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Midlands State University

Number of students
600€ - 600€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 31, August 31
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Offered Programs

MSU is a leading university in adopting a diverse educational system, that meets not only its local standards but also regional and international standards. Its unique educational structure is crowned for producing some of the best professionals in various industries.

MSU’s pivotal role is to create professionals who are more than theoretically effective but who are practically and economically adaptable. MSU aims to create an environment in which every individual can qualify for better education through its flexible tuitions for local and international students.

Offered programs at the University are 9 faculty programs namely Commerce, Arts, Education, Law, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture, Medicine and Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering.

Entry Requirements to MSU

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • Filled and signed application form accessible online through RocApply
  • O’level pass results in 5 subjects including Mathematics and English
  • A minimum of 10 A’level points in commerce related subjects, to apply for all commerce programs.
  • A minimum of 12 A’level points, for science programs in A’level science-related subjects.
  • Certified copies of O’level and A’level certificates.
  • Copy of applicants' birth certificate or valid passport or national ID.
  • For international students, the enrolment will be based on the strength of their home country qualifications.
  • Hence a student has to have entry requirements that are applicable to a similar program in their home country.
  • All relevant documentation and qualifications will be authenticated and translated by RocApply, and duly authenticated.
  • International students have the option of selecting the mode of entry from conventional or visiting

Post-graduate Admission (Masters)

  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • Applicants must have a first-class or upper second pass in their honors degree.
  • Copy of Transcripts authenticated by `RocApply


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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Midlands State University in Rankings


  • Ranked 3rd in the whole of Zimbabwe( Unirank).

  • Ranked 9153rd in the World.

Tuition and Scholarships at Midlands State University

Program Approximate in Zimbabwean Dollars Approximate in USD
Local Undergraduate Tuitions ZWL$ 9 000 – ZWL$12 500 (per semester) USD $500.00
Local Masters ZWL$12 750 – ZWL$16 500 (per semester) USD $660.00
Local Doctoral ZWL$52 000 (per year) USD $2080.00

Midlands State University has partnered with various stakeholders offers scholarships for both local and international students. The university has these scholarships for both postgraduate and undergraduates. 

Undergraduate Programs Conventional Class
Visiting/ Weekend Class/ Harare Campus / Other Campuses
Commercial/ Law/ Social Sciences/ Arts/ Education SADC :US$1,072
Non- SADC :US$1,572 0
Rest of World :US$1,717 SADC:US$1,450
Non-SADC :US$1,950 0
Rest of World :US$2,095 SADC:US$1,252
Non-SADC :US$1,752 0
Rest of World :US$1,897 0

RocApply may evaluate and facilities for students to access such opportunities. 

Undergraduate Programs Conventional Class Visiting/ Weekend Class/ Harare Campus
Natural Resource Management & Agriculture SADC :US$1,072
SADC :US$1,252  
Non-SADC :US$1,752  
Rest of World :US$1,897



Cost of living at Midlands State University

50USD / semester
50USD / month
Cost of living
25USD / month
25USD/ month

About Midlands State University

Acronym: MSU Type: Public Undergraduate programs: Available
Motto: Our Hands, Our Mind, Our Destiny Course Type: Full or Part-Time Master programs: Available
Established: 2000 Tuition (avg.): ZWL26 000 for an academic year Ph.D. programs: Available
The main Campus Located in Senga, Gweru Faculties: 9 Student population: over 31,000
Other Campus Located in Zvishavane, Midlands Institutes: 7 International Representative:
Campus Setting: Urban Programs: 129 Overall Staff Members: 2000

Midlands State University is located in Gweru right at the heart of Zimbabwe in its Midlands Province, from which it gets its name. Midlands State University was established in the year 2000, through a transformation process that saw it grow from a teacher's college into a state university in the year 1998.

Since then Midlands State University has grown on a scale of students intakes and its facilities occupying its rank amongst one of the best institutions in the country.

To date, Midlands State University has programs covering social sciences, commerce, humanities science and technology, arts and communication. The institution takes pride in its state of the art institution repository and its e-learning platforms which bring the world of resources to the students. 

