Belarus Lifestyle and Culture


Lifestyle and Culture in Belarus

Traveling around Belarus is simple and affordable, with a fantastic public service network that includes railways, bus routes, tram lines and private hire taxis. Maps are often available from local stores and travel apps for your smartphone can also offer navigation assistance. Lots of the signs for public transport systems are written in Belarusian, and this can be tricky for international residents albeit the fun that comes with learning them is much compared to the effort.

Belarusian eating habits are not very different from those of people in other Eastern European cultures. They usually have three main daily meals, and staples include red meat and potatoes. Belarusians are also very fond of spending their free time in the woods searching for the many types of mushrooms that are used in soups and other dishes.

Belarusians love to be in nature, walking in the forest, gardening at their dachas and visiting famous places like museums and cultural performances. They are interested in poetry, art and music and to be in nature for the fresh air and beautiful views. Belarusians work hard. When they have time off, they like to sleep.

The women do a lot of the cooking and Belarusians enjoy spending time around the table eating and drinking. A typical Belarusian woman dresses like a fashion model, wears a lot of make-up and focuses on looking beautiful with her hair and clothes being perfect at all times.

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