Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)


Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Number of students
600€ - 600€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
March 11, September 23
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

Students Undergraduate Postgraduate
Local Students 6 000- 8 500 $ZW 8 500 – 10 000 $ZW
International Students 150- 250 USD 250- 350 USD
Local Students 6 000- 8 500 $ZW 8 500 – 10 000 $ZW
International Students 150- 250 USD 250- 350 USD

Admission Requirements to Africa University

Undergraduate Programs

  1. • Application form completed via RocApply
  2. • High school certificate
  3. • Proof of English Language knowledge: TOEFL(minimum score 75), IELTS (minimum band score 5.5), CEFR (minimum grade B2), or any other equivalent.
  4. • Passport photographs (scanned)
  5. • International passport or travel document
  6. • Transfer students must submit original copies of their transcripts detailing the courses taken at their previous institution.
  7. • Depending on the program applied for the student must possess at least a ‘C’ in all their required subjects for admission.
  8. Please note that all documents must be notarized by the appropriate body where the certificates were obtained.

Masters Programs

  1. • Application form completed via RocApply
  2. • Bachelor’s certificate or diploma of completed course over at least three years. (certificates must be notarized, authenticated and translated into English by the appropriate body in the country where they were obtained)
  3. • Academic transcripts detailing the courses taken and their grades
  4. • Letter of motivation
  5. • Passport photographs (scanned)
  6. • International passport
  7. • CGPA average of 2.4/4.0
  8. • Proof of English language knowledge: TOEFL (minimum score of 85), IELTS (minimum band score 6.0), CEFR (minimum grade C1), or any other equivalent.

Arrupe Competency and Aptitude Test (ACAT)

Each student admitted to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program must sit for an aptitude test administered by the University. This is to better prepare the students for studies. The test will cover the following areas:

(a) English Language: essay writing, reading and listening comprehension, and verbal reasoning.

(b) Quantitative reasoning: statistics, geometry, trigonometry, and numerical reasoning.

(c) Critical and Analytic Reasoning: this section will not focus on any particular content or authors but general questions on the natural analytic and critical reasoning abilities of students.

(d) Ethical and judgmental reasoning: Also, this will not focus on any particular ethical theories or theological teachings, but simply on the students’ ability to reason out ethical questions and dilemmas.

The passing grade for the overall test is 60% for undergraduates and 70% for postgraduate degrees. Any student who does not meet the requirement may be dropped from the program or be required to take preliminary courses before being admitted to the intended program.

Entry Requirements for Post-graduate degrees

To be considered for admission into a post-graduate degree program, an applicant must have a good honors degree (2.1 or better) in the same subject or its comparable equivalent. Exemptions can be made for candidates with a 2.2 only at the discretion of the school dean.

Language Requirement

Ph.D. applicants are required to be proficient in English, and any other European, Arabic or Asian language, and an African language as may be demanded by their research. These requirements can be waived if the student provides proof or take an examination as a substitute.

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) in Rankings

  • 16 - Country Rank 
  • 12 175 World Rank 

Tuition and Scholarships at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Arrupe Jesuit Scholarship

Arrupe Jesuit scholarship scheme seeks for brilliant students to take part in the grants and Financial Aid program in Zimbabwe. The award is accessible for Zimbabwean students commencing in the bachelor’s degree program at the university.

Generally, students at Arrupe college can be sponsored by institutions, religious congregations, families, or from their own savings. However, a prospective student should inquire about his or her eligibility to receive some financial aid or scholarship at Arrupe College. This could be in the form of a payment plan or some sponsorship. The University is always willing to advise and encourage prospective and current students to source for their own finances.

Cost of living at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

50USD / semester
50USD / month
Cost of living
25USD / month
25USD/ month

About Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

International Students Tuition (a.v.g): 5 000- 6 999 ZW (150 - 200 USD) Undergraduate programs:3
Acronym: AJU Faculties: 2 Masters: 1
Started: 1994 Institutes: 1 Student capacity: under 250
Location: Harare Programs: 6 Number of teaching staff: under 50
Type: Private Certificates:2
Religious Affiliation: Christian Catholic
Arrupe Online World Rank – 12 175
University Ranking: Country Rank - 16

Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) is an autonomous international academic institution, owned by the Zimbabwe Province of the Society of Jesus on the behalf of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). The Society of Jesus is a religious order of priests and brothers within the Roman Catholic Church. Arrupe Jesuit University grows out of Arrupe College which was founded in 1994 with the initial aim of providing part of the training needed by young Jesuits on their way to effective Christian ministry, either as priests or as brothers.

Today it has become an excellent Centre for learning, educating responsible men and women through the Ignatian and Jesuit pedagogy. It is also the preferred school for philosophical and humanistic formation for several other religious congregations operating within Zimbabwe and in neighboring countries.

