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Higher institution of Education in Vietnama have Student Affairs departments which work towards the educating of all students as well as the providing appropriate support base to help students perfect their personality and life skills so as to produce high quality human resources for the meeting of increasing demands of the society.

There are so many ways in which institutions can enhance student life, especially that of foeigners whoa re new to the country.

Institutions like the Vietnam National University, for example, has a number of functional centers such as Center for Student Services, Center for Human Resource Forecast and Development, Center for Development, Center for Information- Library, Center for Physical Education and Sports, to  support student learning and research activities, promoting extracurricular activities to nurture and develop students’ social skills, to mention but a few.

Student Associations at university have also organized various activities to encourage students’ learning and scientific research activities including academic clubs such as Scientist Club, Chemistry Club, Speakers Club, Press Club, and Table Tennis Club to mention but a few.

Every year different scholarships are granted to students to assist students with their fees. This also enhances student life as it makes it easier for students to attain an education. International student exchange is also an advantage of studying in Vietnam.

The country has also drawn a large number of international students to its exchange programs and academic studies at all the levels of training..

Services for On-Campus Students include- Food courts serving safe food at a reasonable price to meet the needs of both on-campus and off-campus students, Mini-markets catering for students’ needs, In-dormitory telephone and Internet service and free Wi-Fi access. Libraries and self-study rooms, Various clubs organizing cultural activities, arts and entertainment events for VNU students in general and dormitory residents in particular. These are easily accessible to students an make life easier for them.



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