Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University

Number of students
2000€ - 6000€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 31, October 31
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

The University is known internationally for its many innovative teaching, clinical training, and research programs. Its award-winning faculty members constantly strive for innovation and excellence in the classroom, the laboratory, and the clinic.

The institution focuses on the training of physicians is conducted under the guidance of experienced teachers, doctors, and candidates of medical sciences. Teaching is carried out according to modern standards of higher educational establishments.

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where Applicable)

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Donetsk National Medical University in Rankings

  • Ranked best Medical School in the whole of Cyprus.

  • Ranked 3003rd of 11000 medical universities in the whole  World.

Cost of living at Donetsk National Medical University

100-200 Euro / month
400 Euro / month
Cost of living
200 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University is one of the few largest medical university of the former Soviet States. This university is considered as one of the best medical schools in the whole of Ukraine and the largest medical university in Eastern Europe.

The university centers on a motto, “beyond education, into life”. Donetsk National Medical University strives towards the goal to support scientific, social and cultural programs which contribute to the students’ personal growth along with educational and training activities.

Its vision extends to helping with personal growth by bringing the students together in a development-enabling environment. This is one of the most considered university by international students who aspire to major in medical studies.

Why Study at Donetsk National Medical University

Internationally Accredited

Highly regarded and internationally accredited, the university certification is world class, hence chances of internship recognition and employment after successful graduation are high.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern style and design campus with 21st century infrastructure and facilities. Students can immerse into a healthy learning environment offered by the institute.

International Study Environment

A largely diversified, friendly and united racial environment (students from over 80 countries), hence new students can easily assimilate and feel at home.

Competent Staff

Competent and dedicated Academic staff, which is highly skilled, experienced and capable to meet the 21st century students’ academic needs.

Accommodation Donetsk National Medical University

On Campus Accomodation at Donetsk National Medical University

The institution has a very good hostel system with fully furnished rooms, a quiet study environment and surrounded with recreation centers. The Donetsk National Medical University number of hostels count up to 9 with the total area of 44512 sq.m for accommodation of more than 4000 students.

The hostel rooms are furnished and vary in size and number of conveniences. Dormitory rooms at Donetsk National Medical University hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students to a room.

The university has a wide range of accommodation from modern multi-unit houses to historic houses. 

If you choose to enjoy a much private life you can look for a flat. Normally two-room flats cost up to 150-200 Euros per month in the centre or near to the University. You can also approach the University International office for assistance regarding flatting.



Off Campus Accomodation at Donetsk National Medical University

On the other hand, off-campus accommodation (within range of the university) with similar features is available, with prices depending on the specific need of the student. Costs also include water and electricity bills.

With this in mind, students are often encouraged to stay on campus for at least a year as they find their way around and are hence able to find help from university staff at any time.

In case of assistance to acquire off-campus accommodation, don't hesitate to contact us anytime, anywhere, we are here for you!

Sports at Donetsk National Medical University

The institution also values and appreciates the need for extramural activities allowing students to chill, wind-down, interact socially and network. The University intends through sport to create an open environment to encourage students to actively engage in sport and social clubs so as to promote the development of leadership and skills training.

The Donetsk National Medical University has active sections in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, table and grass tennis, chess, swimming, aerobics, fitness, karate, and others, which offer a wide range of sporting opportunities.

The Donetsk National Medical University football, volleyball and basketball teams regularly have competitions with other college and Universities in Donetsk and in Ukraine. Outdoors events include tournaments on diverse kind of sports take place in summer on the opened stadium. Indoor there are also a sauna and recreational studio.

Food at Donetsk National Medical University

The University has several modern cafeteria outlets which serve full meals, and refreshments throughout the day as well as providing a comfortable and relaxing social environment.

The dishes served include but are not limited to meat (all sorts), rice, pasta, potatoes, and dairy, pizza and vegetarian meals. On the go, quick bites and snacks, plus Hot and cold beverages are also included as well.

Meals are prepared in a professional, manned by well-trained and friendly kitchen staff and tastes delicious. 

Transportation at Donetsk National Medical University

The universityprovides an efficient and reliable bus service so at to ease student and stuff travel concerns.

 The university offers free (identified and registered students) shuttle service around campus while there's bus around the city at designated bus stops, even into areas not covered by the city transportation provider. 

This service is free of charge for all students upon presentation of their Student ID or registration form to the bus driver.

To complement the university efforts in offering reliable and efficient transport there are local commutes dedicated to the task of board students on fixed schedules.

The university busses are modern looking with WIFI, comfortable, spacious and air conditioned.

About Donetsk

This city is an industrial city in Eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius River and is home for about 929,063 in the city core, and over 2,000,000 people in the metropolitan area.

This fifth largest city in the whole of Ukraine is well known for its rugged and dense rainforests. The town is simply just amazing, occupied with beautiful natural reserves for you to explore on your off-class periods.

Visitors flock annually to explore the awesome city of Donetsk. In recent years the township has become one of the most adorned destinations by expats due to its friendly environment and refreshing climatic conditions.

Statistics show a growth in the number of students over the last decade who have considered the Donetsk town as their perfect destination for study.

There are quite a number of academic institutions around Ukraine with some leading universities being found right in this city.

There is so much to explore beyond academics in this city ranging from vast attractive places, uncountable Mother Nature beauties, not to mention national reserves and resort areas. This is why we are here, to help you with all information pertaining to the city of Donetsk. To inquire more send us an email on [email protected] or simply toggle through our website.

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