Istanbul Commerce University

İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi

Istanbul Commerce University

Number of students
2000€ - 3000€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 02
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

Istanbul Ticaret Univesity offers numerous courses and programs at various levels. The institution is established to provide world-class education standards at an extremely affordable rate.

Similarly, the university conducts preparatory Turkish and English language courses for students who need them. In addition to the language programs, the university covers programs from advanced diplomas in their various academic centers to postgraduate programs.

Istanbul Commerce University is a very prominent institution, therefore, the degrees awarded upon completion of these programs are accepted worldwide. As a non-profit private university, the institution can be considered to be one of the most affordable universities in Turkey with a very high educational standard, creating formidable professionals in the field of arts, laws, and politics.

The university offers part-time and full-time learning options to students according to their learning preferences. Tuition at Istanbul Commerce University depends on the level of study and the program of study as follows:

  • Undergraduate: 4,000 USD (annually)
  • Master degree program with thesis: 3,400 USD (whole program)
  • Master degree program without thesis: 3,000 USD (whole program)
  • PhD Program: 4,700 USD (whole program)

The tuition fee for graduate programs can be paid in two installments.

Application Requirements to Istanbul Commerce University/Istanbul Ticaret Univesiti

Bachelor’s Admission

  • These are the necessary documents needed for admission at undergraduate levels:
  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document
  • Birth certificate
  • High school leaving certificate showing grades and results.
  • Proof of English language results (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English.
  • All documents must be translated into English or Turkish if obtained in a foreign language

Post-graduate Admission (Masters)

  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document
  • Transcripts officially secured from a previous bachelor's degree program detailing the courses taken and their grades accordingly.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
  • Test of English language (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English.
  • Resume or CV

Post-graduate Admission (Ph.D.)

  • Filled online application form via RocApply
  • A copy of the applicant’s international passport
  • Official transcripts from a bachelor’s degree program detailing the courses taken and grades obtained.
  • Official transcripts from a master’s program detailing the courses taken and the grades obtained
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
  • Master’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
  • Resume or CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Test of English language (IELTS or TOEFL mostly)

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors

Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

Select your field of study for Phds


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Istanbul Commerce University in Rankings

  • 251+ (EECA) 2020 Rankings
  • 251+ (QS Ranking)
  • 26 (4ICU Ranking)
  • 700+ (The Higher Education Worldwide Ranking)

Cost of living at Istanbul Commerce University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Istanbul Commerce University

Founded in 2001 Academic Centers: 6 International Representation: 30+
Type: Private Undergraduate programs: 22 Language(s) of Instruction: Turkish, English.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey Postgraduate programs: 52 2020 Rankings: 251+ (EECA)
Faculties: 6 Ph.D. programs: 4 251+ (QS Ranking)
Vocational School: 1 Teaching staff: 295 26 (4ICU Ranking)
Institute: 3 Student population: 7000+ 700+ (The Higher Education Ranking)

Istanbul Commerce University (Istanbul Ticaret University) was established in 2001 under the directive of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Istanbul Ticaret Odasi). This is a private not for profit institution aimed at providing the best professional education to students, thereby, raising the human capital necessary for developing the national economy, commerce and industry. Similarly, the university invests in technological research and advancement, all aimed at efficiently developing the global economy.

The University was first called the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce University with campuses in Kucukyali, Sutluce, and Bursa. Uskudar Campus houses the English language department, academic and career centers as well as 11 undergraduate programs.

The Kucukyali Campus houses the faculty of engineering as well as the vocational college. The faculty of law, Data Security Research Center, EU application and Research Center, as well as graduate institutes, are in the Eminonu (Sutluce) campus with views of the beautiful golden horn in Istanbul.

The university is based on the principle of "Local Identity, Global Vision", and due to its affiliation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, this institution is highly sought for by aspiring students nationwide.

 It is a major objective of the university to become one of the most recognizable institutions in the field of research, law, and economics. The quality and scope of the programs taught at the university have attracted students from all over the world, and there are many reasons why students choose this institution.

