Ostim Technical University

Ostim Technical University

Ostim Technical University

Number of students
7500€ - 7500€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, August 31
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
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Offered Programs

Application Requirements at Ostim Technical University

Bachelor’s Admission

These are the necessary documents needed for admission at undergraduate levels:

  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document
  • Birth certificate
  • High school leaving certificate showing grades and results.
  • Proof of English language results (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English.
  • All documents must be translated into English or Turkish if obtained in a foreign language

Post-graduate Admission (Masters)

  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document
  • Transcripts officially secured from a previous bachelor's degree program detailing the courses taken and their grades accordingly.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
  • Test of English language (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English.
  • Resume or CV

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors

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Tuition and Scholarships at Ostim Technical University

OSTIM Technical University has registered itself as one of the fastest-growing institutions in Ankara. The university offers numerous vocational programs in English and Turkish.

Similarly, it offers various bachelor's programs as well as a postgraduate program through its Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Graduate School of Social Science. The tuition fee depends on the level and program of study as follows;

  • Undergraduate tuition starts from 2,500 USD
  • Tuition for Vocational Studies starts from 1,500 USD

Despite its low cost of tuition at OSTIM Technical University, there are numerous scholarships and grants available to students.

Students can apply to these grants or scholarships from entry-level or as current students. It is important to note that the institution already presents to international students an already discounted fee structure.

Similarly, due to its international influence, students can benefit from the numerous scholarships provided by private and state offices in partnership with the university.

The major scholarship at OSTIM is the entry scholarship sponsored by the board of trustees for exceptional applicants. These scholarships range from 25%. 50%, 75%, and sometimes even a complete tuition discount.

Current students at the university can also apply for scholarships if they attain an exceptional GPA for two consecutive semesters.

Every semester, international students who are currently studying in Turkey can apply for the Turkiye Buslari (Turkish Scholarships) which provides support to students who cannot afford the cost of studying and living in Turkey.

The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, monthly allowances, and health insurance. Students are advised to apply to this scholarship as the application is free. 

The scholarship application period is usually specified in the scholarship manual, however, general scholarship or grant application is as follows:

  • Check eligibility requirements.
  • Fill the application form for the respective scholarship or grant.
  • Submit the form and the other required documents before the deadline.
  • If shortlisted, an interview will be scheduled between the applicant and a panel.
  • If successful, a scholarship or discount will be applied.

The university encourages easy academic pursuit without the burden of paying tuition by making scholarships and funds available for foreign students. These scholarships are both government-funded and privately funded by local and foreign agencies.

Cost of living at Ostim Technical University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Ostim Technical University

Established in 2017 Study mode: Full-time and Part-time Student population: Below 5.000
Location: Ankara, Turkey Undergraduate programs: Below 12 Academic staff: 100+
Type: Private Vocational Studies: Below 15 Number of Nationalities represented: Below 25

The OSTIM Cooperation created the OSTIM Education, Research, Development, Enhancement, and Solidarity foundation in 1993 to promote economic development, academic research as well as educational improvement in Turkey.

The cooperation was very effective in the domestic education of the Republic of Turkey. It is the goal of OSTIM Technical University of being the "university of industry". OSTIM Technical University seeks to provide a solid education, intensive research and world stand infrastructure and facilities to students.

The university combines a modern and contemporary innovative approach to provide quality education to the students.

OSTIM Technical University has also developed itself as a prominent business university providing students with the knowledge and equipment required by the competitive business world.

It aims to provide graduates with values such as self-confidence, completed self-improvement, experience, innovative, entrepreneurial, high cultural awareness, and embracing human values.

Similarly, OSTIM seeks to empower students with the necessary qualities in achieving their goals and supplying them with quality education at highly affordable prices. The vision of OSTIM is to provide students with an excellent education that will prepare them for the career world. Some of the objectives of OSTIM includes:

  • Focused on learning and development.
  • Preparing students for the career world.
  • Introducing students to entrepreneurship, innovation, industrial designs, and utility model.

Besides being one of the prominent institutions in Turkey, OSTIM Technical University combines one of the most innovative and educative methods of student learning and research. 

Student Life at OSTIM Technical University

OSTIM boasts in its excellent student life which is supported by the administration of the university and by the city itself. Student life here ranges from student associations to student activities organized on a yearly or monthly basis.

As a multi-cultural vibrant city, Ankara makes student life even more alluring and exciting. Other benefits are as follows:

Social events and festivities

OSTIM provides students with numerous social programs and events, similarly, the university boasts of numerous students club that every student is encouraged to become a part of.

The clubs and other student associations are always keeping students entertained on campus through their frequent events.

Due to the international nature of the institution, cultural shows are organized monthly to celebrate the culture and tradition of local and international students.

Similarly, excursion and field trips are sometimes organized by the university for foreign students to travel around Turkey and to learn about nature. Club participation according to the interest of students is equally advised.

Being a truly diverse college, clubs present in the university cuts across academics to a different genre of music, arts, and even religious aspect.

Every semester, club members organize events and activities beneficial to every student at the college. Excursion and educational tours are organized for students to visit parts of Turkey or other international locations.

