Universities in Yemen for international students

List of Yemen Universities

1. University of Science and Technology

Number of Students: 15000
City: Aden
Foundation Year: 1994
About University:

The University of Science and Technology in Yemen is an institution dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting technological innovation in the country. It offers a range of degrees in science and engineering, as well as programs in business, law and economics. The university also works to foster collaboration between local and international communities in order to further promote science and technology in Yemen.

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2. Queen Arwa University

Number of Students: 500
City: Accra
Foundation Year: 2006
About University:

Queen Arwa University is a private university that was founded in 1996. It is one of the biggest universities in the country. Queen Arwa University is a very diverse university with diverse criteria of programs to satisfy a lot of people. 

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3. University of Aden

Number of Students: 40000
City: Accra
Foundation Year: 2016
About University:

University of Aden was the second university that was founded in the country of Yemen. It was founded in the year 1975. It is a public university that was founded to cater to the citizens of Sana'a.

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