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Uskudar University

Uskudar University

Number of students
970€ - 1950€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, October 31
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

Application Requirements to Uskudar University

Bachelor’s Admission Post-graduate Admission (Masters) Post-graduate Admission (Ph.D.)
These are the necessary documents needed for admission at undergraduate levels: Filled online application form via RocApply Filled online application form via RocApply
Filled online application form via RocApply A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document A copy of the applicant’s international passport
A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document Transcripts officially secured from a previous bachelor's degree program detailing the courses taken and their grades accordingly.
Official transcripts from a bachelor’s degree program detailing the courses taken and grades obtained.
Birth certificate Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
Official transcripts from a master’s program detailing the courses taken and the grades obtained
High school leaving certificate showing grades and results. Test of English language (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English.
Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
Proof of English language results (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English. Resume or CV
Master’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
All documents must be translated into English or Turkish if obtained in a foreign language
  Resume or CV
Motivation letter Motivation letter Motivation letter

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

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Uskudar University in Rankings

  • 2020 Rankings: 74 (country rank)
  • 1001+ (The Higher Education Ranking)

Tuition and Scholarships at Uskudar University

Uskudar Univesity has established itself as a formidable institution in Turkey. It offers a variety of courses and programs at various levels. Uskudar University has managed to provide an education level of reputable standards at a highly affordable rate.

Also, students who may fall short of specific language requirements can enroll in the preparatory Turkish and English language courses. Similarly, programs such as advanced diplomas in vocational schools and research centers are offered.

The degrees and diplomas gotten from Uskudar University are accepted worldwide. The university is affiliated with numerous foreign and local academic bodies. As a non-profit private university, the institution is said to be one of the most affordable universities in Turkey with an exceptional level of academic excellence.

Similarly, part-time and full-time learning options to students according to their learning preferences are offered at the institution. Tuition at Uskudar University depends on the level of study and the program of study as follows:

  • Undergraduate: 3,900 USD (annually)
  • Medicine is only offered in Turkish and its cost is 15,000 USD annually
  • Master degree program with thesis: 3,300 USD (whole program)
  • Master degree program without thesis: 2,900 USD (whole program)
  • PhD Program: 6,900 USD (whole program)

As a non-profit institution, providing the most affordable educational services to students is a major aim of this institution. In this regard, the institution offers a wide range of scholarship and funding opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

Some of these scholarships include the OSYM scholarship which is granted to a new student choosing any program at Uskudar University. This scholarship ranges from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Sibling scholarships are equally offered by the institution, hence, siblings receive a 10% discount from the tuition fee. The hardship scholarship is granted to orphans or students from poor homes, this has increased the inclusivity of the institution to allow students from all financial backgrounds access quality education.

Current students with a CGPA of 3.50 to 4.00 in an academic session are eligible for a 20% scholarship. New students who performed greatly in their academics at high school are eligible for merit scholarships.

Similarly, students who are high performing in sports receive scholarships ranging from 15%, 20%, and 25% of the full tuition cost. Foreign student scholarships are granted on the decision by the board of trustees.

The state-funded scholarship is the Turkiye Burslari (Turkish Scholarships), given to international students in all academic programs. The Turkish scholarships cover the tuition fee, housing fee in any state-owned student dormitories as well as monthly allowance. Applying to the Turkish Scholarships is done online on the application portal.

Cost of living at Uskudar University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Uskudar University

Founded in 2011 Research and Application Center: 1 Student population: 15,000+
Type: Private Undergraduate programs: 25+
International Representation: Students from over 30+ countries
Campus: Sub-urban Postgraduate programs: 25+ Language(s) of Instruction: Turkish, English.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey Ph.D. programs: Below 10 2020 Rankings: 74 (country rank)
Faculties: 4 Teaching staff: 500+ 1001+ (The Higher Education Ranking)
Vocational School: 1 Institute: 5 Other

Uskudar University was established in 2011, and it is a subsidiary of the NP group. The university was first established as the Turkish branch of the Memory Center of America in 1999.

The memory center provided psychiatry, psychological, and other neurological solutions in Turkey. It then grew to establish children's mental facilities as well as the first neurological hospital in all of Turkey. Uskudar University was founded in 2011 by the NP group.

