Jobs for Students in Zimbabwe

Student Jobs in Zimbabwe

There is no problem in finding jobs in in Zimbabwe especially when you are an international student. Here, completion is high, but of course it will depend on what of a job you want to pursue as a student. Chances to get part time jobs are reasonably good, most of the students work in restaurants/cafes, private schools especially those who can teach French language- a valued skill in Zimbabwe.

Students usually seek part time employment during vacations as the Zimbabwe tertiary education system depend on a dual-semester calendar, thereby creating ample time for students to apply for part-time jobs. What really matters in this majestic country is your desire to work, if you really want to work you will get it easily.  

As a student you can get paid internship especially if you are a third year student helping you to cover some of your expenses over the study period. Universities together with companies tirelessly help students get internships for their industrial attachment years. Here you do require any special paper work to get employed rather your skills the most.

So how do I get the job?

As RocApply we have gathered a few pointers to assist students when searching or work in Zimbabwe. These include but are not limited to:

  • Always have your CV in you well written and referenced.
  • Keep on the lookout or posts or vacancies firstly in campus then beyond
  • Learn the local language and get more up and close with local residents.
  • Look or openings around your residence to cut down transport costs and this even allows you to work late
  • Some places to seek employment include cafes, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, the library, car wash, farms.
  • Always be willing to get your hands dirty don’t be picky about job opportunities that come your way, be it housekeeping, fruit picking, waitering etc.

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