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For Ege University's undergraduate and postgraduate degree admission procedures, we will provide you with the best service. Upon your request, we can provide all the required information, and if you have any questions, we will provide a way to answer you.

RocApply has developed an effective system that makes it possible to study for an international degree anywhere you desire both online and face-to-face. In cooperation with Ege University, international students can apply through us for any available courses to get results quickly and without additional costs.

As one of the largest higher institutions in Turkey, Ege University welcomes you to be among an international campus with quality academic opportunities and socio-cultural exposure in the largest city in Turkey.

Seize this opportunity and apply today!

Application Process:

Applications are received through our online application system here

We send your documents to the related department for evaluation.

After evaluation, successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter, detailing the next steps to take.

Required Documents:

For Bachelor Applications;

  • High School Diploma
  • Passport copy

For Master's Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

For PhD. Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Master's Diploma
  • Master's Transcript
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

Please note that;

  • High school diplomas must be notarized and translated to Turkish or English if they are in a foreign language.
  • Candidates who are in their senior year of high school and have not yet received their high school diploma. The applicant can apply with a Turkish or English-approved translation of the document showing the date of graduation to be given by the secondary education institution.

Other documents include;

Language Proficiency Certificate (Turkish or English Language)

Photograph of the Prospective Student

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Ege university in Rankings

  • 1201+ World University Rankings 2022 (THE University Rankings)
  • 601–800th Impact Rankings 2022 (THE University Rankings)
  • 401+ Asia University Rankings 2021 (THE University Rankings

Tuition and Scholarships at Ege university

You have reached a really important and exciting milestone in your life. A good general education is crucial to the success of your chosen career. Therefore, it is more than necessary to choose a university that will help you succeed and build your future.

Ege University will take you far with its experienced and dynamic staff, innovative practices that add value to society and the pursuit of higher quality. With an innovative and sustainable approach to education, Ege University is committed to leading all students to a bright future and elevating the country to the level of modern civilization.

Universities recognize that not only do we need to provide excellent education, but we also need to do research, discover the truth, and enlighten. Therefore, Ege University strives to create an independent, peaceful and knowledgeable environment in which students can effectively conduct large-scale research with their partners.

Ege University students pay a significant amount as tuition fees for an academic year, the fees are paid in local currency (Turkish Lira) at the beginning of a new academic session. Tuition costs at this university vary by faculty and program, but currently, students can expect to pay around TRY 20,000 to 90,000 per academic year for any of the available programs.

Ege University places great emphasis on excellent education and offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs to support students' studies. Scholarships cover all or part of a student's tuition costs and can last for the entire study period. College scholarships are either need-based, merit-based, or rebates and waivers that allow students to receive aid from college in one form or another.

The university offers 10% to 100% tuition scholarships for local and international students in a variety of funding options. Funding options are usually performance-, need- or sport-related.

Discounts and exemptions are also available for students with siblings, students with early tuition payments, students with disabilities, and international students with outstanding academic achievements. Please contact us if you are interested in scholarships open to you at Ege University in Izmir Turkey.

Cost of living at Ege university

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Ege university

Ege University was established as the fourth university of Turkey with Law No. 6595 published on 20 May 1955 and started its education life on 5 November 1955. The first faculties of Ege University were the Faculty of Medicine and Agriculture, which was established in 1955. High School of Nursing was opened in the same academic year.

Ege University, which has completed its establishment process in approximately twenty years, has opened many faculties, institutes and higher schools on different dates.

With the division of Ege University into two in 1982, Dokuz Eylül University was established, and many faculties and colleges were transferred to Dokuz Eylül University. In addition, Ege University's faculties and colleges in various provinces and districts formed the first faculties and colleges of Afyon Kocatepe, Pamukkale, Celal Bayar, and Adnan Menderes Universities.   

As of now, Ege University has 17 Faculties, 9 Institutes, 4 Schools, 1 State Turkish Music Conservatory, 10 Vocational Schools, 6 Departments affiliated with the Rectorate and 37 Application and Research Centers.

As of the recent academic year, Ege University has a total of 65,587 students, including 55,875 associate and undergraduate students, and 9,712 postgraduate students, and there are 3156 teaching staff and 6347 administrative staff.

Ege University, one of the important scientific institutions in Turkey, with their accredited Drug Development and Pharmacokinetic Research Application Center Environment and Food Analysis Laboratory (ARGEFAR), Fuel Oil Analysis Laboratory (EGEPAL), MATAL (Central Research Test and Analysis Laboratory Application and Research Center), FABAL (Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory), BESTMER (Biomass Energy Systems and Technologies Center) and Ege University Textile and Apparel Research and Application Center (TEKAUM) laboratories, a total of 785 faculties, colleges, institutes, research and application centers used in their education and research.

It is a university with a strong research infrastructure with its laboratory and leading EGE Technopark Technology Development Zone and nüvEGE Incubation Center.

Since its establishment as Turkey's fourth, the region's first and most rooted university, Ege University aims to contribute to the world of science by producing quality and quantitative information, educating culturally equipped researchers and productive individuals who are sensitive to the realities of the country and the world, and with its strong regional influence. has adopted the principle of creating high added value by prioritizing social benefit.

In its 63-year history, it has carried out important activities not only in education and research but also in the transfer of research results to the society, breaking new grounds in many fields in our country.

