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Istanbul Medipol University

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4000€ - 6782€
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February 03, September 02
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Studying at IMU is a step in the right direction towards achieving all your goals. The university offers both academic, social and entrepreneurship guidelines that are tailored to today’s world. Increasingly, foreign students are beginning to tap into the many opportunities promoted in the institution. Looking for quality teaching in a study abroad destination, here are a few reasons why IMU would be a good fit for you.

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  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

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Istanbul Medipol University in Rankings

Ranked 72nd in the whole of Turkey Ranked 1100th in the World Research Centers: 12
Established in 2009 Location: Istanbul-Turkey Academic Members: 915
Language of Instruction: Turkish, English Type: Private Ph.D. Programs: 25
Average Tuition: $3,000 (10% discount on cash payments) Foreign Representation: 600+ students from 63 countries Masters Program: 51
Student-Faculty ratio: 23:20 Student population: 27,500 Undergraduate Programs: 71
Number of Faculties: 12 Vocational Schools: 4 Programs: 245. 

Tuition and Scholarships at Istanbul Medipol University

IMU is devoted to offering quality education to understudies from all works of life. This university is favored by many exceptional individuals who show academic dynamism and have a knack for research and innovation.

Tuition at IMU typically starts at $3,000 for studies in any of their vocational programs across any of their four professional schools:

Vocational School of Social Sciences Vocational School of Justice Vocational School of Health Services

Tuition varies across different faculties, institutes, and colleges in IMU but below is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay in dollars (2019-2020 estimate): 

International School of Medicine in English - $25,000 School of Medicine: $20,000 School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture: $5,000 - $7,500
School of Dentistry: $19,000, School of Dentistry: $17,500 (in English) School of Education: $5,000
School of Pharmacy: $13,000 School of Law: $7,500 School of Communication: $5,500
School of Health Sciences: $5,500 – $6,500 School of Engineering and Natural Sciences: $6,500 College of Health Sciences: $5,500
School of Business and Management Sciences: $5,000 School of Humanities and Social Sciences: $5,500 English Preparatory Classes: $5000


Furthermore, Scholarship opportunities are available for students who have good academic standing and many students are offered tuition waivers along with their acceptance in accordance with how devoted IMU is to rewarding excellence.

 The school awards 100%, 50% and 25% of tuition waivers to deserving students regardless of their country of origin. Presently over 50% of the total student body has some form of full or partial funding for the duration of their programs.

The majority of students in the School of Medicine and School of Engineering are on a full endowment from the university.

Interestingly all foreign students accepted into bachelor programs have 25% off their total bursary and students accepted into associate programs have a 50% educational cost waiver. Additionally, all cash payments have a 10% discount for all international students.

Cost of living at Istanbul Medipol University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University is a novel institution of contemporary technology in different spheres of learning. The school was founded in 2009 by Dr.Fahrettin Koca and has since become one of the leading higher institutions of innovation and science in the Republic of Turkey.

This center of higher learning is poised to continue raising the bar when it comes to academic excellence.

Rightly furnished with ultra-modern campus buildings, science labs, up-to-speed libraries, lecture halls including many other exceptional resources covering its two locations.

IMU understudies are taught to excel at what they do in whichever environment they find themselves. With a strong faculty presence of more than 900 members who come from various world-leading educational backgrounds, the school successfully marries classroom principles with field knowledge and research, promptly preparing its students for what lies before them.

Since its inception, IMU has continued to lead the pack for medicine and higher learning in Turkey. Thanks to its structural organization that sets them apart and their commitment to quality education at all levels, with vocational schools, bachelor, masters up to doctoral levels.

Courses are taken in the Turkish language or English language with many courses taught predominantly in English.

Favorably, some courses are taught in English and Turkish simultaneously and each student can opt to be taught in both or just one of the two coaching languages at IMU.

Istanbul Medipol University has two main campuses all located in Istanbul; the Haliç campus in the European part of the city and Kavacik (North and South) campuses in the Asian part of the city.

