Africa University - Mutare


Africa University - Mutare

Number of students
1500€ - 1500€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
March 11, September 23
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

Students Undergraduate Postgraduate
Local Students 6 000- 8 500 $ZW 8 500 – 10 000 $ZW
International Students 150- 250 USD 250- 350 USD
Local Students 6 000- 8 500 $ZW 8 500 – 10 000 $ZW
International Students 150- 250 USD 250- 350 USD

Admission Requirements to Africa University

Undergraduate Programs

  • Application form completed via RocApply
  • High school certificate
  • Passport photographs (scanned)
  • International passport or travel document
  • Transfer students must submit original copies of their transcripts detailing the courses taken at their previous institution.
  • Depending on the program applied for the student must possess at least a ‘C’ OR better grades including English language, Mathematics and Pure Science
  • Proof of English Language knowledge: TOEFL(minimum score 75), IELTS (minimum band score 5.5), CEFR (minimum grade B2), or any other equivalent.

AU is a multilingual campus community; however, all lectures and tools for assessment are in English.

Students from the following countries who have achieved a grade C or better (or its equivalent in their home countries) do not need to take any English proficiency tests or produce IELTS/TOEFEL certificates to be accepted for their chosen degree programs as English is a common medium of communication and instruction in their regions.

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Lesotho
  • Swaziland
  • Namibia
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Liberia

Those from predominantly French, Portuguese, Arab, Swahili, and other languages native to their regions are required to enroll for the one-year Intensive English course at Africa University that teaches English for communication and academic purposes. Some of these countries include:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Angola
  • Mozambique
  • Congo
  • Sierra Leone
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast

If you have taken an English course elsewhere, you will need to produce a certificate proving your proficiency/level of understanding of English or you may be given a short examination by the University to assess your ability to speak, understand and use English.

Masters Programs

  • Application form completed via RocApply
  • Bachelor’s certificate or diploma of completed course over a period of at least three years. (certificates must be notarized, authenticated and translated into English by the appropriate body in the country where they were obtained)
  • Academic transcripts detailing the courses taken and their grades
  • Letter of motivation
  • Passport photographs (scanned)
  • International passport
  • CGPA average of 2.4/4.0
  • Proof of English language knowledge: TOEFL (minimum score of 85), IELTS (minimum band score 6.0), CEFR (minimum grade C1), or any other equivalent.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

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Africa University - Mutare in Rankings

  • 2 - Country Rank (Zimbabwe) 
  • 5173 - World Rank

Tuition and Scholarships at Africa University - Mutare

AU, in its bid to make opportunities accessible to youths in Africa and the world as a whole and being aware of the low-income status of the average African family, AU offers funding to deserving students to assist with the payment of their University fees.

The AU Financial Aid Committee is responsible for awarding this assistance. Assistance is awarded on the basis of merit, need, and character and falls under Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Students must apply for scholarships through the Financial Aid office, different organizations, churches, and individuals set up funding opportunities.  Scholarships awarded may cover full fees for the recipient or may be partial, covering only specified fees.

Where a student receives awards from more than one source and the total amount of the awards exceeds the total fees payable no refunds will be made to the beneficiary. 

Notably grant of 30 million is made available to the University after every 4 years to help with assisting students during the course of their studies. These graduates around the world have a greater possibility of being employed in world-class institutions when compared to graduates from other institutions.


Cost of living at Africa University - Mutare

50USD / semester
50USD / month
Cost of living
25USD / month
25USD/ month

About Africa University - Mutare

Started: 1992 Faculties:6 Undergraduate programs:45
Location: Mountainous Region of Mutare Institutes: 3 Master’s programs:32
Type: Private Programs:91 Ph. D programs:6
Tuition ( a.v.g) : 6 000- 8 500 USD ( 150- 350 Euro ) Diploma programs: 8 Student capacity: 8000-10000
World Rank - 5173 University Ranking: Country Rank -2 Number of teaching staff: 500-599
Impressive Brand around the World International representation: more than 1200 students from 36 African countries
Religious Affiliation: Christian-Methodist (United Methodist Church)

Africa University opened its doors in 1992, AU a non- profit Christian University with its campus setting in the largely mountainous region of Mutare, east side of Zimbabwe. This institution has also branch campuses in the following location(s): Harare officially accredited and/or recognized by the Higher Education Board of Zimbabwe.  (AU) is a very small enrollment between one thousand to two thousand students per each semester.

