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Chinhoyi University of Technology

Number of students
600€ - 600€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 31, August 31
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

The cost of study at CUT is as follows:

Students Undergraduate Postgraduate
Local students (750-1,800 Euro) 1,000-2,500 US$
Local students (1,800-3,700 Euro) 2,500-5,000 US$
International students (1,800-3,700 Euro) 2,500-5,000 US$
International students (3,700-5,500 Euro) 5,000-7,500 US$

Admission Requirements at Chinhoyi University of Technology

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Application form completed via RocApply
  • High school certificate
  • Proof of English Language knowledge: TOEFL(minimum score 75), IELTS (minimum band score 5.5), CEFR (minimum grade B2) or any other equivalent.
  • Passport photographs (scanned)
  • International passport or travel document
  • Transfer students must submit original copies of their transcripts detailing the courses taken at their previous institution.
  • Depending on the program applied for the student must possess at least a ‘C’ in all their required subjects for admission.

NB: Please note that all documents must be notarized by the appropriate body where the certificates were obtained.

Masters Programs:

  • Application form completed via RocApply
  • Bachelor’s certificate or diploma of completed course over a period of at least three years. (certificates must be notarized, authenticated and translated into English by the appropriate body in the country where they were obtained)
  • Academic transcripts detailing the courses taken and their grades
  • Letter of motivation
  • Passport photographs (scanned)
  • International passport
  • CGPA average of 2.4/4.0
  • Proof of English language knowledge: TOEFL (minimum score of 85), IELTS (minimum band score 6.0), CEFR (minimum grade C1) or any other equivalent.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Chinhoyi University of Technology in Rankings


  • Ranked 3rd in the whole of Zimbabwe( Unirank).

  • Ranked 9153rd in the World.

Tuition and Scholarships at Chinhoyi University of Technology

CUT has several scholarships awarded each year to students who meet the requirements. The onus is on the student to apply when these scholarships are advertised. Some of the scholarships are listed below;

Presidential Scholarships

The Zimbabwe government sponsors a scholarship scheme towards both local and broad-based students in Zimbabwe (Presidential Scholarship).

This scholarship seeks to reward high-flying students from different parts of the country and different countries around the world thus encouraging foreign relations in several educational spheres.

The scholarship is open to students in Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. programs currently enrolled at CUT. The scheme covers the student's full or partial tuition fees and provides subsidized accommodation within the city.

International Students Scholarships

International students can submit their applications for consideration for scholarships, grants, and/or tuition waivers towards their studies at the institution.

The University encourages easy academic pursuit without the burden concerning heavy tuition through availing scholarships and funds for broad-based learners who enroll at the university. These scholarships are both government-funded and privately funded by national and international agencies.

HigherLife Foundation:

Higherlife Foundation is an organization founded in 1996, whose main purpose has been to support orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa through education and material support.

Educational support has been provided through the Capernaum Scholarship for orphaned and vulnerable children and the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship for highly gifted children. Other than Education support, the firm also supports beneficiaries with Guardianship and Pastoral Care.

Cost of living at Chinhoyi University of Technology

50USD / semester
50USD / month
Cost of living
25USD / month
25USD/ month

About Chinhoyi University of Technology

Started in 1999 Type: Public Undergraduate programs: 28
Acronym: CUT Tuition (avg.): 1,000-2,500 US$ Master programs: 10
Motto: Technology, Innovation and Wealth (750-1,800 Euro) an academic year Ph.D. programs:3
Religious Affiliation: None Faculties: 9 Student population: 3 000 - 4 000
Located in Chinhoyi Programs: 41 Administrative staff: 100 - 163
University rankings: 5 (Nationally via QS World University), 8869 University rankings: 5 (Nationally via QS World University), 8869 (globally) via QS World Universities Rankings
University rankings: (globally) via QS World Universities Rankings

Founded in 2001, Chinhoyi University of Technology is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the large town of Chinhoyi. The Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) started as a degree program that was established under the auspices of the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) in 1999.

It was established as part of the recommendation of the Chetsanga Commission to devolve Chinhoyi Technical Teachers College and other similar colleges into degree-granting institutions. This process saw the birth of the Chinhoyi Degree programs offering two-degree programs that is, Production Engineering and Hospitality and Tourism.

The Chinhoyi Degree programs operated under the University of Zimbabwe from 1999 to 2001 when the Chinhoyi University of Technology was established through the Act of Parliament number 15.

Chinhoyi University of Technology is an educational institution whose mandate is teaching, learning, and research as well as community service. It awards diplomas and degrees for varying subjects or programs which have a technological bias.

The main focus of the Chinhoyi University of Technology is to lead the way in finding solutions to national problems. Therefore, being technologically oriented gives a platform for solving Zimbabwe’s woes.

The technological bias of the organization offers students enough professional training with cultural enlightenment, hence the University motto “Technology, Innovation and Wealth”.These in succession bring out an enlightened productive sector.

The University aims to produce innovative graduates, create knowledge, enhance entrepreneurship and provide community service through quality teaching, training, and technologically-oriented research.