Due to its affiliation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, students are exposed to the career life even before graduation, thus, making it easy for students to settle and contribute tremendously in their areas of specialization: the university already provides them with this opportunity.

Similarly, the university has an office dedicated to introducing students to companies and other firms for employment purposes. This office prepares students for interviews, job ethics and organizes job and internet placement. Additionally, the university organizes work fairs for students every year.  

Student Life at Istanbul Commerce University

Student life at Istanbul Ticaret University is the perfect mix of adequate academic activities with other social and cultural events. combination of vibrant activities of a usual student environment. It ranges from student associations to student activities organized on a yearly or monthly basis. Istanbul makes student life even more alluring due to its multi-cultural nature, beautiful places and low cost of living. Student life includes the following:

Social events and festivities at Istanbul Commerce University

Social programs and events are conducted for students. Events based on topics such as academics, university life, residency and registration procedure are held on an occasional basis. Students are always entertained due to the various social events such as the annual Spring festival held on campus. Due to the international nature of the institution, cultural shows are organized monthly to celebrate the culture and tradition of local and international students.

Club participation according to the interest of students is equally advised. Being a very diverse university, clubs present in the university cuts across academics to a different genre of arts, business life, career, and culture. Every semester, club members organize events and activities beneficial to every student at the university. Excursion and educational tours are organized by the university for students to visit local and international places.

Medical Care at Istanbul Commerce University

All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) can join the “National Health Insurance" or possess private health insurance. By joining this insurance plan, the personal burden of medical expenses is significantly reduced.

Erasmus at Istanbul Commerce University

the university as a member of the European Erasmus scheme conducts exchange students with other universities. Eligible students can apply for Erasmus exchange programs and can spend a semester or less at another European university, thus, experiencing different cultures and traditions while in a new learning environment.

Why Study at Istanbul Commerce University


Located in the beautiful city of Istanbul which is one of the world’s most famous cities. Istanbul is often regarded as the center of the world with a highly advanced economy, a very rich history, a strong multi-cultural city, and immensely beautiful places.

Courses and Structure

Teachers at the university are essentially tasked with ensuring that graduates from the university do not only have the theoretical approach to their program of study but also a practical approach. The University is one of the 5 Turkish Universities that are participating in the prestigious Willem C. Vis Moot. The teachers are highly skilled professionals in their field of study, and they provide students with exposure and education to become the best in their respective programs of study.

Academic Staff

The academic staff at Istanbul Commerce University are composed of leading teachers and professionals in their respective fields. Academic staff at the university are made up of professors, professionals, trade experts, lawyers and seasoned instructors in their respective fields. Additionally, serious attention is paid to the academic development of students, to this effect, seminars, excursions, academic fairs, competitions, field trips, webinars and other programs to improve student abilities are usually organized by the university. The high quality of its academic staff is one of the factors why students want to study here.


Istanbul Commerce University combines an innovative approach to its learning process. In this regard, world standard facilities and equipment are used in every part of the university. The lecture rooms, laboratories, offices and every building on campus are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make the learning process easy, more efficient and readily available. Research is highly encouraged in this institution, therefore, equipment needed to conduct efficient research is readily available. The library is of an ultra-modern standard with thousands of books also, these books are equally available online in the university's database. Hence, students can reach the library sources from anywhere.

Accommodation Istanbul Commerce University

On Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Commerce University

There are presently no university-owned student dormitories or residence halls on campus, however, housing needs are offered by contracted private bodies providing comfortable and affordable dormitories for students. These contracted residences are well maintained and under premium conditions with amenities like 24/7 wireless internet connectivity, heating, student lounges, study halls, recreational centers, cable tv, kitchen space for individuals who prefer making their meals, etc. Some of these student dorms are mentioned below:

Royal Aparts and Suites (Boys dorm):

This dormitory is a very comfortable yet highly affordable boys dorm in the center of Istanbul and close to basic amenities. It is very secured owing to its 24 hours security service and its inhabitants are advised to be morally kind towards each other. The dorm also conducts breakfast service for students.

Santral Girls Dormitory:

This is a centrally located girls dormitory, with modern facilities and amenities. The dorm is located in the city center with stores, bars, restaurants, banks, and hospitals nearby. The dorm has a common room for study purposes and it is highly secured as well.