In addition to the quality education, and theoretical and applied research activities it offers at the international level, the university has been working with industry and the public in R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship,

Why Study at Ege university

The university

Provides higher education as an effective means for the full realization of man, promoting all scientific and knowledge forms to seek and interpret reality, to configure a just, balanced and autonomous society.


They also develop processes of modernization of its structures, with the clear vision of contributing to the generation of a culture for modernity that creates the necessary conditions for change to improve the position of the region and the country in the new international order.


Promotes collaboration between the Higher Education institutions of the Mediterranean region and the country to form a regional integration plan, rationalize resources, and promote research.

Social and Cultural Impact

They also promote the training and scientific, academic, artistic, and cultural improvement of teaching and research staff, to guarantee the quality of the education they impart.

Accommodation Ege university

On Campus Accomodation at Ege university

Ege University Student Village has been operational since 2006 with the opening of two blocks, providing accommodation for 1,708 students who continue their education in different faculties and colleges of the university.

In addition, the athlete floor can provide accommodation for 57 people for groups participating in activities organized within the scope of educational, cultural and sports activities.

In addition to 12 blocks that provide accommodation for the students, there is a social facility and ready-made food and beverage vending machine on the campus. In addition, football and basketball fields, tennis courts and game rooms provide the opportunity for students staying in the Student Village to spend their free time outside of class.

Ege University Student Village, which was built following earthquake regulations, offers a peaceful, safe, comfortable, fun, healthy and contemporary environment to the students who choose the university with single and triple room alternatives.

In the rooms, which have central system television broadcasting and internet network access determined under the Ege University Network policies, there are also bathrooms and toilets, as well as basic furniture such as box spring beds, wardrobes, work desks, bookshelves, shoe racks, and a refrigerator as standard.

There is a kitchen, ironing, resting and study rooms in each block and a general laundry in 2 blocks. Washing and drying machines in the laundries are available to the students with the use of the staff.

In addition, to meet the needs of all students, a mixed study room, a suitcase room, two music rooms where they can practice music for lessons and hobby purposes, and three dental study rooms for the studies of the students studying in dentistry are located in the Student Village. Hot water is available 24 hours a day in the blocks, which are heated with natural gas with a central system.

In the Student Village, there are also teams at a level that can make all kinds of interventions in technical issues such as electricity, electronics and installations. The cleaning service of the rooms is carried out by the personnel following the health and hygiene rules, including the common areas every day and the rooms once a week.

Off Campus Accomodation at Ege university

Sports at Ege university

Ege University Sports Services Branch Office is in charge of organizing planned sports organizations following the standards to help the University students and staff make use of their time outside of class and working hours, to support the protection of their physical and mental health, and to contribute to the awareness of being a university student.

In addition, to create social benefit, it is defined as another duty of the unit to allow the external users, who apply to benefit from the university's sports facilities, to do sports at appropriate times.

The main duty is to ensure that the sports facilities available at the university are ready for use at any time in line with these purposes and to realize a balanced and fair distribution of use within the limits of possibilities.

Food at Ege university

The university aims to provide a healthy and balanced diet for its students and administrative and academic staff. All production activities take place in the main kitchen located on the central campus.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner services are provided in the Student Dining Halls, and lunch service is provided in the staff dining halls. There are 3 student cafeterias and 7 staff cafeterias on the main campus.

Meal reservations are made via virtual pos by logging into the Ege University web portal, which is personal for students and staff. The university provides outsourced services to students and staff in the cafeterias of Aliağa Vocational School, Bayındır Vocational School, Bergama Vocational School, Çeşme Ttheism Faculty, Gaziemir Aviation Vocational School, Karşıyaka Suat Cemile Balcıoğlu Campus, Ödemiş Vocational School, Ödemiş SYO, Tire Vocational School and Urla Denizcilik Vocational School in the surrounding districts. provides catering services.

Within the scope of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures, social distance rules are followed in the staff and student cafeterias of the University, and the table seating arrangements are applied in the form of cross-sitting

About Izmir

Izmir is the westernmost metropolis in Turkey and the third-largest city in Turkey after Istanbul and Izmir. Once the ancient city of Smyrna, Izmir is today a modern, developed and prosperous commercial center, centered on a vast bay and surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Wide boulevards, glass-clad buildings and modern shopping malls are dotted with traditional red-tiled roofs, 18th-century markets, and ancient mosques and churches, though the city is more Mediterranean-European than traditionally Turkish.

Izmir's status as an economically and socially vibrant city is due to its location, climate, and being home to many different cultures and religions. Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans are just a few of the dozens of different civilizations the city has hosted throughout its long history.

It occupies a privileged position at the head of a deep bay halfway along the western Anatolia coast, and for most of its history, it has been one of the most important trading cities in the Mediterranean. Izmir hosted the 1971 Mediterranean Games and the 2005 Universiade.

In ancient times, the city was called Smyrna. Izmir has nearly 4,000 years of recorded urban history, possibly even longer as an advanced human settlement. Conveniently located at the head of a deep bay halfway along the western Anatolian coast, the city has been one of the most important commercial cities in the Mediterranean for most of its history. Its port is Turkey's main export port for goods and a free zone on the Turkey-US border. The joint venture was established in 1990 and is among the top twenty in Turkey.

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