Istanbul Aydin University

İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi

Istanbul Aydin University

Number of students
1250€ - 3350€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 02
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

Istanbul Aydin is a private higher institution of learning and as such is a non-profit establishment, there are tuition fees that students pay on an annual basis.

Tuition at the university varies from one level to another and the medium of instruction that the student chooses.

All foreign students at the university are accepted on a 50% scholarship for the entirety of their programs at IAU.  Presently courses are taught in Turkish and in English, the fee structure at IAU are as follows:

Degree Program Tuitıon Fee (50% scholarship) per year Duration
Associate Programs $2,700 3 Years
Bachelor Programs $6,000 4 Years
Dentistry $15,000 5 Years
Medicine $17,000 5 Years
Master’s Programs $4,200 - $4,450 2 Years
Ph.D. Programs $6,700 3 Years
Foundation Programs $2,500 - $5,025 2 Years

Tuition fee payments can also be made in installments or through monthly payments in an academic year. Students who opt for installments must indicate early on in their registration process.

Application Requirements at Istanbul Aydin University

RocApply in keeping with our commitment to ensuring that you get into some of the most coveted universities across the world welcomes you to apply to Istanbul Aydin University and be a part of a growing community of experts and professionals from all works of life.

In partnership with the university, you can now apply directly through our very simple application platform and be on your way to a bright start at this prestigious institution of learning.

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Application Procedure

Choose a course of interest from the long list of courses available at IAU. (having a hard time deciding? Then speak to us and we will be happy to match you with the right options that are favorable for you.)

  • Apply directly on RocApply
  • Follow the process with us
  • Get accepted and confirm your acceptance
  • Pay the necessary academic fees
  • Apply and receive your student visa (If needed)
  • Travel to Istanbul
  • Enroll and begin classes at IAU.

Application Requirements Istanbul Aydin University

For applicants into Bachelor’s or Associate Degree Programs

  • High school leaving certificate or diploma (translated into Turkish or English if otherwise)
  • Academic results and transcripts from high school leaving exams
  • International passport or travel document (with copies of important pages)
  • High school results must make up a minimum of 60% when averaged
  • English language proficiency results (applicants from countries where English is not an official language must pass TOEFL exams with a minimum score of 79, otherwise the student would have to take a test of English language at the university on a communicated date).
  • Turkish language proficiency results (for applicants who wish to take courses in Turkish, they must show B1 level proficiency in TÖMER; applicants to medical and dental programs must show C1 level proficiency in TÖMER).
  • One passport photograph showing the facial profile of the applicant.

For applicants into Masters Programs

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or diploma (translated into Turkish or English if otherwise)
  • Academic transcripts from bachelor’s program (translated into Turkish or English if otherwise)
  • International passport or travel document (with copies of impırtant pages)
  • A CGPA result of at least 2.5/4.0 or the equivalent
  • English language proficiency results (applicants from countries where English is not an official language must pass TOEFL exams with a minimum score of 66, otherwise the student would have to take a test of English language at the university on a communicated date).
  • Turkish language proficiency results (for applicants who wish to take courses in Turkish, they must show B1 level proficiency in TÖMER, otherwise the student must pass a test of Turkish language provided by the university on a communicated date).
  • One passport photograph showing the facial profile of the applicant.

For applicants into Doctoral Programs

  • Bachelors degree diploma or certificate and graduate degree certificate or diploma (translated into Turkish or English if otherwise)
  • Academic transcripts from both bachelors and graduate programs (translated into English or Turkish if otherwise)
  • International passport or travel document (with copies of important pages)
  • Test of language results for languages such as English, French, or German.
  • English: minimum TOEFL score of 84; Turkish: minimum TOEFL score of 66 and a C1 level proficiency in TÖMER.
  • One passport photograph showing the facial profile of the applicant.

*Please note that all academic documents must be notarized and translated by a Turkish notary or at the Turkish consulate in your home country.



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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

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Istanbul Aydin University in Rankings


  • Top 10 universities in Turkey

Tuition and Scholarships at Istanbul Aydin University

In addition to the partial scholarship offered to all international students at the university, there are also scholarship schemes designed to encourage and reward students with very strong academic performances both on entering the university and also during their studies at IAU.

The university has an annual ‘Scholarship Exam’ for new students and existing students, this exam is open to all applicants early on in the year and closes two months after the start date (i.e usually starts in January and closes in March).

Interested candidates can submit an application via the university’s guidelines, upload the required documents and enroll for the exam.

The exam is both a computer-based and an online-based test which comprises about 80 questions in Mathematics, Quantitative Reasoning and any other branch subject that is relevant to the program you are applying for.

