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For Gaziantep University’s undergraduate and postgraduate degree admission procedures, we will provide you with the best service. Upon your request, we can provide all the required information, and if you have any questions, we will provide a way to answer you.

RocApply has developed an effective system that makes it possible to study for an international degree anywhere you desire both online and face-to-face. In partnership with Gaziantep University in Turkey, international students can apply through us for any available courses to get results quickly and without additional costs.

As one of the most unique and international student-friendly higher institutions in Turkey, Gaziantep University welcomes you to be among an international campus with quality academic opportunities and socio-cultural exposure in the largest city in Turkey.

Seize this opportunity and apply today!

Application Process:

Applications are received through our online application system here

We send your documents to the related department for evaluation.

After evaluation, successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter, detailing the next steps to take.

Required Documents:

For Bachelor Applications;

  • High School Diploma
  • Passport copy

For Master's Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

For PhD. Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Master's Diploma
  • Master's Transcript
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

Please note that;

  • High school diplomas must be notarized and translated to Turkish or English if they are in a foreign language.
  • Candidates who are in their senior year of high school and have not yet received their high school diploma. The applicant can apply with a Turkish or English-approved translation of the document showing the date of graduation to be given by the secondary education institution.

Other documents include;

Language Proficiency Certificate (Turkish or English Language)

Photograph of the Prospective Student

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Tuition and Scholarships at Gaziantep University

Gaziantep University is an exceptional university located in the beautiful city of Gaziantep, Turkey. The university has a history that dates back many years, but opened as a state university in 1978, and continues to expand tremendously, progressing with time.

The university boasts to be one of the most unique state-operated higher institutions in Turkey. Annually, new programs from vocational to graduate studies open up, making the university one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in the last decade in Turkey.

The university welcomes students from around the world, with its quality programs, international academic faculty and, very affordable tuition fees.

At GAUN students pay a considerable amount as tuition for an academic year, the fees are made in the local currency (Turkish Lira), at the beginning of a new academic session. The cost of education at this university varies between faculties and programs, but presently, students can expect to pay around 18,000 TRY – 110,000 TRY per academic year for any of the programs available. Likewise, scholarship and tuition discounts apply, and new candidates can receive up to 100% scholarship at the start of their programs.

The university provides 10% to 100% tuition scholarships for local and international students in a variety of funding availabilities. Funding opportunities are typically merit-based, need-based, or awarded on sports achievements.

Discounts and waivers are also offered to students with siblings, students who pay their tuition fees early, students with disabilities, and international students with outstanding academic results. Please contact us if you are interested in scholarships open to you at Gaziantep in Turkey.

GAUN was accredited within the scope of the Institutional Accreditation Program implemented by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK).

Scholarships for International Students

Many foreign students are studying at Gaziantep University with scholarships given within the framework of different institutions and organizations.

These institutions and organizations;

  • Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (For detailed information:  )
  • Islamic Development Bank ( For detailed information:  )
  • Afghan Government  ( Relevant Consulates for detailed information )
  • Government of Yemen ( Related Consulates for detailed information )

Scholarships are given to Turkish students by foreign governments such as;

  • General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations

Cost of living at Gaziantep University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Gaziantep University

Gaziantep University, which is the trade and industry centre of the region and is named after the province of Gaziantep, started its education in 1973 with the Mechanical Engineering Department, which was established under the METU Faculty of Engineering.

With the opening of the Electrical Engineering Department in 1974, these two departments were transformed into Gaziantep Engineering Faculty. In 1974, the Department of Basic Sciences and the Department of Language was established, and the Department of Applied Chemistry was added to the Faculty in 1977.

Civil Engineering was established in 1981, the Department of Applied Chemistry was transformed into the Department of Food Engineering in 1982, and the Department of Basic Sciences into the Department of Physics Engineering.

With the addition of various faculties and colleges that were newly established to the Faculty of Engineering with the law numbered 3389 on 27 June 1987, the University gained its legal personality.