Since 1996, the College has enjoyed the status of “association” with the University of Zimbabwe, and “affiliation” with the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education granted Arrupe College a provisional charter as a university on December 7, 2017, as Arrupe Jesuit University. To be an African Jesuit Centre of academic excellence, making a quality contribution to the integral human formation through the development of women and men of intellectual competence, compassion, conscience, and commitment in the service of justice and love based on research and innovation.

Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) Achievements

  • Top-ranked University: Since 1994, Arrupe has taken its place among the world-renowned institutions of higher learning. The University prides itself on producing graduates that are professors, lecturers, doctors, and philanthropists all over the world.
  • Global Degree: As a University in Africa AJU takes pride in its ability to award its students with degrees accredited nationally and internationally recognized. These degrees and certificates are both practical and theoretical.
  • Arrupe: An African Institution of higher learning that brings together many countries of the continent and of the world.

Student Services at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Student services include all the required accesses that every student needs to properly function at the University.

Arrupe Jesuit University Library

Arrupe has one of the best libraries in Zimbabwe. There is an internal eBook library, an online eBook database, and online journals. AJU Library is a proud member of the Zimbabwe Library Consortium, a group of university libraries in Zimbabwe that subscribes to online resources.

Student and Staff ID Card

Every student and full-time staff at Arrupe must obtain a valid ID card from the ICT department. This card is required for all access to AJU facilities and for all academic purposes. Most importantly, IDs are required for all examinations.

Computer Lab and Wireless Access

Every student and staff at Arrupe should have access to a personal computer or a common computer in their residences. There is an additional computer facility on campus. To use these facilities every student should fill in a consent form that can be obtained from the ICT department. Students will be required to pay the Technology fee.

AJU has several clubs to offer some are listed below

Arrupe Red Cross Club

In the spirit of the founder of the Red Cross, of volunteering to offer support and care for the wounded and the dying, as a club we are there to give medical help to fellow Arrupeans and any human person who needs First Aid health assistance.

The Arrupe Choir

The Arrupe choir is a group under the Liturgy/Culture committee of the Students’ Association. It is made up of about forty (40) active members, the majority of whom are Jesuit scholastics. Despite the prevalence of Jesuit scholastics, the choir is open to membership for all students, both from other Religious Congregations and Lay students. Currently, the choir has one lay female member.

There are no rules for acceptance into the choir. Membership of the choir is voluntary and it requires no musical experience or expertise on the part of the person who is interested in joining. All that is required is a passion for music and a commitment on the part of the individual to praise and serve God through music. This is achieved through both singing and playing musical instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, drums, and some other local instruments.

-Some of the clubs include the law club, swimming club, quiz club

Entertainment at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Easter Concerts

The Students’ Association, the University Choir, and the Jesuit Community usually put together an Easter Concert. Every staff member and student with theatre experiences are required to assist in the dramas.

Drama Night

The Drama Club puts together an annual drama event to entertain the University community. We should watch out for new surprises every year.

Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) major Events of the Year

Arrupe has major events throughout the year that require the participation of all students and staff. Some of the events are listed below:

Arrupe Cultural Night

This is the biggest cultural event of the year. It is usually organized by the Students Association in the month of November. The event entails the sharing of different cultures by students and learning them. The University acknowledges the diversity that different students bring therefore this platform is an opportunity for students to showcase their different cultures.

Arrupe Marathon

Africans, especially Kenyans and Ethiopians, are the reigning champions in all major marathons of the world. Arrupe also honors its own long-distance runners with an annual mini-marathon of 10 KM, 20 KM. Speed walking is also allowed for a distance of 5 KM. The route of the marathon is around the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. This takes place in the first semester. The day is marked by other outdoor competitions like a tug of war for both males and females. It is a fun day for students and staff and friends of the University.

Arrupe Sports’ Fun Day

Sports are supposed to be fun and entertaining especially for those playing them. On this day, Arrupe has a sports appreciation day where all participants are recognized for their hard work.

Three Day Arrupe Symposium

The greatest academic event of the year is the Arrupe Symposium. This takes place annually every February of each academic year. In the first semester of each year, students choose their own themes and topics for presentation. All staff and students must be involved in planning, reviewing papers, and presentations. The date is always three days before Arrupe Day. The symposium takes the place of all classes and normal class attendance is required.

Two Day Workshop

As a new initiative in the evaluation of the Arrupe academic curriculum, the University has introduced a two-day workshop on given themes for the student body. Students make suggestions on what these workshops can cover, for instance, Cancer in Africa, China African Relations, Religion, and Violence in Africa.

