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Student Accommodation in Zimbabwe


There are two kinds of accommodation you can get in Zimbabwe for students. The economical option – student unions’ halls of residence and the private accommodation tending to be more costly compared to the first option. Most of the students live in private places and result from the low offer as regards of the available places on the halls of residence, as they run out very quickly.

Finding a place to stay in Zimbabwe is  challenging for people who are already out of Zimbabwe and this is why we help international studemts secure accomodation before travel. This is also why most of the international students of Zimbabwe wait for it up until they can explore their options for a private accommodation in person. Well, this is why you will need RocApply team to give you that extra hand in this regard.

Speaking in terms of cost, most of the students in Zimbabwe spend about 100 USD each month. Those who opt for cheaper options of accommodation are prone to spend about 70UISD  for the same given period, counting also the living costs.The greater half of the international students in Zimbabwe chooses to live in private forms of accommodation despite the associated high costs. Living in a private apartment means more privacy and less rules and procedures, unfortunately a lower level of socialisation.

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