Gaziantep University, which has continued its development rapidly since its establishment, has spread to the surrounding provinces and districts and provided the establishment of new universities with faculties and colleges that left the university.

The university is taking firm steps toward becoming a world university with its strong academic staff, physical infrastructure, and social and cultural opportunities. Gaziantep University has the identity of a university that is closely watched with its projects that set an example for other universities in Turkey, especially its Intern Education Model, University-Industry Cooperation and Social Awareness Projects.

Gaziantep University is an international university that offers education in three languages with the faculties it opened in the Syrian security region and pioneers its region with its scientific and artistic studies.

At this university, the language of instruction is English in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, and Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, and there are programs in Turkish and English in the Faculty of Medicine.

There are compulsory Arabic preparatory classes in the Faculty of Theology, and optional preparatory classes in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. In addition, the university provides education in 12 programs in Arabic, and it is the only university in Turkey that provides education in 3 languages (Turkish, English and Arabic).


Our university supports all kinds of research and development activities at the highest level with the advanced library facilities, modern research laboratories and IT infrastructure it offers to its students and all academic staff.

Social and cultural activities continue at an increasing pace. Student societies contribute significantly to social and cultural activities with various activities, and many scientific meetings are held with the participation of well-known figures on economic, political and international issues that concern our country.

In the university, education and training services are provided in modern and contemporary environments with advanced library facilities, laboratories equipped with the latest technology and widespread computer network equipment.

Wrestling and fitness halls, table tennis, carpet and grass football, athletic fields, outdoor semi-Olympic swimming pool, 6 outdoor basketball, 10 outdoor volleyball courts, and 3 outdoor volleyball courts, are located within the body of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports of our university. Our students are offered the opportunity to engage in sports activities with a tennis court and a sports hall with a capacity of 500 spectators.

GAÜN Sporium, Turkey's first university sports complex with a TSE certificate, is also the largest and most comprehensive sports complex in our country, serving students and staff.

GAUN’s social and cultural activities are carried out with various activities organized by 82 student societies. The current total area of our university is 3,446,113 m2, including the main campus, the provinces and the expropriated areas. The buildings and facilities, including the faculties and colleges in the province and the Şahinbey Research and Application Hospital Polyclinic Building, cover an area of 333,029 square meters.


Social And Cultural Events

Gaziantep University attaches great importance to social and cultural activities as well as educational activities and scientific studies. In this context, scientific meetings such as conferences, seminars, panels, open sessions and symposiums are organized by experts invited to our university or by the school’s academic staff on economic, political, cultural, etc. to address issues that are closely related to the country and the world.

In addition, activities such as various exhibitions, theatres and concerts make an important contribution to the social and cultural life of Gaziantep and the region. The said events are mostly held at the Mavera Convention and Art Center, which is located on the campus and has been designed in a very modern way.

In addition, various scientific and social activities are carried out in the conference halls of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Department of Foreign Languages and the Central Library.

Student Clubs

 Gaziantep University aims to raise young people who have investigative and creative qualities, are in good physical and mental health, and adhere to Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, by contributing to the individual, cultural and social development of their students.

For this purpose, it gives great importance to the students to make the most useful use of their extracurricular free time, to do activities in their areas of interest or to turn to new interests, to gain the habit of working together and strive to offer every opportunity to their students in this regard.

GAUN has 39 active student clubs operating under the Cultural Affairs Directorate of the university. Our students, who are members of our student clubs, participate on behalf of our university in symposiums, panels, conferences, student congresses, competitions and events organized by various associations, institutions, organizations and universities, also in their fields, taking into account the financial possibilities of our university.

The Culture Directorate also provides free baglama, guitar, oud, painting, marbling, caricature, sculpture, photography, bridge, chess, and modern dance (salsa, sprat, tango, waltz), and group dance for the interests and skills of our academic and administrative staff and students. organizes courses such as model aeroplanes and skydiving.

Health Service

The Health Center, affiliated with the Department of Health, Culture and Sports, was established to provide health services to students, staff and their family members. In this centre, health personnel work every weekday between 08:00 - 17:30.   