Konforist Student dorm (boys and girls):

Konforist provides the student with state of the art living facilities, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a common room for study, a cinema, a mini-mall, and maximum security. This is another highly affordable student dorms working with Istanbul Ticaret University to provide students with affordable housing.

Off Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Commerce University

Some students choose to reside in private houses and apartments according to student budgets. The expense of leasing off-campus apartments changes from area to area in proximity to the city square and they have different conditions for rent. Commonly, the cost of renting an apartment a month usually starts from €120.

Most of the apartments come unfurnished, so students should be specific in the kind of apartment they intend to rent and may prepare for extra furniture cost.

Renting an apartment out of campus usually means that utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and internet all come separate from the rent and students would have to pay the utility bill. However, the cost of living in Istanbul is low so students can live comfortably on a budget.

Sports at Istanbul Commerce University

The university is a strong sports force in Turkey. The sports department offers to students a wide range of sporting activities for enhancing their physical health and abilities.

Due to the importance accrued to sports by the institutions, highly achieving sports students are offered a discount on tuition or even a full annual scholarship. The university employs competent coaches and provides the best sports equipment to students.

The university has a gym on campus as well as other track and field game equipment. The sports department oversees the sports section and some of the sporting activities offered include football, volleyball, kickboxing, tennis, basketball, etc.

Sporting events are frequently organized on campus with winners duly rewarded.

Similarly, with the student card, students can benefit greatly from discounts at sporting facilities outside of the campus. 

Food at Istanbul Commerce University

There are restaurants, cafes, and canteens in every faculty and designated areas in the university serving meals to students and staff at very affordable rates. The student dormitories also serve quality food to students and staff at a very cheap price.

Similarly, students living in student dormitories can eat from the cafes and restaurants in these buildings and can also cook their food.

Istanbul is a metropolitan city is filled with multiple restaurants, fast food chains, international and local coffee shops and multiple restaurants serving inter-continental dishes. It is common to find 20 food places at very close intervals all serving fresh meals at very cheap prices.

Because Istanbul is a multi-cultural place, foreign students can choose from a wide range of food items that they are familiar with. The cost of feeding in Turkey is generally low and it is estimated that a daily food cost could start from €10-€15.

Having a nutritious lunch and dinner in Istanbul is relatively cheaper when compared to other parts of the world, the restaurants sometimes serve starters and other side dishes free of charge.

Transportation at Istanbul Commerce University

Istanbul is unarguably the most popular city in Turkey and even one of the most populous cities in the world. The transportation structure in this city consists of a huge range of transport mediums including long buses, minibusses, taxis, public buses, ferries, metro buses, underground trains, trams, motorcycles, and many others.

Transportation to the university from any part of the city is very cheap and students are offered discounted when using public transportation.

Every student is expected to have the Istanbul student card as most transport media do not take cash but only payments done through this card. There are various kinds of cards with varying prices, however, the student card pays the lowest transport fare.

The underground train works all through the night at the weekend but stops at midnight during the weekdays, whereas, the metro buses work all day and can commute longer distances.

Some student dormitories are usually around 5 minutes' walk to the campus, thus, reducing the cost of transportation commuting to the university.

About Istanbul

Istanbul, a metropolitan city with one of the world’s richest history, culture, and commerce connecting Asia, Africa, the Mıddle East, and Europe. Istanbul has been dubbed as the most strategically placed city in the world as it lies between the crossroads of the sea route of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, therefore, legacies of various civilizations such as the Byzantine, Venetians, Romans, Ottomans and many others are seen around the city. Istanbul is a very beautiful city, located on two continents. It is advised to take the ferry while crossing the Bosphorus to either the Asian or European side of the city.

Istanbul is a safe place thus encourages nightlife. Most bars, restaurants and other social places are opened all through the night. It is also a religious city for both Christians and Muslims combined housing historical religious structures, the city is home to so many religious and historical sites and has become a center for western civilization. Although Istanbul is not the capital, it is the largest city in Turkey, with population equaling countries like Belgium and Denmark.

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