The university is the first and only thematic university in the field of Behavior Sciences and Health, and it is in Istanbul. This is a private not for profit institution aimed at providing the best professional education to students, thereby, establishing experts in the field of neurology, medicine, arts, business, and other programs.

The vocational school provides a wide range of diploma programs that are accessible to both the younger and older age groups, hence, part-time learning is allowed. 

The university believes in respecting all human values, positioning itself for increased growth and development, as well as, adopting technological innovations in fulfilling academic activities.

The institution rests on these four main principles: self-criticism, pluralism, liberalism, and participation. It aims to provide top-notch education and research opportunities to all students, thereby, improving professionalism, career advancement, and socio-economic prospect.

The institution also seeks to be a pioneering and goal-setting university, which sets an example for other institutions to aspire to. Similarly, the institution strives to be the best in all its programs offered, especially in neurology, sciences, tourism, and arts.

Uskudar university prides itself on its numerous academic achievements as well as technological prowess. It has continued to improve in all educational sector and has constantly maintained a standard which is being emulated by other universities in Turkey. 

Courses and Structure

The university is affiliated with numerous local and foreign education bodies, and this has helped in shaping the course structure of the institution. The courses are organized in a way that diplomas received are accepted worldwide.

The course program aims to provide students with the best available theoretical and practical approach to educational problems. Similarly, the courses are tailored in a way to prepare students for professional life and to make meaningful contributions in their various fields.  

Student Life at Uskudar University

As a world-class university, Uskudar University takes into serious consideration the student development and interaction in university. To this effect, it has branded student life to reflect the various facet of student development and growth. Student life includes the following:

Social events and festivities

Istanbul provides the best avenue for social events and festivities. Similarly, the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate of the university drives the interest in students to participate in social events and festivities.

Also, the student clubs of our Uskudar University cooperate with the directorate to provide numerous extra-curricular programs as well as festivals. Clubs are encouraged to organize events and programs that are crafted based on their specializations and interests. The Directorate is a student-focused unit where students can take on a guiding and regulatory role in all kinds of activities.

There are many clubs and societies present in the institution which promote cooperation, student activity as well as a culture on campus.

Clubs present in the university include numerous sports clubs, music clubs, career clubs, and health clubs. Similarly, the student support office organizes fairs and seminars that are extremely important to student growth and development.

Cultural events are widely sponsored by the university. The annual Spring Festival is a time where all the students come together to celebrate the unity in diversity. The university also organizes numerous outdoor events both within and outside Istanbul.

Medical Care

All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) can join the “National Health Insurance" or possess private health significantly reduced. Students can also use their private insurance which covers a large range of health services.


The university as a member of the European Erasmus scheme conducts exchange students with other universities. Eligible students can apply for Erasmus exchange programs and can spend a semester or less at another European university, thus, experiencing different cultures and traditions while in a new learning environment.

Why Study at Uskudar University

Academic Staff

The university has a long list of professors. The teachers are extremely skilled and highly learned professionals in fields. To increase the global structure of its academic program, the university has a team of foreign supervisors composed only of foreign experts in academia. Similarly, the institution boasts of a strong base of academic staff ranging from doctors, research assistants, medical personnel, artists, and experts. The teachers are challenged by the university to develop student abilities by organizing curricula that will effectively test student’s strengths. Similarly, field trips, outside research, surveys, and other academic excursions are organized by the teachers.


As an institution dedicated to student’s growth, the university does not hold back in providing the best available facilities to students. Students at Uskudar University have the luxury of adopting an innovative approach to learning. This has made the learning process easier, smoother, and better. The university boasts of 35 plus laboratories all providing various medical services. Its library is filled with thousands of books and adequate reading space. The lecture room and other learning spaces are equally saturated with high technical equipment, and these have increased learning and teaching abilities. Similarly, office buildings are well equipped and so is every area on the campus. The online library grants access to numerous books online for students’ consumption


Uskudar University is on the Asian side of Istanbul. Istanbul is a beautiful city located on two continents. The city is one of the most famous in the world, known for its rich history, culture, multi-ethnic nature, and a strong economy. Uskudar university overlooks the Bosporus and its campus is in Uskudar.

Career Opportunities

The Career Center of the university prepares students for future goals and career opportunities. The center is saddled with the responsibility of providing student job placement, advertising vacancies, improving student’s work ethics, and connecting students with potential employers.

