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Application Process:

Applications are received through our online application system here

We send your documents to the related department for evaluation.

After evaluation, successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter, detailing the next steps to take.

Required Documents:

For Bachelor Applications;

  • High School Diploma
  • Passport copy

For Master's Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

For PhD. Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Master's Diploma
  • Master's Transcript
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

Please note that;

  • High school diplomas must be notarized and translated to Turkish or English if they are in a foreign language.
  • Candidates who are in their senior year of high school and have not yet received their high school diploma. The applicant can apply with a Turkish or English-approved translation of the document showing the date of graduation to be given by the secondary education institution.

Other documents include;

Language Proficiency Certificate (Turkish or English Language)

Photograph of the Prospective Student

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Gazi University in Rankings

  • 1201+ THE World University Rankings 2022

  • 601–800th THE Impact Rankings 2022
  • 401+ THE Asia University Rankings 2021

Tuition and Scholarships at Gazi University

Ankara University is an exceptional university located in the capital of Turkey, the university opened its doors in the 1940s and to date continues to expand tremendously irrespective of its age. The university boasts to be one of the oldest public higher institutions in Turkey.

Annually, new programs from vocational to graduate studies open up, making the university one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in the last decade in Turkey. The university welcomes students from around the world, with its quality programs, international academic faculty and, very affordable tuition fees.

Ankara University students pay a considerable amount as tuition for an academic year, the fees are made in the local currency (Turkish Lira), at the beginning of a new academic session.

The cost of education at this university varies between faculties and programs, but presently, students can expect to pay around TRY 21,120 to TRY 66,000 per academic year for any of the programs available. Likewise, scholarship and tuition discounts apply, and new candidates can receive up to 100% scholarship at the start of their programs.

The university provides 10% to 100% tuition scholarships for local and international students in a variety of funding availabilities. Funding opportunities are typically merit-based, need-based, or awarded on sports achievements.

Discounts and waivers are also offered to students with siblings, students who pay their tuition fees early, students with disabilities, and international students with outstanding academic results. Please contact us if you are interested in scholarships open to you at Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey.

Ankara University was accredited within the scope of the Institutional Accreditation Program implemented by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK).

Cost of living at Gazi University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Gazi University

Gazi University, the foundations of which were laid in 1926 by the instruction of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was opened under the name of "Middle Teachers' School and Education Institute". Its name was changed to "Gazi Middle Teachers School and Education Institute" in 1929, and in 1976 it was renamed "Gazi Education Institute". In 1982 it gained the identity of "Gazi University".

Time and experience are essential for the formation of the corporate culture.

Gazi Education, Ankara High Technical Teacher and Ankara Girls Technical Higher Teacher Schools, Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy and Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy have made important contributions to the infrastructure and formation of the tradition of Gazi University.

Today, it serves with its 11 faculties consisting of education, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, science, engineering, architecture, technology, sports sciences and applied sciences,  one college, three vocational schools and five institutes .

Gazi University; a university that shares its experience and knowledge, took on roles in the establishment of Çorum Hitit University, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Kastamonu University and finally Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University.

Taking into account features such as determining its priority areas, the quality of its education, the power of university-industry cooperation; its place in the ranking of country and world universities in different categories, Gazi University as of September 26, 2017, has become one of the 10  Research University's in Turkey.

Today, many programs of Gazi University have been accredited, have attracted attention with their interdisciplinary studies, and have guided many universities by developing stakeholder relations with different universities and institutions-organizations.

Gazi University, which has English programs in addition to its Turkish programs, such as Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering, also has collaborations in joint diploma programs with universities abroad and with Aselsan Academy which provides postgraduate education to different universites.

Gazi University, which is a city university located in the center of Ankara, has a central campus in Beşevler and campuses in Emek, Maltepe, Ostim, Gölbaşı and Kahramankazan. Today, approximately 37 thousand students are studying at Gazi University which also hosts foreign students from the Turkic Republics, Caucasus, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and the Far East.

With approximately 3 thousand academicians and more than 10 thousand students in graduate programs, Gazi University is a higher education institution of international standard that meets the needs of the academic staff of both its own and other universities.

In terms of Turkey's progress and development; Gazi University, which plays an important role in the academic and technological accumulation of young generations, has proven its success in education both nationally and internationally.

Without compromising its necessity, quality and style, Gazi University maintains the motto "Being a Gazi member is a Privilege", which is awarded to its students, teaching staff, administrative staff and graduates.


Gazi University is a city university located in the center of the Capital with its rectorate campus where faculties and colleges are concentrated. Faculties and colleges are located in various centers of the city, including Beşevler, Maltepe, Emek, Gölbaşı, Ostim and Kahramankazan. Its main campus is located in Beşevler, on an area of approximately 450 thousand square meters.

Gazi University adopts the philosophy of producing knowledge on universal criteria, taking part in global competition and bringing the results to life for the benefit of humanity. Gazi University, where 42 thousand students receive education, is also an art and culture center.

Many activities are organized at the university throughout the year, from music to theatre, from painting to sculpture, and from scientific meetings to spring festivals. In addition to the football fields, tennis courts and basketball court located in the Rectorate Campus of Gazi University, Gazi Sports Center has an Olympic swimming pool, sauna, fitness center and shooting range. The cafeterias located on the central campus have opportunities for students to have a good time.


Health Services

For the health problems of students and employees at Gazi University, patient examinations are carried out between 9.00-12.00 noon and 13.00-16.00 in the afternoon in the Gazi Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine and the polyclinic in the Rectorate Campus serving under the Hospital.

