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Even if you’re just backpacking, as much as possible, do the things here when staying in Uruguay. Houses are not hostels and you can’t just do whatever you want! Living like an Uruguayan is the best way of knowing the culture and society of a country.

Awesome! One of a type! When you stay with the locals you will blend into their amazing and unique culture thus making up the whole experience awesome! Let's get to know more about Uruguayan culture…

Due to the country’s positioning on the east coast of the continent and proximity to the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay was strongly contested by warring colonial forces and eventually fell under the Spanish empire.

Before colonization, Uruguay was inhabited by a small indigenous tribe, but nowadays the lifestyle is primarily influenced by the European immigrants and neighboring Argentina and Brazil. The uniqueness of its culture is a pulling factor for many students aspiring to study here!

The country’s culture is heavily influenced by European immigrants, mainly hailing from Spain, and later Italy, who settled the country in the 17th century. There also remains an element of African culture infused by the slaves brought by the Europeans.

Similar to Argentina, gaucho traditions are predominant in the music and art of the country, while Uruguay proudly boasts some of the world’s finest performers and composers of tango music.

Natives, like most of their South American counterparts, are generally considered warm and hospitable people, and a common pastime is sitting around the many street stores, sipping the national drink, mate, a South American infused tea.

In Uruguay, besides its marvelous attractions and cultural ambiance, the smiling faces of the people are an added charm. All these sweet fragments are the best part of living in Uruguay, which will remain with you as a memory forever.

We understand that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience and, should you choose Uruguay, our RocApply tips and guides will enhance what will already be a wonderful trip by helping you also understand the culture and etiquette in Uruguay.

We recommend that you thoroughly go through this guide to enhance your peaceable stay with the Uruguayans.

When Greeting

Men greeting Men -During initial meetings a light handshake with the right hand is acceptable.  For friends and relatives, a kiss on both cheeks tends to be the norm.

Women greeting Women - During initial meetings a light handshake with the right hand or a simple nod of acknowledgment is plausible. For friends and relatives, a kiss on both cheeks tends to be the way to go.

Greetings between Men and Women –A handshake is a norm under certain circumstances. Cheek kissing is also recommended if they are very closely related, but the most common greeting would be a handshake! 

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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