The scholarship comes with benefits such as full tuition waiver, student accommodation, travel funds, and living expenses all covered by the university.

RocApply encourages interested students to begin their application as early as possible as candidates are selected for admission from a group of criteria including their supporting documents and their scholarship exam results.

Cost of living at Istanbul Aydin University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Istanbul Aydin University

Founded in 2003 Administrative/Academic unit: 1,500 Bachelor’s Programs: 57
Situated in Istanbul, Turkey Student population: 38,000+ Masters Programs:53
Category: Private Faculty: 11 Ph.D. Programs: 24
Acronym: IAU Schools: 3 Associate Degree Programs: 120
Tuition: $2,550 - $6,700 Institute: 3 Programs: 200+

Istanbul Aydin University is one of the youngest and most unique universities in Turkey, championing for global education and international progress.

The university has in 2003 as a vocational school with the best experience in training and education that has produced some of the best minds in vocational studies in the country.

Today, Istanbul Aydin University has become a force that continues to contribute positively to its immediate society and the world at large by continuous learning and training in an expansive variety of fields and subjects.

In addition to the university’s commitment to academia, by setting itself as a major cornerstone of national and international standards, Istanbul Aydin University is carving a niche for itself and dominating many scientific and technological research areas.

IAU has been working effortlessly to produce some of the best names in many global spaces and careers and since its inception, the school continues to churn out top-tier graduates (about 35,00+) into the commercial world. Favorably, many of its alumni have dubbed the university ‘A bridge to the future you desire’.

Currently, more than 39,000 students attend the university with a whopping 4,000 of those students coming from more than 100 nations across the world, making IAU one of the most international institutions in the country.

IAU is a modern cosmopolitan university that offers over 200 courses in about 11 faculties, the university has a wide spectrum of study levels ranging from associate levels to doctorate levels.

The university offers undergraduate courses in over 50 fields and postgraduate courses in 100 fields with an increased projectile in the coming years. IAU has a modern campus environment with excellent facilities that can only be found in leading universities around the world.

In keeping with its devotion to modern research, IAU has about 29 research centers and a technocenter that is focused on science and modern innovation.

IAU underscores proficient competency in its instructing, students have internship opportunities incorporated into their study framework and industrial training availabilities thanks to the strong industry partnerships and collaborations of the university.

Although Turkish is a major language of instruction, IAU offers many of its programs in English, opening its doors to foreign students and candidates from all over the world, fostering globalization and inclusivity.

IAU’s campus locations are spread across the Eurasian city of Istanbul, enabling easy access to the city’s wide pool of socio-cultural activities.

Student Life at Istanbul Aydin University

Student life in IAU is very interesting regardless of where the student is coming from, there is definitely plenty of experiences that both IAU and Istanbul provides.

Student life exists actively both within and outside the university’s walls with a variety of events and activities lined up every year, students are encouraged to participate and develop social skills while on campus.

Istanbul Aydin University has a very vibrant campus environment that adds to the student's individual and social advancement. It provides all its with the chance to partake in a wide range of exercises through social events, sports clubs, and developmental activities.

IAU has an appealing living environment that is loaded with various socio-cultural activities and sporting events put together by the university in collaboration with the students and even the state.

Over the course of a school session, there are several school outings, talks, shows, celebrations, seminars, music performances to add flare to the total student experience.

Notwithstanding the different educational seminars and conferences organized by the university where several influential industry heavyweights deliver teachings and training much to the advantage of the students. 

IAU students are also given all the vital assets and a structured functional framework with modern amenities like access to high-tech computers and workshops with a wide range of materials that are available for every educational need.

The school also fosters a wholesome experience with the presence of cafes, food cafeterias, medical centers, gym, and sports grounds.

Why Study at Istanbul Aydin University


The method of teaching that IAU employs relies on professional competency and accuracy. Students have career advancement opportunities thanks to the avenues to which they can gain practical industry knowledge that will be useful in their respective endeavors. Several programs at the university also integrate internships and industry collaborations, utilizing the many corporate partnerships that IAU already has.


IAU has some of the best facilities and modern technologies amongst many universities in the country, all the laboratories and pieces of equipment at the university are well updated and function in the best capacity. Amenities in arts and design such as workshops and studios are well-designed and modern, enhancing student’s adaptability.


IAU is an international university with a multicultural campus environment with more than 4,000 foreign students from around 102 countries globally. IAU also fosters globalization, partnering with many leading universities around the world. Exchange or Erasmus programs are available at the university as well.