Midlands State University is well known for adopting world-class methods of educating its students throughout its faculties. No one program is better than the other, therefore, all programs are treated and delivered to perfection. The university made its break when it introduced its work-related learning or also known as the industrial attachment program, which equips students with the practical know-how of how the techniques they study can be applied in the real world.

This method of work-related learning has seen MSU producing some of the most competitive graduates. As students get an internship with some of the biggest names in the industry and are assessed on their performance.

Currently, MSU takes pride in producing some of the greatest game-changers in the region, who are pacesetters in different sectors of various economies locally, regionally and internationally

Some of MSU’s achievements:

  • MSU has grown to be the country’s largest university in a time frame of two decades.
  • The university is home to 31 000 students.
  • The university has partnered with other universities within the region and around the continent to make sure it gives modules and a curriculum that is flexible not only to local students but recognizable internationally.
  • The university also takes pride in its ability to operate without relying on government funding, which makes it effective to operate without inconveniencing its stakeholders.

Professional Development at Midlands State University

Apart from a well-planned study curriculum, students studying at MSU are required to complete a year of “work-related learning”. This means that students are competitive and prepared and ready to face the real world after graduation with a glimpse of how to operate and face real challenges and tasks hands-on rather that the theoretic lecture room approach, this creates a student with experience.

The institution also caters to and also offers a broad scale of extra-curricula activities. Also offering a number of internationally affiliated clubs that students can join. These clubs enhance the overall tertiary experience for both local and international students studying at MSU.

  • Debate and Dialogue
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Volunteering and Charity

Student Life at MSU

MSU is a diverse institution, that sees students from all walks of life giving equal entry opportunities regardless of sex, gender orientation, culture, ethnicity or disability. İts doors are open to everyone and do not discriminate, this makes it an ideal global community within a university.

MSU is not aligned to any religious group, therefore this makes it possible for students from different religious backgrounds to co-exist in the same environment. Furthermore, MSU has a chapel that individuals can use for their personal prayer sessions.

The university’s student affairs board is very stern about how students respect one another on and off the campus. This makes MSU a safe place for thousands of its students to co-exist. Furthermore, this board is also responsible for student well being and deals with any cases that may affect students on and off-campus.
The university also takes pride in its ability to address issues relating to persons of disability.

MSU has gone as far as developing a disability center which makes sure students of disability get equal opportunities as those who are able-bodied.

Medical and student well being at MSU

The institution believes that student health is an integral part of any university student’s dream. Therefore; the MSU has taken a holistic approach to medical care in ensuring that student health is maintained through its Department of Student Health Services.

With the aim of teaching Promotive Care, training Preventive Care and rendering students with medical services, that is; Curative care.

MSU has an accredited general practice clinic located on all its campuses. These are fully prepared to offer students with Primary Health Care, Counselling Specialist services and health information.

To facilitate that all students get access to health care services all undergraduate students are eligible to for health services at the center. Therefore, it is important that all students are affiliated with the medical aid of their choice. This also goes for international students and this may be advised by RocApply as to which scheme to use.

Clinics are open 24hours throughout the week, and also ambulances are available for students near and far from the institution

MSU is a university of choice, this means unlike traditionally aligned universities, it equips students with the ability to make decisions that are practical to the real world.

Why Study at Midlands State University

Student Health

The university takes student health seriously. The university has various medical aid schemes tailored for students both locally and internationally. Also MSU has clinics stationed around its campuses with ambulances that can attend to students around the city.

Student Affairs

The university also takes the well being of its students seriously, with various boards that govern and aid that students are mentally, socially and physically well taken care of. One such board is the student affairs and the ecounselling facility which helps students, with giving students a smooth life on campus and off campus. Making sure students are of sound mind.

Equal Opportunities

MSU provides students with equal opportunities to excel in their studies, this is made easy by providing students with libraries on their online portals, therefore, resources are not limited to few individuals.MSU is located in middle of Zimbabwe, this makes it easily accessible to all students from all walks of life.

