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As a leading public university in the country and a pioneer academic heavyweight in the region, Ataturk University welcomes you to be among an international campus with quality academic opportunities and socio-cultural exposure combined with its many excellent opportunities in Turkey.

Seize this opportunity and apply today!

Application Process:

Applications are received through our online application system here

We send your documents to the related department for evaluation.

After evaluation, successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter, detailing the next steps to take.

Required Documents:

For Bachelor Applications;

  • High School Diploma
  • Passport copy

For Master's Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

For PhD. Applications;

  • Passport copy
  • Master's Diploma
  • Master's Transcript
  • Bachelor's Diploma
  • Bachelor's Transcript

Please note that;

  • High school diplomas must be notarized and translated to Turkish or English if they are in a foreign language.
  • Candidates who are in their senior year of high school and have not yet received their high school diploma. The applicant can apply with a Turkish or English-approved translation of the document showing the date of graduation to be given by the secondary education institution.

Other documents include;

Language Proficiency Certificate (Turkish or English Language)

Photograph of the Prospective Student

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Ataturk University in Rankings

  • #1001 - #1,200 Global Rankings (THE World University Rankings, 2022)
  • #301 - #350 Asian University Rankings (THE World University Rankings, 2022)
  • Top 30 Higher Institutions in Turkey (CWUR World University Rankings, 2022)
  • #351 - #350 Ranking By Subject (QS World University Rankings, 2022)

Tuition and Scholarships at Ataturk University

The main campus of Ataturk University is in Erzurum, one of the largest cities in the east of Anatolia. Now it is one of the most important resources in the city. Since its founding in 1957, it has been the center of education and cultural superiority in the eastern region. Ataturk University is one of the largest institutions by population and is located in one of Turkey’s most exciting cities, Erzurum.

The university opened its doors in 1957 and to date continues to expand tremendously irrespective of its age. The university boasts to be one of the most modern public higher institutions in Turkey.

Annually, new programs from vocational to graduate studies open up, making the university one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in the last decade in Turkey. The university welcomes students from around the world, with its quality programs, international academic faculty and, very affordable tuition fees.

Ataturk University students pay a considerable amount as tuition for an academic year, the fees are made in the local currency (Turkish Lira), at the beginning of a new academic session.

The cost of education at this university varies between faculties and programs, but presently, students can expect to pay around TRY 21,120 to TRY 66,000 per academic year for any of the programs available. Likewise, scholarship and tuition discounts apply, and new candidates can receive up to 100% scholarship at the start of their programs.

The university provides 10% to 100% tuition scholarships for local and international students in a variety of funding availabilities. Funding opportunities are typically merit-based, need-based, or awarded on sports achievements.

Discounts and waivers are also offered to students with siblings, students who pay their tuition fees early, students with disabilities, and international students with outstanding academic results. Please contact us if you are interested in scholarships open to you at AtaturkUniversity in Bursa, Turkey.

Ataturk University was accredited within the scope of the Institutional Accreditation Program implemented by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖDAK). The university is also a member of the Caucasus University Association (CUA).

Successful and needy students studying at the university are given non-refundable (non-refundable) scholarships following the provisions of Law No. 5102 on Granting Scholarships to Higher Education Students. Noteworthy, Students who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey and study at our university are given mutual (repayable) tuition and contribution loans during their normal education period.

Development Foundation Scholarship:  Students who study at the university and do not have sufficient financial means are given scholarships by the Atatürk University Development Foundation at certain times, thus aiming to contribute to the education life of its students to some extent. 

Part-time Student Employment Program: There is also a part-time student employment program implemented in the university, thus helping ATAUNI students to gain work practice before starting their working life. 

Cost of living at Ataturk University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Ataturk University

Atatürk University was officially established on 7 June 1957. Atatürk University is an educational institution that has made numerous contributions to the country and the scientific world since 1957 and is one of Turkey's most well-established higher education institutions.

Ataturk University breathes in a city that is one of the most important castles of the National Struggle period and looks at Turkish history and Turkish geography from 1,945 meters with its architecture and ancient tradition that smells of history in this context.

This university is a deep-rooted, large, dynamic and contemporary university in Erzurum, which displays a dignified stance for the survival of Anatolia, which is at the crossroads of many civilizations and cultures, with the synthesis of 64 years of tradition and experience.