The health problems of all students are resolved in this centre, and when deemed necessary, the patients are referred to the regional University Şahinbey Research and Application Hospital and State Hospital for further examination and treatment.

There are 20 Faculties, 5 Institutes, 2 Schools and 11 Vocational Schools in the university. The number of departments and programs admitted to all faculties and colleges was 146 in 2019.

Why Study at Gaziantep University

Academic Staff

Students of the GAUN Education and Research Campus will study with experienced and professional teachers from Turkey and around the world, and with the received diploma, they will have the same rights, benefits, and privileges as students from top universities worldwide.

Established Institute

Gaziantep University has been a pioneer in education, science, and technology for over 40 years with its alumni who are at the peak of their careers in Turkey and the world, qualified academic staff, and accredited departments.

Modern Facilities

At Gaziantep University, education and training services are provided in modern and contemporary environments with advanced library facilities, laboratories equipped with the latest technology and widespread computer network equipment

Degree with Brand Value

Students have the opportunity to complete part of their education abroad via the university’s mutliple international exchange programs (ERASMUS+, FARABI, MELVANA), and its international c-operations and agreements with many leading global institutions.

Sports at Gaziantep University

Sports activities at Gaziantep University are carried out within the body of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, under the supervision of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports instructors.

The main purpose; To protect and improve the physical health of its students and employees, to give them discipline and working habits, to increase their interest in sports, to direct their energies toward this positive direction, to enable them to spend their spare time by working in the sports branches they are interested in.

There are two sports halls, one of which is in the dormitory complex, with a capacity of 500 spectators, a fitness and wrestling hall, many outdoor basketball, volleyball and football fields, grass and astroturf pitches, tennis courts and a semi-Olympic swimming pool.

GAÜN Sporium, on the other hand, consists of a semi-Olympic pool, fitness centre, Turkey's highest indoor climbing wall, basketball, volleyball, handball, bowling, men's and women's sauna, billiards, table tennis, table football, air hockey sections.

Food at Gaziantep University

In the central cafeteria, which has 3 floors and a capacity of 3500 people, located on the campus, our students are offered cheap, delicious and healthy nutrition with delicious meals from Gaziantep and Turkish cuisine.

Student meals are prepared under the supervision of expert dietitians, by calculating the calories and other nutrients needed by students according to the seasons and meeting these needs.

The Central Cafeteria offers lunch on weekdays, and in the evenings and on holidays, students can benefit from the private cafeterias in the dormitories and on the campus. In the bazaar located on our central campus; patisserie, restaurant, cafe etc.

There are food and beverage businesses that students can benefit from. Meals are also provided to students at all campuses of the university except Gaziantep.

Transportation at Gaziantep University

All GAUN students do not have any problems with transportation to the university or from the university to any part of the city. There are the minibus, municipal bus and public bus services from almost every district of Gaziantep to the university.

There are tram services to the central campus of our university on two separate lines. In addition, there is not much density on these lines and it is possible to reach the city centre in approximately 10 minutes.

About Gaziantep

Located at the intersection of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Sea on the historic Silk Road, the ancient city of Gaziantep has embraced different civilizations for generations, offering visitors a unique flavor of modernity and tradition.

When it comes to Gaziantep, the first thing that comes to mind is its cuisine. The diversity of Gaziantep cuisine comes from the civilization in which it resides. Antep is so rich in culture and history that there are countless museums, from mosaics to toys, from baths to pistachios, from national struggles in the Revolutionary War to Mevlevism, from zoology to gastronomy, from the history of Islamic science to Outside the ancient cultural city. Once you arrive in Gaziantep, get ready to embark on a journey beyond what you already know.

Gaziantep has so much to explore like the Kastels, a unique example of waterfront architecture unique in the world; magnificent castles built on steep hillsides, the world's largest underground shrine of Mithras mystical religion; Mosaic villas, Yesemek Sculpture Studio and of course the historic buildings and streets of Antep await you to discover

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