IAU offers a wide array of programs in different levels of study, every year the university introduces new programs and courses in line with the ever-evolving world in which we live. IAU is one of the few universities with a vast amount of courses offered in English and Turkish, at the foundation, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate cadres.

Top Choice

IAU is favored by many local and international students, the university has been voted as the best university in Turkey for ‘student satisfaction’ and continues to outrank several universities in terms of student enrollment. The university is a sought after institution for postgraduate studies in Istanbul, a title that they have owned for five years consecutively now.


IAU’s contemporary campus is situated in the heart of Florya, offering easy access to many sights and sounds of the Eurasian city of Istanbul. The ease of movement and connections offers IAU students the chance to explore and learn about the historical city of the most populous city and the economical hub of Turkey.

Accommodation Istanbul Aydin University

On Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Aydin University

Currently, IAU has a new on-campus housing option at the Florya main campus site and this dormitory is reserved for female students alone.

In the coming years, the university hopes to have new dormitories made available for all students, both local and international on this campus. 

Off Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Aydin University

As it is the norm across many universities in Istanbul, students pick up private residence in the areas that are close to their university campus, the city is ridden with private apartments, private residences and dormitories for students at a discounted price.

International students who enroll in programs taught in any of the three campus branches in Florya, Beşiktaş, and Büyükçekmece have access to the many housing options available.

There are dormitories for both male and female students designed to make student life very easy. Student rooms are very comfortable and typically affordable.

They come installed with many modern utilities and added services such as housekeeping, security and, wireless internet connectivity all at first-grade qualities.

Likewise, students taking classes at both the Kadiköy and Bakırköy campuses need not fret as there are many private off-campus dormitories and houses littered close to the university that adequately satisfies all their housing needs.

Sports at Istanbul Aydin University

The university sports center was built mainly to uncover the many sports avenues in which young individuals can develop or sharpen their athletic abilities.

Sports at IAU have become a great way to spend the extracurricular time on campus. IAU sports center has sports facilities such as volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, a gymnasium and swimming pool for both staff and student use.

The sports center which is situated on the university grounds also has a football field that is of global standards and an accompanying outdoor fitness area for aerobics and workout purposes.

The sports center is well-equipped with many measures that ensure student safety. There 24-hour monitoring of the area and students practice under the watch of trained professionals at all times.

In the last ten years, IAU has participated in some of the local competitions in the game of football, basketball, and volleyball for both men and women.

Food at Istanbul Aydin University

At IAU there are several cafeterias and food marts littered around the campus that doubles as meeting points as well as satisfying the food and recreational needs of its students.

In these cafeterias, there are individual menus of specific meals and buffet-style meals also that serve breakfast, lunch, and supper. Coffee culture is very heavy on campus and there are various cafes that serve good coffee with pastries and bites.

The university has two buffet-style kitchens that serve different kinds of meals at specific times of the day, from salads to meat and chicken dishes to even soups and desserts, name it all.

On the campus ground, there are food trucks that have outdoor catering settings that serve a variety of open-air feasting alternatives.

All the food sold on campus are crisp and fresh and pass through rigorous and constant nutritional and environmental checks the university organization to ensure student health safety.

Transportation at Istanbul Aydin University

At IAU, there are public shuttle buses that take students from the campus to many nearby locations for free, this service is provided by the university to better ease the student life.

There are also stand-by shuttle services that transport students from their dormitories to the campus ground and back for no charge at all. These buses are hourly and very conducive generally.

Across the city, there are taxis, trams, and metros that are the normal alternative when it comes to getting around. The costs of these services extend from 2.50 TL to 5 TL contingent on the distance covered.

Bus cards are available for students during the session which comes at a discounted price of 30 TL per month. As with the new technology of ridesharing applications like Uber, students now request rides via their phones and get around town easily.

About Istanbul

Istanbul, a megacity with its history, culture, and commerce connecting Asia and Europe. Istanbul has been dubbed as the most strategically placed city in the world as it lies between the crossroads of the sea route of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Istanbul has been the capital of three major empires; Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman. The city is an ancient one with inhabitants that have lived here for more than 8,000 years.

With a culture rooted in European and Asian influences as well as having some of the most breath-taking scenery on the planet, Istanbul continues to be a city of beauty and history.

The city is home to so many religious and historical sites and has been become an emblem for western civilization in Turkey. Although Istanbul is not the capital, it is the largest city in Turkey, with population equaling countries like Belgium and Denmark.

Situated in the heart of the city is Istanbul Aydin University, a center for international learning and progress, Apply on RocApply today to IAU and let us help you fulfill your dreams.

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