 In the center, there are health personnel working in various branches, especially in departments such as paediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, gynaecology and obstetrics, and dermatology.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit assists individuals in getting to know and improving themselves, communicating, and adapting to the university and the environment, as well as solving the mental health problems of students and staff. Pharmaceutical requirements can be met from the Pharmacy Faculty Practice Pharmacy located on the central campus.

Social Life Opportunities

Gazi University is also a center of science and culture. Many scientific, cultural and social activities are organized at the university throughout the year. Last year, 419 scientific, cultural and social activities were organized at Gazi University.

Through these activities, our students are informed while having fun. There are also social spaces such as cafeterias, libraries and gyms where students can spend their extracurricular time at the university.

Student Clubs

Students play an active role in a significant part of the activities organized at Gazi University. Clubs and societies working under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports allow students from different faculties to come together and organize various activities. Communities continue their activities under the Directorate of Cultural Services of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.

Students who receive the qualified academic education of Gazi University develop their identity and personality, strengthen their self-confidence and prepare themselves for business life with rich social and cultural activities.

The Department of Health, Culture and Sports also provides various financial and technical support to these activities to expand student activities.

Why Study at Gazi University

Academic Staff

There is a very valuable teaching staff in all academic units of the university. It is aimed to provide high-quality academic education to students from all over the globe, with the presence of a professional group of faculty members who have made an impact not only in the country but also abroad with their studies and work.


. In addition to teaching the Turkish language and culture to international individuals, especially international students, and introducing Turkey to the whole world, it also carries out activities as an internationally accredited centre that provides education to Turkish students in different languages.

Ability for remote education

Apart from the formal and distance education programs of the University, it organizes certified continuing education programs, and in this way, it carries out activities to improve the cooperation of the University with the public, private sector and international organizations.

Internship Opportunities

Students in the departments of the university do internships to reinforce what they have learned theoretically in the courses by doing practical work. Sectors suitable for the department (industry, service, health, etc.); The main purpose is to learn on-site research and development activities, project design, administrative structuring and the methods applied on a sectoral basis.

Accommodation Gazi University

On Campus Accomodation at Gazi University

Gazi University, with the advantage of being a city university, is located in the center of Ankara, the campus has all the facilities and is close to many accommodation opportunities. Most of the dormitories and private dormitories under the General Directorate of Credit and Hostels Institution are located near Gazi University's Emek, Beşevler and Maltepe campuses.

There are other KYK dormitories and many private dormitories, such as Sabancı Girls' Dormitory, Gazi Girls' Dormitory, Mehmet Akif Girls' Dormitory, Zübeyde Hanım Girls' Dormitory, Tahsin Banguoğlu Boys' Dormitory belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution.

These dormitories, which vary according to the services they offer, respond to different budgets and demands. In addition, since Gazi University School of Foreign Languages is located on Gölbaşı Campus, all preparatory class students receive their education in Gölbaşı. There are many dormitories and private dormitories belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution near Gölbaşı Campus.

Off Campus Accomodation at Gazi University

Sports at Gazi University

Various sports competitions are organized among the students of our University's Faculty, Vocational School and Vocational Schools during the education and training period to increase the interest of our students in sports.

In addition, according to the abilities of our students, preparations are made to ensure that our teams that will represent Gazi University in Turkish inter-university and international sports competitions take part and represent them in the best way possible.

In the university, serving under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports, FIFA standards football field, multi-purpose halls, fitness centers, sauna, fin bath, squash halls, indoor swimming pool, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts and beach volleyball court are available. In addition, there are indoor sports halls and multi-purpose halls within the Faculty of Sports Sciences.

Food at Gazi University

Gazi University pays special attention to the nutrition of students. Lunch, which consists of 4 dishes, an unselected and vegetarian menu, prepared under hygienic conditions in the cafeterias of the university, under the supervision of Dietitians and Food Engineers, is offered to students for 2 TL.

There are also many cafeterias on the university campus. In our cafeterias, rich menus are prepared following the budget of the students without sacrificing quality. In addition, there are patisseries, cafeterias and similar places where you can have a good time in and around Gazi University, its central campus and other campuses.

About Ankara

Ankara, formerly known as Angora, is the capital of Turkey in the northwestern part of the country. It is located 125 miles (200 km south) of the Red Sea, near the junction of the Hatip River, Inche Su and Kubek. The city’s population is approximately 4,417,522.

Modern city architecture reflects its diverse history, the ruins of Rome include baths, Julian pillars, and Roman and Augustus houses. Byzantine ruins included fighting and cemeteries. The Alaeddin Square Mosque with a single minaret is close to the castle, and its history dates back to the Seljuk period. The Ottoman Empire had many buildings, including the Haji Bairam Mosque (1427-28), Mahmud Pasha Bazaar, and Kursunlu Khan. These 15th-century buildings have been converted into Anatolian Civilization. In the modern city, there is a huge complex of Ataturk's tomb.

The city's main business is the government, but Ankara is also the second-largest industrial city after Istanbul. Manufacturers of beer and wine, flour, sugar, pasta, biscuits, milk, cement, terrazzo (mosaic), building materials and tractors have proven themselves well. Industry and tourism are booming.

The capital, Ankara, is a wonderful city despite being located in the central plains of Anatolia. It is a city worth seeing, with its nature, culture and other tourist attractions.

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