The Coeducational higher education institution formally affiliated with the Christian- Methodist religion offers programs in bachelor's degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees. This 27-year-old higher- education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations.

The admission rate range is 70 to 80 percent selection rate making this Zimbabwean higher education organization with a very selective institution. International applications are welcomed to apply for enrollment. The University plays an active role in preparing and conducting policies of national, regional, and international significance.

AU aims to create an environment where people of different academic, professional, cultural, and religious backgrounds from the African continent affirm and live their faith, free to witness in private and public, God’s grace and love in Christ, through conduct, devotional living and Christian service.

Africa University is not only a learning community but also a worshipping community. During the academic year there are two regular worship services: Wednesdays at 8:00 a.m. and Sundays at 8:30 a.m. While the Wednesday service focuses on the services of Word, music, and announcements, the Sunday worship combines a variety of liturgical elements: music, prayers, a proclamation of the Word, and, on the last Sunday of the month, the celebration of the Eucharist. All these are attempts to boost the spiritual life of its students.

Music at Africa University

Music plays a significant role in the worship service at Africa University. The Africa University Choir presentations on the campus, in Mutare, and especially during its annual tours in the United States of America, have contributed tremendously to the reputation of the institution. Individual and group singers, also add their tone to make worship services a vibrant celebration for the glory of God and the edification of the community.

Laundry at Africa University

All University linen, curtains, staff uniforms and protective clothing washing is done in the Laundry. The Laundry has two staff members who are ably assisted by students on the work-study program.

Cleaning at Africa University

The University has got very beautiful state-of-the-art buildings which are kept clean by a team of dedicated cleaning and grounds personnel under the direction of a Cleaner Supervisor.

Student Health at Africa University

Health Services adopt a holistic Primary Health Care approach to health care management, providing assessments, and assisting students and staff in the management of health-related concerns. Student Health Services also provides programs in health promotion and disease prevention to the University Community.

Africa University provides a walk-in Clinic, where qualified medical personnel renders comprehensive, quality health care. A visiting doctor comes every week to attend to cases that require specialist services. Through education and counseling, with the help of trained Peer Educators, Health Services also works proactively to promote good health and help prevent illnesses.

Health centers can adequately meet the needs of the University community. There is an after-hours service for emergencies. The clinic is open from 0800hours to 1630 hours from Monday to Thursday and from 0800hrs to 1600hrs on Fridays.

Counseling Services at Africa University

The Counselling Services facilitate individual wellness, growth, and development amongst AU students and staff by providing a broad range of psychological, counseling, and career services to help them deal with personal, interpersonal, vocational, and academic issues.

“Counselling makes a difference in your life” is the motto of the Africa University’s Counselling Services Programme. When students, staff and the community face personal problems in areas such as self-esteem, relationships, stress management, depression, bereavement, abuse of different forms, sexual, verbal, physical, and emotional, and alcohol, drugs, and substance addiction, they can rest assured of professional advice and counseling.

Students who desire further development in areas of academics and career planning will also find ready assistance from the counseling team There is a fulltime, professional Counsellor at Africa University has a full time as well as other related professionals and assistants.

Student Union at Africa University

The Students Union serves and represents the student body on matters that directly or indirectly affect the student population with a mandate to serve through action, transparency, and accountability, and overcome impossible barriers through innovation and determination. Membership of the Students Union is open to all registered full-time students of Africa University. The Students Union, sitting in a General Meeting, is the supreme decision-making body with ultimate power over all Union affairs, including, but not limited to, Union constitution, Union budgets, Union finances, and Union leadership.

Entertainment at Africa University

The Students Representative Council (SRC) organizes and funds various forms of entertainment for students. Halls of residence are equipped with televisions and videocassette recorders for student use. The Students’ Union building and all halls of residence have digital satellite receivers, which allow students to watch international programs. The Students Union building also houses various indoor games such as darts and table tennis.

From time to time students hire music groups and bands to perform on campus. Students arrange performances to entertain themselves and others in the process. Students also find entertainment through activities such as beauty pageants and modeling contests. These events are held either on campus or in halls in the nearby City of Mutare.