The Kavacik campus is the mainstay for many of the university research installations, student residences, sports, and several recreational amenities.

Some of the universities achievements include;

Every academic session at IMU welcomes more than 50 academic and scientific publications and patent requests further solidifying IMU on the global stage. Research support from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology IMU has received multiple understudies with the best scoring awards in the Turkish university placement exams for the past three consecutive years.
Between 2012 and 2018 more than 12,000 students have graduated from IMU, a good portion of them come from various parts of the globe. Awards in health sciences from the Turkish Science Academy (TÜBA)
Studying at IMU is a step in the right direction towards achieving all your goals, it offers both academic, social and entrepreneurship guidelines
Presently, one key research center at IMU; REMER is at the forefront of regenerative and restorative medical research in Eurasia. 12 Research centers with top tier facilities for current scientific research in Turkey Increasingly, foreign students are beginning to tap into the many opportunities promoted in the institution because they recognize the value

Istanbul Medipol University Medical Services

Every student at IMU has access to proper medical care and health coverage in any of the Medipol Hospitals or Health Centers.

Istanbul Medipol University students also have priority treatment should in case there be any emergencies.

Precursor health and medical services are even provided to both all registered students at no extra cost. Similarly, there are campus clinics on both Haliç and Kavacik campuses that are fully operational for 24-hours.

Istanbul Medipol University Social Resources

IMU encourages socio-cultural activities by and for the students on campus. A robust and well-rounded student life promotes participation in non-academic and expressive channels.

There are over 85 student clubs that are specific to various student interests. These clubs are not only university-based, but a lot of them also do great work for the community and gain recognition by external bodies.

Primarily, all these clubs and associations are student-led and they provide color and flare to student life.


Why Study at Istanbul Medipol University

International Environment

Successful creative learning and teaching models that permit the student to express themselves in different forms. An immersive student-teacher ratio that promotes hands-on knowledge.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern facilities in line with current technologies.World-class physical and digital libraries. Learning without boundaries, at IMU e-learning modules with post-classroom application is designed to remove the complacency of classroom borders.

Multicultural Environment

IMU is a multidimensional institution with a budding multicultural environment in the middle of Istanbul. The school’s location – the confluence of two continents, Europe and Asia, plays an important role in bolstering the university's commitment to being an international university.

Impressive Community

Be part of a community! – IMU has strong alumni of more than 12,000 individuals who are making strides in Science, Business, Law, Education, and Engineering. Thanks to these individuals, the university’s reputation is heralded and well respected in Turkey and on the international scene.

Accommodation Istanbul Medipol University

On Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Medipol University

Currently, IMU has several on-campus housing options at the Kavacik campus site alone. International students who enroll in programs taught in any of the two Kavacik campuses have access to the many housing options available.

There are dormitories for both male and female students designed to make student life very easy. Student rooms are very comfortable and typically affordable.

They come installed with many modern utilities and added services such as housekeeping, security and, wireless internet connectivity all at first-grade qualities.

Likewise, students taking classes at the Haliç campus need not fret as there are many private off-campus dormitories and houses littered close to the university that adequately satisfies all their housing needs.

Istanbul Medipol University rates very highly in terms of how well organized and detailed the average student life on campus is. In the course of the session, students are treated to some of the most dynamic events and activities happening at both IMU’s campus locations.

Haliç Campus:

This campus is at the core of the vibrant city and stands out amongst strong facets of this city’s strength, beauty, history, and culture.

This campus embodies a very active academic environment with many student attractions. The buildings have modern architecture and the study halls are well furnished and expansive.

The beauty of this campus is in the many gardens and picture friendly views. Art and Music lovers are well entertained in the cinema and theatre facility here.

There are at least 40 student clubs and associations that are active and have a presence on this campus.

This campus represents the collective lifestyle and academic essence of IMU and how well blended the student life can be.

Kavacik Campus (North and South):

This campus has both a north and south arm located in Beykoz, Kavacik. Just overlooking the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, this seemingly perfect location maintains the allure of a student environment but is still eclectic and in line with the times.

