, or taking an internship even further afield.

Steve (former Lunguists student in Colombia) says,

“For me, my most memorable experiences from the university will be from the adventures that I have had here in Colombia and it has made me focus on where I want to be after this year and my degree are over. Some people may think Colombia is a scary place or have misconceptions about it. Just like many other places, drugs and violence exist, but Colombia is not a country that should be feared, especially given the friendliness and kindness of the people. Any time I have been lost, or unsure what to do for the day or weekend the people here have been more than happy to give me directions or share their favorite spots. It cans better anywhere than Colombia”

Classes can be challenging, however. For about the first month here, you will have to brace for Spanish fulltime. Albeit, most professors are bilingual which was very helpful, and for the most part, they are easy to understand while they were lecturing.

The difficulty may come when it was time for discussion in class because the other students don’t speak as slowly or clearly which can make comprehending the class difficult.

Apart from the classroom life there plenty to catch your breath on weekends ranging from party arenas to eclectic nightlife in the cities. You will enjoy every moment of your stay here.



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