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Western nightlife does not really have a Yemeni equivalent.  The evenings see women securely ensconced at home leaving men to gather, eat, and take coffee.  At the weekend some tourist hotels in the capital encourage sessions by traditional Yemeni musicians but as international visits have declined so have these performances. Elsewhere, depending upon the circumstances, revelries can extend to all-night qat chewing gatherings but this marathon of mastication usually surrounds a festivity such as a wedding or religious sermon.

Any notion of a bar culture is present in vestigial form only within the capital, two or three international hotel outlets. The country is not a famous destination for modern travelers, but active recreation enthusiasts will find many interesting entertainments in some areas. First of all, it is important to mention that the country is a Muslim nation, and nightlife is not developed here. To enjoy nighttime entertainment, it is better to check out some other Arabic regions.

Searching for alcohol is fruitless here since Yemen banned the sale of alcoholic drinks even in duty-free zones in airports. Many local people chew qat leaves that have a mild narcotic effect; euphoria. As it is believed that these leaves do not cause addiction, Qat is not considered a drug in the country. Of course, tourism in the country is still emerging and has yet to develop, but there are already two main types of activities that attract students from different countries of the world.

There are extreme tourism and sightseeing. Natural conditions and not very developed tourist infrastructure make extreme tourism in the country more exciting and even intriguing. When it comes to historic landmarks, the country is one of the richest countries around the world in this regard. Arabs in Yemen transformed into Muslims when ‘Prophet Mohammad’ was still alive. Here, in the city of Marib, once lived the famous biblical Queen of Sheba.

Even the modern capital of the country, Sana’a, was founded by Shem, a son of Noah, the builder of the Ark; thus goes the legendary. Old traditions are still strong here, and the country’s life in the 21st century is not much different from the life of medieval Yemen. For modern European visitors, such a vacation can be time travel. A small number of factories contribute to the clean environment of the country’s attractions making the nightlife mild.

It would be unfair to forget to mention Socotra Island. It has green vegetation compared to the desert terrain of the Yemen part of the Arabian Peninsula. There are many astounding caves in Socotra. Inexperienced revelers are usually amazed to see giant aloe and groves of bottle trees. It is also possible to see the dragon tree that has not only an unusual look but also pulls red tar with healing properties; so they say. Foreigners and students here can book an excursion to the island that includes several nights in a camping hotel.


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