CUT is a modern and unique institution of higher learning favored with the mandate to lead the development and practice of design and technology in order to produce entrepreneurs, innovators, creators of wealth and drivers of commerce and industry.

Social Resources

The CUT university acknowledges that University life is not only about LEARNING ONLY, therefore, but there are also a lot of opportunities for one to boost their social life at from joining different clubs or groups to getting involved in sports or just hanging out with new people.

Student Development Programmes:

A variety of services and programs are offered to develop a holistic student even outside the classroom. These programs include the following: Student Leadership Training, Interview Techniques, Orientation programs, Career guidance, Stress management, and Community Service.

Clubs and Societies:

There are more than 25 Clubs, Societies and Associations on Campus some of which are: Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (Chinhoyi University Chapter), Chinhoyi University Hospitality and Tourism Association, Debate Club, Toastmasters Club, BOOST/SIFE, Rotary Club, Road Safety Club, CUT Arts Forum, Symposium, Open Mind, Choir, Biotechnology Association and Indigenous Business Group.etc.

Participating in one or more of these clubs is the best way to stay connected to the campus and meet fellow students with a common interest. However, if you have an interest or concern that is not catered for, you are free to start a new club and contact the Directors for On and Off-Campus Life and Student Development Programmes who will assist you to register your club.

Guidance and counseling services:

The University aims to provide comprehensive, psychological, social and emotional counseling and guidance to students, staff, and parents. Counseling Services are free and available to all students. Discontinued students and those who have deferred their studies may also come.

Individual Counselling:

Individual or group counseling is offered on a walk-in or appointment basis. Sessions are normally brief ranging from 30 -45 minutes. The number of sessions also depends on the issues.

Group Counselling:

Group Counselling is given to groups with members ranging from 6-12. Group Counselling usually targets behavior change. Groups can be formed by students themselves or are formed by the Student Counsellor from willing clients after carefully explaining the advantages of group counseling and getting consent from their respective clients.

Talk shows and discussions on various issues are held every Wednesday to promote the creation of a total being who is equipped with stress management and problem-solving skills. Other issues may vary from anxiety and depression, family and/or relationship difficulties.

Peer Counsellors:

A Peer Counsellors Club is in place to assist other students who need counseling.

School Counsellors:

The University works for hand in hand with trained school counselors who are in most cases lecturers or administrators to assist students in Academic Counselling and other issues affecting students.

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 0800 -1630Hrs 

Health services:

The Health Department supports and promotes student health in all aspects. Student Health Service is one of the Student Affairs section responsible for offering health services to the university community. Its operational Centre is housed in the university clinic. The clinic is a registered industrial clinic offering comprehensive primary health care to students, staff, and visitors.

The clinic is located within the main university campus, adjacent to the canteen. The clinic offers services seven days a week, twelve (12) hours Monday to Fridays and four (4) hours on weekends during the semester. During semester vacation the clinic is open Monday to Fridays 08.00 to 16.30 hours. One needs a valid medical aide to access services from the clinic.

Library Services:

The University has an on-campus library that presently has about 98 654 textbooks as well as E- resource services that have an immeasurable number of textbooks online. So, in terms of resources don’t stress we got you covered.

HIV and AIDS skılls:

The CUT HIV & AIDS Life Skills program is mainly focused on Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS and Life Skills education for students and staff and the surrounding Masvingo Community.

Information and knowledge are disseminated through awareness campaigns, behavior change forums, seminars, talk shows, gender-based violence dialogues, video screenings and workshops on selected issues/topics.

The university has viable student peer educators for all campuses s who are responsible for the dissemination of information and also gathering information on issues concerning their peers for programming purposes. All HIV & AIDS Life Skills activities are guided by the University HIV & AIDS Life Skills policy.

The Department has a small resource unit loaded with information on HIV & AIDS for use by students, staff and the community.


Chaplaincy seeks to meet the spiritual and psychological needs of the University community through the provision of the following:

  • Pastoral care, prayer, and counseling of both staff and students.
  • Registration and Coordination of all religious activities on Campus with the goal of developing religious and cultural tolerance and peaceful co-existence in the community.
  • Developing and promoting values of 'Ubuntu' through love, tolerance, and integrity in the community.
  • Mitigate students and staff hardship

Rehabilitation and Lifeskills Section

CUT aims to provide and address Substance Abuse and Life Skills problems of students and staff during their academic and social life at CUT. Rehabilitation services are free at CUT and comprehensive quality services in terms of Psychological, Social and Emotional Counselling are provided to students, staff, and parents in a free and conducive environment.

The University strives to be the best and leading anti-drug and alcohol abuse group to avoid risky social behavior through the harm reduction concept at CUT, in Zimbabwe, Regionally and Internationally and to lead and co-ordinate a motivated team of students/peer rehabilitation educators centered on educational values with great endeavors to nature responsibility of anti-drugs, alcohol abuse, and risky social behaviors by modeling an innovative, creative and effective rehabilitation services.

Why Study at Chinhoyi University of Technology

Quality Teaching

Fully fledged Quality Assurance Office to ensure high quality teaching and research across the University. Proud owner of two upmarket, award winning hotels to provide a practical thrust for Hospitality and Tourism training.

