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Your parents and relatives no longer need to be concerned about your accommodation during your study abroad program in Colombia. RocApply offers free information and reservations for students prospecting to study abroad.

Colombia is mostly known as the country that used to be dominated by Pablo Escobar’s cartel, while there is actually a lot more to it. Although the country used to be not so student-friendly is now welcoming more and more international students than ever.

In Colombia, you find student houses that give you access to your own private bedroom and also shared spaces like the living room and kitchen. In your shared student house, you will be welcomed by a friendly community of international students who will also help you in settling in the house that is if you choose the sharing option.

The facilities and amenities in the student houses are all taken care of, so when you land in Colombia you can just unpack and instantly feel comfortable in your new house. Make your reservation today here.

Rent an international student room

Renting a student room in Colombia does not have to be expensive. If you would like to live in the safest neighborhoods such as Poblado or Laureles in Medellin and Zona Rosa or Chapinero in Bogota you will pay a little more for student accommodation.

For around €175 you will have a decent room with a double bed and a shared bathroom. If you would like to have your own bathroom and the largest room in the house you should expect to pay a monthly rent of around €280 at most.

Average pricing for accommodation in Colombia:

  • Hostel dorm – from 25,000 Colombian pesos / night
  • Airbnb – average 50,000 pesos / night
  • Hostel private room – 80,000 pesos / night
  • Tourist rental apartment – from 150,000 pesos / night

Quick Note: Apartment sharing can help cut costs dramatically in most instances. Living in larger cities is more expensive. The full apartment rentals can be up to 250 Euros per month.

Renting an apartment alone can be a bit difficult in Colombia, and references from previous owners are usually necessary if one is to search independently. This is why it is advisable to seek help from an agency like RocApply prior to traveling.


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