Medical Care

All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) may join the “National Health Insurance” or use private insurance.

By joining the national insurance plan, the personal burden of medical expenses is significantly reduced. When seeking medical care, please be certain to carry the residence card.


OSTIM Technical University is a part of the European Erasmus scheme which partners with other Erasmus institutions for exchange programs. Students are encouraged to participate in Erasmus exchange programs.

Why Study at Ostim Technical University


As a university centered on innovation, OSTIM provides the student with state of the art facilities, instruments, and equipment which develops student's knowledge and career. The university boasts of numerous laboratories that are fully equipped with instruments, research centers, and multiple vocational centers. The university library is a standard one with thousands of books that are available both online and in hard copies. Classrooms are well equipped to serve student needs, this improves the learning process and student’s enthusiasm.

Courses and Structure

OSTIM Technical University shapes its course structure and curricula to not only fit the needs of students but also to prepare them for the career world. Educational excellence is highly revered by the university, this they strive to input in their students through the course structure. Courses are equally highly practical so students can get an experience of the real world even before graduation. The courses are structured per the European standard, and students are sure of receiving the best education from OSTIM.

Academic Staff

Academic staff comprises of business professionals, engineers, graphic designers, doctors, professors, and many others who are performing very well in their respective fields. The academic staff at OSTIM are all highly experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Similarly, the school employs a universal method of employment, therefore, teachers employed are not only from Turkey but from other parts of the world.


The University is located in the beautiful city of Ankara. Ankara is a peaceful city with rich culture, history, natural and artificial attractions as well as ambiance. Foreigners in Ankara are assured of their safety as well as their wellbeing. The career center of OSTIM prepares students for the professional world. Students are taught about the basics of work-life, job ethics, preparing for job interviews, and other acts of entrepreneurship.

Accommodation Ostim Technical University

On Campus Accomodation at Ostim Technical University

International students at OSTIM Technical University have a variety of options to meet their accommodation needs throughout their educational life in Ankara. Students can stay in university dormitories located within the campuses, in-state dormitories, in private dormitories, or the apartments, they rent in the city.

The university has on-campus accommodation available to students. Students can choose to stay in any room according to their budget. The dormitories are fully equipped with things like TV, fridge, chairs, heating machines, and other furniture.

Similarly, there is an on-campus dormitory that services all the needs of students. Students are also provided with laundry services, hence, they do not do their laundry by themselves.

The cost of staying in the dormitory varies according to the room capacity, but the price is very affordable. Sımilarly, the cost involves feeding on the university cafeteria. Utility bills are also included in the cost of dormitories.

Off Campus Accomodation at Ostim Technical University

Renting private houses and apartments is done according to the budget. Students can choose from several housing options and the college often assists them in arranging these accommodations with the landlords.

The expense of leasing off-campus apartments changes from area to area in proximity to the city center and they have different conditions for rent. Ankara is a very affordable city, hence, renting an apartment here is equally very cheap.

It is important to note that students renting private apartments are responsible for utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and the internet since they all come separate from the rent. However, these extra costs are usually very little.

Sports at Ostim Technical University

Headed by the sports department, OSTIM has an ultra-modern sports center wherein numerous sporting activities are held. Some of the sports activities include football, handball, volleyball, basketball, archer, swimming, tennis and many more. Similarly, employed at the sports department are competent staff always there to show students how to use the machines and to look out for the safety of students.

OSTIM sports center has a gym on campus, which is always sanitized and clean. There is also a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and many more. For students living far from campus, they can access other sporting centers at highly discounted rates using their student ID cards

Food at Ostim Technical University

As the capital city of Turkey, Ankara is filled with multiple restaurants and international food chain stores selling food at a highly affordable rate to everyone. Most places even have student discounts, hence, the prices go lower.

The popular restaurant known as Lokanta serves home-cooked meals to students. There are varieties of bars, pubs, cafes, and clubs acting as places of food, entertainment, and social centers.

For students who prefer to cook, food ingredients in Ankara are very fresh and usually very cheap, hence, students can buy fresh cooking items from the market and make their food. Bearing in mind the diverse nature of the location, students can easily choose from a wide range of food items that they are familiar with.

Transportation at Ostim Technical University

The transport structure in Ankara is made up of trains, subways, taxis, scooters, busses, and many others.

Compared to Istanbul and other big cities in Turkey, Ankara is less populated, hence, public transport is comfortable. Due to the central location of the university, commute to campus from any part of the city is very easy.

Students are required to have the Ankara student transport card as most transport avenues do not take cash but only payments done through this card. There are various kinds of cards with varying prices, however, the student card pays the lowest transport fare.

About Ankara

Ankara is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Turkey. It is the seat of the power of the Turkish government. The city is a historic city with numerous historical monuments that attract tourists from all parts of the world.

Ankara is easily one of the cheapest capital cities in the world with a very high standard of living. The city boasts of numerous natural parks, beautiful scenery, and modern structures, farmhouses, foreign offices, and diplomatic buildings.

There are so many tourist attractions to see, and numerous places to visit in Ankara. The people are very friendly and helpful as well, so foreigners are usually comfortable living here.

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