For a university, beyond providing education, research, discovery, and effort to reach the truth and truth is also very important. Atatürk University is aware of this responsibility and, together with all its stakeholders, has created a free and peaceful, intellectual environment where students and faculty members can conduct the research efficiently and effectively. The university, with its distinguished academic and administrative staff, has a warm environment that takes care of its students and provides education in a family approach.

It is almost a science city with 23 Faculties, 1 Conservatory, 1 School, 13 Vocational Schools, 8 Institutes and 33 Research and Application Centers.

One of the most well-known titles of Atatürk University, which is almost one of the nourishment veins of the countries in Turkey with the numerous scientists it has trained, is 'the university that establishes universities'. In addition, our university continues its development with approximately 500 thousand students with graduate programs, coeducational undergraduate programs, associate degree programs and certificate programs within the scope of the Open Education Faculty and Distance Education Center.

Atatürk University has a participatory, transparent and easily accessible administrative mechanism, together with an ethical, human-oriented, innovative and liberal management.

Atatürk University has focused on internationalization with its new positioning map, intensified its cooperation with the world's leading universities, and prioritized foreign language education. In addition, it has started to take steps to highlight social contribution in both research and educational activities.


ATAUNI’s campus adopts a nature-friendly life vision with its green areas, large botanical gardens and colourful bicycle paths; You will be able to experience the wonderful scenery of green and snow in every season of the year, and you will be able to spend pleasant times all day long in the shelters created for our lovely animal friends while participating in fun summer-winter activities. Atatürk University ranks 2nd among universities in Turkey in terms of “preferred number” in university entrance exams, and its occupancy rate is 98.17 per cent as of today.

Campus with Contemporary Urban Aesthetics

Atatürk University has one of the most beautiful campuses in Turkey. The campus, which has an open area of 6.5 million m2, has an indoor area of 1 million m2. The campus attracts attention as an ideal living space, especially with its abundant green space and landscaping representing contemporary urban aesthetics.

Hassle-Free Campus

Atatürk University has great opportunities in terms of transportation to the campus. The campus is located in the city center and thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality's public vehicles, public buses and minibuses operating at frequent intervals, fast and reliable transportation is provided. In addition, free shuttle vehicles called rings are also available to students within the campus.

Daily Life Facilities on Campus

Attracting attention with its decent and peaceful climate, the campus experiences population mobility of approximately fifty thousand people per day. There are also shopping centers, bank branches, cafes, playgrounds, movie theatres and sports halls on the campus where all kinds of daily life needs can be met.

Peace and Trust Environment

Another feature that makes Atatürk University privileged is that it can have an environment of peace and security. A university is an educational institution where individuals with different cultures and different worldviews live together in fraternity, peace and harmony.

Why Study at Ataturk University

University Status

Atatürk University, which is a university that prioritizes productive education in the fields of science and technology, culture, art, and social life, produces and shares value; With 23 faculties, 1 college, 1 conservatory, 12 vocational colleges, 8 institutes and distinguished academic staff who are competent, equipped and have experience in their fields, education is carried out at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, 45 Research and Application Centers affiliated with our rectorate carry out important activities in their fields.

Exchange Programs

Within the framework of student exchange programs at our university, activities for student mobility, especially programs such as MEVLANA, FARABI, and ERASMUS, are carried out successfully. With these programs, our students gain experiences that will contribute to their academic life. These activities are carried out through the Foreign Relations Office of our University.

Double Major and Minor Opportunities

Double major and minor education programs are carried out at Atatürk University. With the double major program, the student can have two different undergraduate diplomas in two different fields/programs; With the minor program, he can receive education in a different field outside his field.

Degree with Brand Value

Atatürk University, which implements an active education model with a student-centered education approach and equips future generations with contemporary requirements, makes its students both the European Union approved Degree Supplement label and the ECTS label with its Degree bearing brand value

Accommodation Ataturk University

On Campus Accomodation at Ataturk University

Our university is one of the educational institutions in Turkey that meets the accommodation needs of its students the most. Currently, over 11 thousand students live in the dormitories affiliated with the Credit and Hostels Institution on the campus.

These dormitories have healthy, comfortable and comfortable living spaces as well as suitable study spaces, consisting of 7 different groups, 4 girls and 3 boys dorms in total. The dormitories, which operate under the General Directorate of Credits and Dormitories of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, meet the general accommodation needs of our students studying at our university.

Each student has a bed, wardrobe, desk, bookcase and shoe rack in the rooms, which are created in three different ways: private, semi-private and general.

