Application Requirements for Colombia Universities

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There are certain eligibility requirements that international students must meet to secure admission into any university in Colombia. Different universities have different requirements akin to their establishment.

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General requirements for admission into Colombia universities include;

Bachelor Programs:

  • Senior Secondary/High School Certificate
  • Signed online application form
  • International passport or travel document
  • Health report
  • Senior Secondary/High School Results

Masters Programs:

  • Bachelor’s certificate
  • Academic transcripts from an undergraduate program
  • International passport or travel document
  • Health report

Ph.D. Programs:


  • Masters degree certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Transcripts from a masters program
  • Transcripts from a bachelors program
  • International passport or travel document
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A further interview assessment by the admissions committee and the department of the university.

Language of instruction

Spanish, the official language in Colombia is also the language of instruction used in most local universities. International students must prove their proficiency in Spanish, either by obtaining the DELE diploma B2 level or by being certified as having advanced proficiency by a licensed Spanish teacher.

In some of the Colombian universities, you can find several degrees available in English, for enrolling in these programs, you will also have to provide evidence of your language knowledge, mainly TOEFL and IELTS are the accepted language certificates. English language preparation for studying.

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