Student Affairs

Apply to enjoy quality student life close to the Chinhoyi Central Business District (a kilometer away) with major retail outlets like (Chicken inn, Pizza Inn, Edgars, JET, OK, Metro Peech).


Favored with a flourishing and highly productive commercial farm incorporating the School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology’s Research and Training Unit.

Competent Staff

CUT prides itself on its high-quality student centred Directorate of Off Campus Life to assist students’ access off campus accommodation and general student welfare.


University Sports Shop for high quality mementos (T shirts, Caps, Track suits and many more). Our students are special to us and that is why all First-Year students are guaranteed accommodation on Campus


Strong, solid and vibrant human capital base of over sixty (60) PhD holders and Professors. Newly refurbished state of the art laboratories to meet world-class training standards.

A Beautiful Campus

A beautiful campus with well-maintained grounds, parks and an enviable ambience. An hour’s drive from the capital city, Harare on a major highway to the North of Africa.


Located in the rich agricultural region of Mashonaland West Province and endowed with prime tourist attractions.The University is home to a quality Student Cafeteria on full DSTV, CUT Hotel Take Away and University Business Centre for Students convenience.

Accommodation Chinhoyi University of Technology

On Campus Accomodation at Chinhoyi University of Technology

Accommodation capacity is only 1200 slots with the first priority given to 1.1 students followed by 1.2 students. The rest of the students apply online on a first come first serve basis if there are any remaining slots.

CUT offers standard accommodation to its learners in the form of apartments. These are furnished with a table, beds, mattresses, chairs, a two-plate electric cooker, a bookshelf, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. 

Students are expected to supply their own bed linens, cooking utensils, cutlery, and dishes.

Campus Life and Student Development Programmes

The main aim of campus life is to create a living and learning environment that addresses the quality of life for students. The university’s mandate is to provide housing services that are comfortable and enhance personal growth.

The department also strives to provide social and educational programs and services such as counseling and providing disciplinary policies to ensure peace, order, and interaction.

Off Campus Accomodation at Chinhoyi University of Technology

The Off-Campus Life Office is committed to supporting the needs and welfare of off-campus students. This is achieved through assisting students to get affordable accommodation, and by initiating programs that promote good order, discipline and a congenial living and learning environment.

There are several boarding houses with high-quality facilities such as beds, reading desk and chair, Wi-Fi water, tanks, and kitchen facilities.

CUT provides programs that keep off-campus students connected to campus activities and services, as well as facilitating the use of community resources, such as halls and stadia by the students.

Further, the office helps create positive relations between off-campus students and their landlords and the community at large

House deposit:0

Sports at Chinhoyi University of Technology

The department focuses on various sporting activities that relieve students from the accumulated academic stress and also for maintaining healthy styles. Both social and competitive sports and recreational activities are offered.

The department provides several sporting disciplines such as ball games, athletics,  throws, jumps, and indoor games. Students who excel in sports have the opportunity to compete at national .regional and international levels.

Sports Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Gym Hall
  • Sports fields
  • All-weather courts

Food at Chinhoyi University of Technology

The Department timeously prepares and serves a variety of affordable, nutritious and balanced meals to students and strives to provide quality service and meals to the Chinhoyi University of Technology community at large.

Food services are handled by premium caterers that serve learners on campus with various meal options at different times of the day. Students have meal tickets that they can use to get food from the cafeteria during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

  • Breakfast Sold for $1.00
  • Tea, Coffee, Bread (4 slices), spread (jam, margarine, peanut butter), eggs, liver, beans,
  • Lunch and dinner Sold for $2.50
  • Starch; sadza, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, yellow potatoes, braised rice, macaroni, rice in peanut butter, sadza rezviyo, brown rice
  • Meats/ proteins; beef (stewed, roast), chicken (crumbed, roast, marinated), fish (crumbed, fried), maguru, Makonde, matemba, chunks, beans, patties, omelet, vegetable augratin,
  • Vegetable/ salads, fried rape/covo/spinach, mixed veg, stir-fried cabbage, green salad, coleslaw salad, butternuts
  • Dessert; mahewu, sweets, jelly, custard pudding,
  • Special diets. We cater for vegetarians, diabetic, hypertensive clients, gastric conditions, Meals are designed according to individual needs
  • Fast foods Sold for $3.00
  • Chips and chicken, beef burger, samosas, hot dog,

A campus store is available that provides basic commodities that may be needed. For example, sanitary wear for ladies thereby reducing the number of town trips to get groceries in the city.

Transportation at Chinhoyi University of Technology

About Chinhoyi

It is located on the western banks of the Manyame River, in Makonde District, in Mashonaland West Province in central northern Zimbabwe. Its location lies approximately 121 kilometers, by road, northwest of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in that country.

The town lies on the main road, Highway A-1, between Harare and Chirundu, at the International border with Zambia, about 250 kilometers, further northwest of Chinhoyi. It has beautiful scenery, magnificent architecture, good food, and walkable streets which is very difficult to resist.

The city is very safe and the people are warm and courteous, students move around freely and crime is nearly non-existent.

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