Competent Staff

The university has 2000 staff members, readily availavble to make life at the institution one comfortable and memorable. These vary from Lecturers, field workers and general staff all available to give the students a safe environment.MSU has taken a leading role in producing minds that can think in other terms, thinking not only outside the box but beyond the box.

Accommodation Midlands State University

On Campus Accomodation at Midlands State University

The university has a number of student accommodation facilities offered on campus, these vary from domes to student residents halls. All accommodation facilities come with standard amenity features, beds, wireless internet, study desks and chairs, bathroom and toilet access, cleaning services, self-laundry facilities, common entertainment rooms. Student hall passages are monitored and are secured to protect students and their valuables.

The university has over 50 student accommodation facilities all located on its premises, these vary from single occupancy to others sharing 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 per room and these also vary in the prices with the more private apartments being fairly expensive and the sharing apartments being relatively more affordable. All this is in a bid to be able to house students within its premises at rates affordable to all.

Off Campus Accomodation at Midlands State University

All international students are housed on campus and are given preference in apartments of their choice.  Seeing that MSU has a growing number and all students may not be housed on campus or may not afford the accommodation expenses there are various accommodation facilities offered in the neighborhoods around the university.

Sports at Midlands State University

The Midlands State University under its Department of Sports and Recreation strives on being the nerve center through active for their staff members and students’ holistic development. MSU is home to some of the country's award-winning sporting disciplines.

The institution takes sporting seriously and has facilities that enable students to try out with the various university sporting teams. All sporting disciplines are coached by professionals and also compete at a professional level.

The university is an active participant in the Zimbabwe University Sports Association and the the Zimbabwe Tertiary and University Sports Association games that are played annually. İt also participates in some of the regional university games as it always qualifies.

Some disciplines include:

Rugby Soccer Tennis
Hockey Cricket Basketball
Golf Swimming Volleyball
Netball Handball Field-based athletics
İndoor games: chess İndoor games: darts İndoor games:pool, karate, judo, etc.

MSU has a gym that is accessible to all students and is equipped to meet all students needs.

Food at Midlands State University

Good food that looks tasty and delicious is available in the on-campus canteen which offers lunch and supper for on-campus students, with indigenous dishes For the students who reside off-campus, 5 dollars is enough to buy a decent filling meal. Fast food outlets are also available in the area

MSU has dining halls located across all its campuses, these cater to different student meal requirements trying, by all means, to cater to its diverse population. A standard plate would cost US1 and upwards depending on the meal options, one may prefer.

Apart from the campus dining halls, students may also resort to fast food outlets around the campus which are relatively cheaper than the dining halls. Seeing as the city is not far out there are restaurants also available for students who may require an upmarket meal.



Transportation at Midlands State University

Buses are the cheapest transport available to ferry students to and fro the campus area, minibusses are also available at different fare as well as with emergency with taxis a  greater convenience.

MSU has two transport systems that students can make use of, the first being the inter-campus shuttles and the public transport system. The inter-campus shuttle mainly ferries students between campuses, its services are operational throughout the day up until 2000hrs.

These shuttles are free and they ferry students between campuses at hourly intervals. This is designed to lower transportation costs for students as they may be housed at a different campus to the one they carry out their studies.

These shuttles do not go to the City center, therefore students have to resort to public transport should they want to.

Public transport is available round the clock, this also ferries students between campuses and also heads into the city center. This is readily available in the form of minicabs and express taxis. These operate at a fee of approximately US$0.50.

About Gweru

The city of Gweru was founded by Dr.Leander Starr Jameson in 1894. In October 1973 the Gweru attained the status of the city and laterally became the capital of Midlands province.

The city was established along the Gweru river, and its original name was iKwelo, Ndebele for The Steep Place. the city of Gweru has a population of approximately 150,000, making it the 5th largest city in the country

Located between the Bulawayo Harare road and railway and near the rail directed to Maputo, Mozambique. Gweru is a busy trade center with productive development in its industries. It has a variety of products which include textile material,foot-ware, building materials, and dairies.

The Antelope Game Park, the Zimbabwe Military Museum The Nalatale and Danangombe archaeological enclosures are one of many sites that can be visited in the city

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