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Tuition in Colombia

The tuition fees you will pay here depend on whether you study in a public or private institution. At public universities, fees usually amount to around 2,000,000 pesos (~US$970) per semester. Private universities will typically charge between 2,000,000 and 11,000,000 pesos (~US$ 970-5,330) per semester.

Scholarship Opportunities in Colombia

Are you a student in Colombia or an aspiring one? The Colombia Government Scholarship Program is a chance for you. The Colombian government offers scholarships to foreign citizens to pursue a Specialist or Master or Ph.D. (according to the university program) in a Colombian educational institution of their choice.

Financial grants are offered to foreign citizens in exchange for the international cooperation received by Colombia under existing cooperation agreements.

The Colombian Scholarships covers quite a lot, take your time and go through this content RocApply has arranged all the details you need to win the Columbia Government Scholarships for International students.

Postgraduate scholarships in Colombia have a maximum of twelve months for specialization and twenty-four months for the master’s degree and up to thirty-six months for a doctorate.

The scholarship holder of doctorates that last more than three years has to assume by themselves the allowance for the rest of the program. Nevertheless, the Colombian university will cover all the tuition fees during the whole program.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic excellence
  • Coherence between the academic trajectory, work experience, and academic program
  • Professional working experience
  • Study Project
  • Reciprocity on educational cooperation


  • Prove minimum of one year experience in their field of study, after obtaining the degree.
  • The candidate must have successfully completed college.
  • The academic program should start in the second semester.
  • Admission to programs starting in the year of application will not be contemplated. The candidate must be in a range of age between 25-49 years old.
  • Applications from foreign citizens who are living in Colombia will not be accepted

Be sure to check in detail on the scholarship requirements before making applications as some are reserved to enrolled students, exactly why we are here as RocApply to mediate and get you an equal slot of your choice.


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