Student Accommodation in China


Student Accommodation in China


Because of the congestive atmosphere in China, international student relatively opt for apartments compared to all other accommodation alternatives but however similar to what people experience in your home countries, the cost to rent an apartment as a student in China is going to be the biggest monthly expense that you may have. Nonetheless, it’s quite lower than other neighboring countries comparatively.  For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of a city of China only costs roughly 2000 RMB each month (less than $300).  Of course, living within the center of the town is dearer but a little expensive – ranges from 3000 – 5000 RMB.

To counteract the former, the majority of students opt to share apartments to reduce on costs. Speaking of utilities like electricity, water, gas, and even internet, the combined price per month will only be a few hundred RMB in addition to your rent.  So it’s quite affordable! Many students in China weigh the cost of the apartment with the location and the lifestyle. 

It’s exciting to live in a fun packed part of town where there is nightlife and lots of young people.  For this reason, most students are willing to pay a bit extra higher price to be able to have an exciting city-living. Albeit, many students in China have no problem affording their own apartment. Again, keep in mind that many companies will offer a housing allowance too – typically starting from 2000 RMB per month, bingo!  This allowance may also vary based on the town, for example, Beijing will be a higher allowance. Apart from this, most of the Chinese institutes offer accommodation to their students in the form of dormitories which are affordably cheaper to rent compared to apartments. Consequently, most international students find it appealing to take campus accommodation that external one. As RocApply once you secure your vacancy we don’t rest until you have found the best accommodation that suites your style and expectation.

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