Accommodation Uskudar University

On Campus Accomodation at Uskudar University

The institution possesses the Üsküdar University Nakkaştepe Girls Student Guesthouse situated at the very heart of Üsküdar, which is one of the historical districts of İstanbul.

The Girls Student Guesthouse is of walking distance from the Üsküdar University Campus and wide accommodation capacity. Students in the guesthouse can stay in rooms with two, three, four, and five girls and have access to a 24-hour internet connection in their rooms.

Due to its central location, all basic amenities are within reach, and students can find all the means of transportation around the dormitory vicinity.

Additionally, the university has numerous contracted dormitories providing accommodation benefits to students. Students can access the private bosporus student dormitory which has housing units ranging from 1 person to 6 people.

Each room at the private bosporus dormitory is fully equipped with 24-hour wireless internet connectivity, heating facilities, student lounges, study halls, recreational centers, cable tv, kitchen space for individuals who prefer making their meals, and many more. Breakfast and dinners are served in the dormitory.

Students can also choose the 29 May University student dormitory which contains over 1500 beds in 3,4, and 6 room units. Each room at this dorm has a bathroom, a toilet, a mini-fridge, and a working area. The dormitory also provides 4 study rooms on every floor for student's usage, a cafeteria, a laundry area, and a dining room.

Off Campus Accomodation at Uskudar University

Students reside in privately rented apartments scattered all over Istanbul. When renting an apartment, students are supposed to consider the rent of the apartments which is largely dependent on the budget, location, year of construction, and the number of rooms.

Commonly, the cost of renting an apartment a month usually starts from €120.

It is pertinent to note that, renting an apartment out of campus implies that utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and internet all come separate from the rent and students would have to pay the utility bill. However, the cost of living in Istanbul is low so students can live comfortably on a budget.

Sports at Uskudar University

The university has registered itself as a serious contender in the sports field in Turkey. Sports at Uskudar University is headed by the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate, which does not only increase student participation in sports but also organize sporting events in the University and between other universities.

The directorate provides sporting facilities in football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many others. Similarly, qualified sports coaches with numerous years of experience and achievements are employed by the directorate.

Students can also access the gym which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines. Students at the gym can engage in kickboxing and other sports of physiotherapy. The directorate frequently organizes sporting competitions, and the winners are usually awarded sports scholarships.

Similarly, with the student card, students can benefit greatly from discounts at sporting facilities outside of the campus.

Food at Uskudar University

There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and canteens scattered all over the university campus providing healthy meals at affordable prices to students.

The student dormitories also serve breakfast and dinner to students at a cost that is inclusive of the total dorm fee. Similarly, due to the availability of kitchens, students living in student dormitories can cook their preferred meal.

As one of the most populous cities in the world, Istanbul is filled with a wide range of restaurants, fast-food chains, international and local coffee shops, and multiple fine dining restaurants serving inter-continental dishes.

Various delicacies can be gotten at a very cheap price. Students are sure to find their local cuisines in Istanbul due to the multi-ethnic nature of the city.

Transportation at Uskudar University

The transportation system in Istanbul consists of long buses, minibusses, taxis, public buses, ferries, metro buses, underground trains, trams, motorcycles, and many others. Transportation to the university from any part of the city is very cheap and students are offered discounted when using public transportation.

Students can access the transportation discount by using the Istanbul student card, similarly, except the taxis and minibusses, the remaining transport systems do not take cash but only payments done through this card. There are various kinds of cards with varying prices, however, the student card pays the lowest transport fare.

The underground train works all through the night at the weekend but stops at midnight during the weekdays, whereas, the metro buses work all day and can commute longer distances.

About Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of rich history, culture, and commerce It is one of the oldest cities in the world which has been influenced by the Venetians, Ottomans, Romans, and many other empires.

Similarly, these empires have deposited a wide range of historical and cultural artifacts and structures that are of huge importance to both tourists and locals. Istanbul is a very beautiful city, located on two continents. It is advised to take the ferry while crossing the Bosphorus to either the Asian or European side of the city.

Istanbul is a safe place thus encourages nightlife. Most bars, restaurants, and other social places are opened all through the night. It is also a religious city for both Christians and Muslims combined housing historical religious structures, the city is home to so many religious and historical sites and has become a center for western civilization.

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