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Accommodation in Ukraine Cheaper according to the other European States, prices vary according to your own priorities, it is totally up to your choice and demand what you like and what makes you comfortable. Renting an apartment or flat is possible in any Ukraine’s city. Foreign students who do not want living in a dormitory or hostel can rent an apartment. International students are offered a wide range of apartments to choose from. To find suitable accommodation, look through newspaper ads, surf the internet or apply to a real estate agency. The university personnel can also help find a suitable apartment. Foreign students can rent a separate flat or share it together with other students. Before you start looking for an apartment, it is recommended to assess your budget.

Rental costs depend on the type of accommodation you choose, its condition, location, and available facilities. A flat located in the center of the city or close to the university will be more expensive to rent. It is necessary to remember that rental costs differ from city to city. For example,

  • a single-room flat or studio apartment in Kyiv will cost about $400-$500
  • a single-room in Kharkiv will cost around $300-$400
  • a single-room in Lviv costs 300 dollars and more.

If you want to live in a 2 or 3-room apartment, be ready to shell out a round sum. RocApply will help you come up with the right decision and chose the best accommodation for your money. Almost all universities in Ukraine has its own hostels. International students can live there. Price for a room in a hostel will be from $ 40 USD to $ 100 USD. In most cases students share with 1 more roommates. Some, however, prefer to rent a flat as mentioned earlier. The price range for apartments is very high. It depends on the city, the size of the apartment and its location (center or suburb. Students are strongly recommended to specify the presence of furniture before renting an apartment. Most of the students live in the hostel and pay no more than $ 70 per month. Those who rent an apartment, usually pay no more than $ 150. It all depends on your needs.

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