Bachelor in Occupational Health and Safety
Yeni Yuzyil University

Degree: Bachelor in Occupational Health and Safety
Program Language: Turkish
Admission Semester: Spring (February)Fall (September)
Start Date: January Intake
Program Duration: 4 years/8 semesters


Semester Tuition Fees: 1600 Euro
Other Fees: The above fees structure applies to all faculties as an average but may vary with programs as per specific requirements . In case of extension, extra fees will be charged. Please pay attention to the acceptance letter for actual amounts to be paid.
Cost of living: 250 - 500 euros per month
Job opportunities: Part-time jobs for students are competitive throughout the town.These part-time jobs usually pay from 300 to 500 euros depending on the type of work.
Funding opportunities within the university: Universities usually offer part-time opportunities to students who constantly excel academically.

Program details

Educational organisation: Yeni Yuzyil University
Study abroad: Opportunity Available
Internships: On the third year of study students will be legible to undertake industrial training or internship also known as industrial attachment.
Form of assessment: GPA Grade
ECTS credits: Each course in the program (Electives & Prerequisites) commands a certain amount of credit points.
Program objectives: Occupational Health and Safety

Minimum cost of living

Accomodation: 150 - 300 Euro / month
Food: 100 Euro / Month
Cost of living: 300 Euro / month
Transportation: 50 Euro / month


Language requirements: Turkish Proficiency
Academic requirements:

- High School

- A-level Certificate


1. High School & A-Level Certificates

2. Evidence of Turkish Language Proficiency (if applicable)

3. Passport Copy


Arrival support: Support Available - Provided by the university
Services and support for international students: Support Available - Provided by the university


*On-Campus options available


About Yeni Yuzyil University:

Yeni Yuzyil University was established in 2009 as a foundation university by "Vatan Sağlık ve Eğitim Vakfı (VASEV)" in Istanbul, Turkey. VASEV translates to Vatan Health and Education Foundation. The foundation was established in 1974 and has since grown to provide numerous services through its Vatan Hospitals, various Turkish private health services, and Universal Health Group of Yeni Yuzyil University. This to a greater extent shows why Yeni Yuzyıil University is striving to become a global reference in education as it does in the health services with the affiliated institutions of the VASEV foundation.

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About Turkey:

Over the turn of the century, Turkey has vigorously striving to expand its education sector and make it very lucrative and accessible to international student’s from the region and beyond. The country has been speedily growing its reputation over and currently, has 108 000 international students from over 180 countries in various forms of its tertiary.

About the city:

Istanbul is located in a strategic position and is often regarded as the connecting point between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This city is highly industrialized with numerous working opportunities for locals and foreigners.

Similarly, the environmental nature of the city comprises of modern buildings, factories, industries, and business growth. Istanbul is filled with numerous tourist attractions and historical places.

The Hagia Sofia, spice bazaar, grand bazaar, Bosporus, and other ancient buildings are some of the numerous tourist attractions in Istanbul.

As a highly industrialized town, the city is multi-ethnic with ex-pats from various parts of the world working in different sectors. Istanbul is a city with a rich culture, values, and history that interests everyone who visits it.