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Choosing a college is one of the most pertinent things in our lives. That is the time when we think about our tomorrow, our career, and time when we have so many questions of uncertainties. We are frequently wandering and thinking about what the optimalchoice for us would be, which is the right route. People may think that it is an easy decision, but mostly it’s not especially without expert-advice. If you are not quite sure where you want to study, we have got the best answer for you: Vanuata!

Opting for one of the best universities in Vanuata to study abroad for a degree program is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only that but applying with RocApply will widen your chances of realizing an education here. These schools will serve as a great beginning for your career path and also give you the best path you need to excel in your line of study. Universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools in the country have met the set standards of formal education with high-standards and well-known in the academic circles

A testament to its diversity, the country also gives international students the chance to experience and understand a place with a turbulent, yet unique history. You can learn all about it while pursuing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any subject you like.We are committed to making sure your dream to study in a multicultural environment is brought to reality at “one-stop”!

All you have to do is peruse filter and Apply today!! We are committed to making sure your desire to study in Vanuata does not fall void with our RocApply team that is placed to serve in your best interest. Choose which university you want here and APLLY for FREE! Are you still contemplating?! Apply NOW!! One thing is guaranteed you will come from the universities blazing information and knowledge.

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The South Pacific and the romance it evokes has been part of people’s consciousness for years thanks in part to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical South Pacific, which came out right after WWII. The musical, based on a Pulitzer-prize winning book by James Michener, is about an American nurse who falls in love with a French plantation owner in the pristine tropical wonders of the South Pacific. Located in the region, the islands of Vanuatu are precisely the setting of this popular musical. In fact, one of the songs, Bali Ha’i, is said to be about the island of Ambae in the country.

The same pristine tropical beauty depicted in South Pacific can still be experienced by those who come to Vanuatu. Travelers will find beautiful sandy beaches and the clearest turquoise waters, along with some of the greatest adventures imaginable, from snorkeling, diving, game fishing, to jungle trekking, and many other activities. One site definitely worth visiting is Chief Roi Mata’s Domain. Chief Roi Mata is a revered leader by the people of Vanuatu. The domain is the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage spot.

The country is well set-up for tourism. There are numerous hotels and resorts on the islands which offer all-inclusive packages. Many accredited tour agencies also operate on the island, offering great excursions to many of the archipelago’s attractions. As for shopping, visitors will be happy to know that the capital Port Vila is a duty-free port and a number of duty-free stores are available on the main part of town.

Expect a tropical climate when you visit Vanuatu although there is some variation; the southern islands are typically hot and more humid and the northern islands more mild and drier. This region is located on the equator so the summer is between the months of November and March, while January to April usually get the most rain. The optimal time to visit is typically the dry season but because this is peak tourism time the hotels and airline tickets will be at their most expensive.

A more economical period to visit is definitely in January through June when the weather is still warm and relatively dry, and the crowds are significantly thinner. Those planning a travel there may want to time their Vanuatu holiday during any of main festivals and yearly traditions of the islands. The one which has perhaps made Vanuatu famous worldwide is the death-defying ritual of the local men from Pentecost Island who jump from heights of up to 98 feet with only tree vines tied to their legs. This ritual takes place every April to June.

About Vanuata's Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our Vanuata Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here. The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

The country is a double chain of 13 principal and many smaller islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. The islands are volcanic and coral in origin. They lie about eight-hundred kilometres west of Fiji and nearly 1800 kilometres east of Australia. Around sixty-five of the islands are inhabited. Vanuatu has mountains and plateaus but is more famous for its coastal terraces and coral reefs.

This South Pacific island economy is mainly based on the primary sectors agriculture, forestry and fishing, which provide a living for the majority of Vanuatu's population. Offshore financial services and tourism are other main fronts of the economy. The development of Vanuatu is constrained by its relatively narrow export base. Services, in particular tourism, account for 40 percent of the GDP and represent the most important source of income, together with real estate and wholesale and retail trade. Much of the growth in most recent years has been driven by these sectors. Vanuatu heavily invests in social services, especially education.

Subsistence agriculture has traditionally been the economic foundation of Vanuatu, together with an elaborate exchange network within and between its islands. Economic changes occurred with the development of European plantations in the island group after 1867: cotton was the initial crop, followed by corn (maize), coffee, cocoa beans, and coconuts (for copra). Cattle ranching was instituted later here.

Kava, beef, copra, timber, and cocoa are the most important exports; Australia, New Caledonia, Japan, and New Zealand are the main export destinations. Imports, mainly of machinery and transport equipment, food and live animals, and mineral fuels come mostly from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Fiji. Since independence, Vanuatu’s tourism and offshore financial services have stooped out as the largest earners of foreign income. The growing lucre generated by tourism has attracted the attention of foreign companies seeking to grow land into resorts and other attractions.

DISCLAIMER: This report is as of 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources.

Why Study in Vanuata

Affordable Tuition Fees in Vanuatu
English-speaking country
Vanuata is an English-speaking nation where people speak English language in their unique Vanuatan accent. Don’t fret! If you know English, you can understand what they are saying, and they will understand what you have to say!These reasons makes it one of the best destinations for an international education.
Affordable Accomodation in Vanuatu
Great Place
To call Vanuata natural heaven will not be an over-statement. The country is a naturally rich country with beautiful beaches and breath-taking views! While that’s not a direct benefit, but a huge indirect benefit of pursuing your degree or any other education in Vanuata. Vanuata' nature will keep your study abroad calm, relaxed, and happy!
International Environment in Vanuatu
In Vanuata, there’re various medical institutions. Across the universities, hundreds of scholars hailing from different regions of the world are studying medicine in Vanuata, which ensures a great community of like-minded people as well as diverse-minded scholars.
Great Weather in Vanuatu
Quality Education
Most universities in Vanuata follows the US-based curriculum that makes sure that you study the very best out there. Also, being a Pacific country that Vanuata is, you get plenty of opportunities to do internships in countries across the Pacific as well as in the USA, Canada, and other countries. That opens a world of global opportunities.

Scholarships in Vanuata

Students prospecting to study in Vanuata looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the Vanuatan aids. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Students interested in studying in here have scholarship opportunities ranging from the federally funded to those at private college and university initiatives. While some of these programs are stiffly competitive as the field of study here is specific to one country, they make up for it by generously offering significant scholarships or even full tuition to students especially the underprivileged


Vanuata Student Visa

To study in any one of the universities in Vanuata, international students must get a Vanuatan student visa depending on their country of origin. RocApply has made it easy for you to follow what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide! It is, however, advised to always check with the consulate/embassy for more details on visa requirements.