Zimbabwe Pre School Application Requirements

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There are only a few requirements to register for ECD in Zimbabwe. Basic requirements include:

  • Birth Certificate Copies (certified)
  • Identification Documents for Parents or guardian
  • Passport copy (international students)
  • Passport copy of parents or guardians
  • Proof of residence in zimbabwe or a letter from the school, offering accommodation.
  • Application fee payment.
  • Report from previous pre-school (if a student is transferring from another school)
  • The transfer letter from a previous school
  • Passport-sized photos
  • A non-refundable application fee
  • Recommendation letter from the previous school
  • There may also be an assessment by the school before the child is admitted


What can parents expect?

Parents of pre-school applicants must also note several things before choosing to enroll.

Fees in zimbabwe may vary from time to time (if payment is in local currency) because of the instability of the ZWL$.

Parents may be expected to pay more fr other costs or administration. Such costs may include the costs of groceries for the children, toiletries, stationery, toys, civics days, and other events that may be held from time to time.

Uniforms- parents must ensure that their children have all sets of uniforms. These are usually paid for at the school and obtained at the school. Sets of uniforms in Zimbabwe usually include the summer uniform, winter uniform and sports uniform. Uniforms vary depending on the school.

Stationery and workbooks- these can also be obtained from the school at an extra cost. These are what the students will use for their reading, writing, or drawing. Parents must make sure they pay for these as well.

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