Barbeque parties are quite popular with students and are often conducted within the precincts of the Students Union building. Cultural activities such as dances are organized by students and form exciting entertainment opportunities to learn about each other on occasions as Africa Day.

Cultural exchange activities bring students of various nationalities together in choreographing and presentations of integrated performances. They nurture cooperation and collegiality among students of different cultural backgrounds, and offer entertainment and co-curricular education to students, staff, and members of the public.

Student Clubs at Africa University

Various clubs and societies of a sporting, cultural or social nature are set up under the auspices of the Students Union. The formation of these organizations depends on the initiative of students. Any student can think of a club or society, which he or she can start and mobilize for membership within the student body. The club will have to work within rules drawn up by the Students Representative Council for it to be recognized and be affiliated to the Council.

Library Services at Africa University

The Jokomo / Yamada Library seeks to support Africa University’s teaching, learning, and research programs by acquiring and organizing access to information resources in a variety of formats and by equipping the university community with the skills necessary to exploit these resources. The Library Catalogue is a computerized database of bibliographic records of books, journals, audiovisual resources, and other printed materials held in the University Library.

Library Physical Collections at Africa University

The Library provides resources to support programs offered in the Faculties of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Education; Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Administration, Theology, and the Institute of Peace, Leadership, and Governance. Future developments will include information provision for Science and Technology. The Library collections are divided as follows: Open Access Collection The bulk of the Library’s book collection is located on open shelves on the First Floor.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Africa University

The Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT) at Africa University (AU) provides students, faculty, and staff with technology resources that support the University's mission of providing quality education, conducting research, and disseminating knowledge throughout the continent of Africa and beyond. The department provides central technology support across both the academic and administrative domains of Africa University.

Africa University aspires to become a world-class university for leadership development in Africa. Be a part of this amazing team by scrolling down at the requirements.

Africa University Achievements: 

  • 1st Runner up Training Institution, outstanding performance through the provision of high-quality education and transformational leaders who are equipped with the precise skills that enable them to address pertinent developmental challenges on the African continent.
  • AU continues to lead in environmental awareness and conservation initiatives.
  • The University continues to take pride in its 25years + of excellence and nurturing of global leaders.

The mission of Africa University is to provide quality education within a Pan-African context through which persons can acquire general and professional knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity, develop sound moral values, ethics, and leadership qualities. Looking for reasons to join this extraordinary team? Keep scrolling.

Why Study at Africa University - Mutare

About Africa

About 65% of Africa Nations are represented every academic year. Being a Pan-African University, it strives to enroll up to 50% locals and the rest from Africa and the rest of the world.


AU offers a double intake thus they have an intake for March and August ensuring that no one is left out. The University offers 3 delivery modes: and Block Release.

Academic Staff

The academic staff at AU is composed of world-class professors and professionals. Additionally, the university organizes seminars, webinars and other programs to improve student abilities and learn first hand from professionals in various fields.Graduates from AU are employed worldwide, AU is well known for producing world-class leaders.The University offers flexible payment plans that help you go through your studies without worries.

Areas of Study

With over 1500+areas of study you can choose from, these courses enable you to undertake a unique program tailor-made to address crucial areas in Africa and the world at large, programs cover crucial areas that are in need of skilled graduates and cutting-edge solutions. These areas include Health, Agriculture, Business, Governance, Computers, Sciences.

Accommodation Africa University - Mutare

On Campus Accomodation at Africa University - Mutare

The University provides student accommodation and welfare. It endeavors to provide a homely, clean, and safe environment conducive for learning and social grooming. Africa University draws its students from many African countries.

To ensure integration of diverse African cultures, and foster the spirit of Pan Africanism, a compulsory nationality mix is implemented in allocating accommodation to students. As a result of this policy, living in AU’s Halls of Residence is like being part of a big, unique family, under the guidance and supervision of a caring and professional team.

There are twelve Halls of Residence at present. Seven of them are two-story. The other five are three-story. There are five or six study bedrooms in a corridor, with each corridor having its own bathroom facilities. Eight of these halls were named in honor of various persons, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the development of Africa University.