Arrupe Day

In honor of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, the Rector, Fr. Chuks Afiawari, the university initiated this annual all-day event that is sponsored by Arrupe Jesuit Community. This is a fun day for all staff and family, and students. It is marked by games and fun. There are games like sack race, egg race, bicycle races, and other fun games for children. The date is usually the Saturday closest to February 6, in the second semester.

Why Study at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Inspirational Instructors

The University has a lot of lecturers, senior lecturers, and professors who are diverse in their academic background as they are in their experiences. They have numerous publications. We offer only the best.

Fast-Changing World

Arrupe students are contenders in spirituality, sports, arts, and culture in a fast-changing ICT world. They compete in academics in the most lucrative graduate studies in the world.

Quality Contribution

The university is making a quality contribution to the integral human formation through the development of women and men of intellectual competence, compassion, conscience, and commitment in the service of justice and love based on research and innovation.

Arrupe Online

The University courses are also available online. Students can participate in online fora and experience the same classes. As a University in Africa AJU takes pride in its ability to award its students with degrees accredited nationally and internationally recognized.

Accommodation Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

On Campus Accomodation at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Accommodation capacity is only 150 slots with the first priority given to 1.1 students followed by 1.2 students. The rest of the students apply online on a first come first serve basis if there are any remaining slots. AJU offers standard accommodation to its learners in the form of apartments. These are furnished with a table, beds, mattresses, chairs, a two-plate electric cooker, a bookshelf, and a wardrobe.  Students are expected to supply their own bed linens.

Off Campus Accomodation at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

The Off-Campus Life Office is committed to supporting the needs and welfare of off-campus students. This is achieved through assisting students to get affordable accommodation, and by initiating programs that promote good order, discipline, and a congenial living and learning environment.

Sports at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Football Club at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Although most of the students are training to become priests, some of them play soccer like professionals. The standard of soccer that is played at Arrupe is fabulous. The game of soccer can be addictive but the academic pressure is always there to play the moderating role. Of course, the soccer dyed-in-the-wool fans can balance their activities without killing the beautiful game of soccer.

Arrupe soccer players participate in various soccer competitions which include: Interreligious Tournament, Rector’s cup, Dean’s Cup, and National Movement of Catholic Students Sports. During the Semester they play many friendly matches with teams from various places. As a result, Arrupe students are not only mental titans but they are also physically robust. Whatever they do they take it to the level of perfection. All the people who wish to exercise and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer are welcome to join the Football Club.

Arrupe Volleyball Club at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Among the many sports activities that take place in Arrupe, volleyball has proved to be a vibrant sport that brings together the expertise of many members of the University. Despite the busy academic schedule, the members of this club have set specific days when they meet for practice.

Arrupe Shotokan Karate Club (Ask).  at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

The purpose of the Arrupe Shotokan Karate Club is to foster physical and mental strength through training in the discipline of traditional Japanese karate. The club is united by the desire to improve ourselves both mentally and physically through practicing the values of Shotokan. Through positive attitude and discipline, values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and self-control will be inspired by the desire to practice Shotokan to our own best abilities and aspirations.

Food at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

FOOD is served from Monday – Friday on school days. Students who wish to eat dining should pay the prescribed amount. A coupon may be required to obtain food from the dining. Should one invite friends, families, or bystanders to lunch, do obtain a coupon for them as well to avoid disappointments. The Dining Hall has several foods on its menu ranging from traditional meals to modern meals. 

Transportation at Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU)

Members of staff and students on official University business are provided with transport. A team of highly experienced drivers is delegated to take students and staff to such functions as sporting activities, field practice, field supervision, educational tours, choir assignments, workshops, research activities, etc. Although every endeavor will be made to meet all transport requests, the allocation will be on merit and on a first come first served basis whenever demand outstrips resources.

About Harare

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. The city was actually known as Salisbury until 1982, when the name was changed to Harare. Harareans enjoy a subtropical highland climate with three main seasons (warm & wet, cool & dry and hot & dry) and an average annual temperature of 17.95°C.

Make sure to visit ‘Wild is Life’ if you’re in Harare; it’s an animal sanctuary for injured, orphaned and rescued wildlife which also protects endangered and specially protected species, where you can see lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, monkeys and much, much more!

Zimbabwe actually has 16 official languages, but Shona, Sindebele, and English are most commonly spoken in Harare. Amazingly, Zimbabwe has 8 different currencies in circulation, but the US Dollar is most commonly used in this city.

Zimbabwe welcomed 1,880,028 tourists into the country in 2014, with many choosing to visit the beautiful city of Harare. Whilst it’s possible to choose from many different cuisines in Harare, traditional food is making a comeback, with delicious chicken, beef, and fish dishes gracing many menus.

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