Major educational facilities such as the state-of-the-art information centers, the REMER research center, Top-notch science labs are present on this campus.

Additionally, sporting facilities such as basketball and tennis courts, recreational utilities such as common areas and relaxation lounges are all present on this campus.

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Off Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Medipol University

Students can opt to live in different parts of the city for their own privacy. Houses are spread across Haliç and Kavacik regions and they offer very affordable student housing options.

It is advised that students seek out apartments or private dormitories that are in close proximity to the university. Istanbul is a very big city that is busy all day long, commuting from a distance to the institution can be a bit of a burden in the long run.

1+1 (One bedroom studio), 1+2 ( two bedrooms) 1+3 (three bedrooms) apartments are the common choices for students.

Prices vary depending on a host of factors but generally housing in Istanbul is quite pocket-friendly compared to most big cities.

Additionally, student sharing is also a viable option for both local and foreign students. In this plan, two or more students combine to rent an apartment and share the rooms. This way all the bills are split evenly amongst the occupants.

Students from the same country or studying the same program, use this as an opportunity to foster friendships and improve on themselves. Student groups also tend to live together so that they are easily motivated by their fellow students.

Sports at Istanbul Medipol University

IMU is a well-rounded institution of learning, that pays great attention to the complete student development experience.

On the Kavacik campus location at IMU, there are three outdoor sports courts, one each for basketball and volleyball, and the other is a tennis court situated a few kilometers from the university student dormitories.

Sporting activists are very huge on campus and many students at IMU take part in several local and state-level competitions throughout the year.

Major torchbearers for the university when it comes to sports are the Men's Soccer Team, Men’s Futsal Team, Men's Basketball Team, with the Men's Volleyball Team and Women's Volleyball Team who are major fixtures in the University Sports Federation of Turkey.

Working sports clubs at IMU include; Istanbul Medipol University Underwater Community (IMÜSAT), Outdoor Sports Club, UltrAslan, Medipol Fenerbahçe, ÜNİBJK and ÜNİTS. These entities are well represented on campus and promote integration and community relations amongst the students.

Food at Istanbul Medipol University

The institution provides hygienic meal solutions via the recruitment of private catering houses that supply all types of dishes for all the campuses.

Food and drinks are offered both in the dormitories and on the school premises.

Students are guaranteed three square meals every day during the school session. Buffet style service is very common in the dorms and every student has a variety of options to choose from.

Additionally, Other places within the school premises have cafeterias that serve both student and faculty members during school hours.

There are also privately owned cafes, restaurants, and shops that sell and serve various food items to both students and staff.

One well-known cafe is the Polin Cafe which attracts a young mix of individuals drawn to its uniqueness in style and service.

More recently with the growing rise of the student population, foreign restaurants are setting up shop on the southern arm of Kavacik campus to cater to this growing number.

Transportation at Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul is a cosmopolitan environment with all the makings of a typically vibrant and modern city. Public transportation is very effective and accessible anywhere within the city.

Buses, Trams, Taxis, and Metros are the common options many students move around with.

The prices range from 2.50 TL or 5 TL (Turkish Lira) depending on the distance. Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Bolt are very popular and even economical for students. 

About Istanbul

Istanbul has a pretty interesting geography, situated right in between Europe and Asia separated by the Bosphorus bridge. Istanbul today is the cultural and financial hub of  Turkey, but it was once a significant emblem for both the Roman and Ottoman Empires. There are two airports situated in the city,

The new Ataturk Airport (Istanbul Airport) is only a few kilometers from the main city and the other is Sabiha Gokçen airport which is approximately 35 km from the main city. Must visit places within the city include The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet, Istiklal Street, Prince Islands, Grand Bazar, Bosphorus, and the famous Taksim Square.

The Golden Horn famously called Haliç by Turks is an old city in an integral part of Istanbul. The Galata Bridge spans the easy to defend inlet and shows a panoramic view of this historically significant region.

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