There are 12 Halls of Residence with a total carrying capacity of 1 005 students in triple occupancy. Undergraduate students stay in a triple occupancy, while graduate students live in pairs. Each student has his or her own study desk, bookshelf, and wardrobe.

The bathroom and laundry facilities are communal. Each Hall of Residence has a common room, which has entertainment facilities such as Plasma TV/DVD which are connected to digital satellite television. AU University’s Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff keep the halls clean and habitable. Additionally, security personnel are on duty at the University twenty- four hours a day.

Off Campus Accomodation at Africa University - Mutare

Off-campus accommodation has increasingly become important because of the phenomenal growth in enrolment as a result of the introduction of new Faculties and programs. The current space in the Halls of Residence cannot accommodate all students.

The University does not have quarters on campus for married students; these have to seek alternative accommodation off-campus.

The University provides help in an advisory role, in securing privately owned accommodation for students. It holds in its database details of landlords, public and private institutions offering both individual rooms in lodgings and whole properties.

Sports at Africa University - Mutare

The University provides equal opportunities for students to participate in all activities regardless of race, sex, nationality or psycho-motor skills level. This ensures the production of wholesome graduates in line with the University policies, mission, and vision. The main function of AU is to provide sports and recreation to students.

Currently there are courts tennis, basketball, and volleyball and five-a-side soccer. Every year the University gets multi-talented athletes from among the student body and staff. Their sporting backgrounds are as varied as their nationalities. Some have represented their countries and have received awards in the process. Africa University students and staff have particularly excelled in the disciplines of men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, and cricket.

Other sport and recreational activities offered include rugby, tennis, athletics, table-tennis, darts, and chess. Students are given opportunities to participate at recreational and competitive levels. The recreational level includes internal sports leagues, inter-hostels, inter-years, and Inter-regions competitions. The competitive level includes participating in local leagues, National University Games, National Tertiary Games, Confederation of Universities and Colleges in Southern Africa Games, and the World Student Games.

Food at Africa University - Mutare

The Food Services department seeks to provide excellent food services to the Africa University students, staff, general community, as well as other clients/guests in a nutritionally sound manner including special diets prescribed and approved in writing by a medical doctor.

The department is the main provider of meals for the university community. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served daily throughout the year. Each food item is individually priced. Meal prices are subject to review from time to time, even during the semester. Meals are paid for at the electronic point of sale except for those students who are on full scholarships who are issued with meal cards every semester.

The canteen at Africa University

The University runs a canteen on pay- as - you- eat basis. Students on full scholarships will be issued with meal cards. No refunds shall be made in cash to students on full scholarships in lieu of meals. The amount required for meals will vary from student to student depending on the meal plan but these range from $1 -$3usd)

Transportation at Africa University - Mutare

Members of staff and students on official University business are provided with transport. A team of highly experienced drivers is delegated to take students and staff to such functions as sporting activities, field practice, field supervision, educational tours, choir assignments, workshops, research activities, etc. Although every endeavor will be made to meet all transport requests, the allocation will be on merit and on a first come first served basis whenever demand outstrips resources.

About Mutare

Mutare (previously known as Umtali) is Zimbabwe's third-largest city and is situated in the Manicaland Province. It is beautifully located within a bowl-like valley surrounded by mountains. The picturesque mountain range divides Zimbabwe and Mozambique, with the border being just 8km away.

Mutare is very rich in Zimbabwean culture with special mention to the Shona people who provide endless tourist escapades. Despite Mutare's tropical location, the city has a temperate climate, this is due to its sheltered location against the mountain ridge. Mutare is served by rail with daily passenger and freight links to the towns of Nyazura, Rusape, and Harare.

The main activities in the area are citrus farming, mining, and forestry. Mutare has a wide range of excellent resorts and facilities these are all refreshing and are a breath of fresh air. Some of the resorts you can visit during your stay in Mutare are listed below ;
Nyanga mountains for excellent game viewing, scenic views, mountain climbing, hiking, and horseback riding

  • Mutare Museum
  • Utopia House Museum dedicated to Kingsley Fairbridge
  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  • Murahwa Hill - rock paintings and Iron Age village
  • Cross Kopje - memorial to Zimbabweans and Mozambicans killed in World War I - nature reserve.

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