In our dormitories, where canteen, central system TV broadcast, internet network access and free laundry services are provided, entrance and exit are made with card-fingerprint security scanning systems. and sports activities are organized, competitions and tournaments are held in various branches between provinces and dormitories. In addition, ATAUNI’s psycho-social support services provide preventive mental health services to newly enrolled students, and in this context, some adaptation programs are organized by dormitory directorates.  

Off Campus Accomodation at Ataturk University

On the other hand, off-campus accommodation (within range of the university) with similar features is available, with prices depending on the specific need of the student. Costs also include water and electricity bills. There is also a chance to rent accommodation from a private landlord or estate agent.

That said, students are often encouraged to stay on campus for at least a year as they find their way around and are hence able to find help from university staff at any time.

Sports at Ataturk University

Atatürk University has a wide variety of sports halls and areas, both indoor and outdoor. While the halls and courts designed for basketball, volleyball, handball, football and tennis sports are open to the use of students every day of the week, the walking and jogging tracks, athletics track and grass football field are located in various parts of the campus also host sports events.

Students who study at the university, benefit from many sports activities carried out on and off the campus to protect their physical and mental health, increase their physical activity levels and ensure the healthy development of their personalities.

ATAUNI students gain a life-long habit of sports with these activities they participate in through the sports societies, teams and clubs operating within our university, and in this way, they can play football, basketball, volleyball, bowling, table tennis, chess, etc.  Athletically gifted students who are ranked as a result of these competitions are entitled to represent the university in many sports competitions.

Food at Ataturk University

The dining halls provide daily meals to approximately 10 thousand students with 1 central dining hall and 8 different dining halls mostly formed in faculties.The meal menus, which are determined in advance with weekly lists, are prepared by calculating the nutritional values ( calorie-protein ratios ) that our students should take daily and are presented as self-service after the routine checks made by our staff.

In the dining halls, where the price of a meal is quite affordable compared to the market, the cost of meals is loaded on the student ID cards daily or in bulk. In these loadings made through electronic kiosk card filling devices, no staff is needed and no money is exchanged in any way.

In addition to all these facilities, some canteens provide hot-cold snacks and meals in faculties and dormitories, restaurants-fast food-style social spaces in various parts of the campus, and various cafeterias operated by our university's foundation/social facilities.

Transportation at Ataturk University

Domestic and international transportation to Erzurum is possible with air, land and railway connections. There are round-trip flights to many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa almost every day from Erzurum, and road transportation opportunities are provided to all cities. Every day on the railway, Eastern Express services take place. Meanwhile, in addition to taxi transportation between Erzurum city center and the campus, public vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, many public buses and minibuses provide transportation. In the transportation within the campus, the ring service continues.

About Erzurum


Erzurum is an excellent destination for those who influence the influence of Anatolia in the east, and they are willing to be taken away from the atmosphere of remote cities. As one of the most important cities in modern Turkey, Erzurum has a noticeable multicultural heritage.

To understand the history of this city, this is the main museum: the archaeological museum, Atuark Housing Museum, Yakutiye Madrasa Madrasa Turkey -Islamic Factory and National Museum, and the Hall of Congress on July 23.

These museums reveal the distant and almost history of the city. In addition, you may want to see Erzurum Castle and three Kumbets (tombs) on the Silk Road, which has a unique architectural style.

There are many ruins for protecting and watching the buildings of the city. Watchtowers, castles Narman Samikale, Erzurum, Pasinler, ISPIR and Oltu, all have historical traces of spectacular architectural style.

As a transitional place between Asia and Anatolia, Erzurum has also developed as a religious center. Penek Village Church, Virgin Mary Church, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, ULU (GRAND) Mosque and Gate Mosque in Georgia are one of the religious attractions that are often visited in history.

To get rid of fatigue and relax in the rehabilitation spring, the spa center in the urban area is only suitable for you. The health spa of ILICA, Pasinler and Akdag provides their visitors with a rich spring and minerals.

Finally, Erzurum cuisine is there to excite you. Buttermilk bowl soup (a satisfying yoghurt soup with chickpeas and wheat), cag kebab (a rotating kebab type), water Borgi (Turkish cheese lasagna), tantir flax (butter and baked in a dirt oven and baked in a type of bori (yoghurt sauce (yoghurt sauce service Boiled potatoes) You can be sure that it will leave its delicious signs in your memory with desserts such as kadayif stuffed (walnut sweet cake) and mulberry cullaması (prepared with mulberry molasses).

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